Monday, July 28, 2014

Hercules Review, August Movie Preview, Waiting for Acceptance/Rejection, Movie Trivia Answers, and Ninja News!

Movie Review


A new twist on the legend of Hercules - caught this in 3D last Friday.

This movie is the perfect B-grade film with an A-list of actors on board.

The plot is pedestrian. What elevates it beyond the average story is great acting and exciting action scenes. (The ending is spectacular.) The movie pokes fun at itself – it knows it’s a B-grade film and plays that angle to the max.

The cast did a great job. Rufus Sewell gets to play a good guy (it’s been so long!) and Ian McShane has all the best lines. Johnson turns in a good Hercules, although ultimately it’s the supporting cast who really rock the show.

Overall, it’s just a fun B movie. Leave most of your brain at the door.

Waiting for Acceptance/Rejection

Please welcome the awesome author, C Lee McKenzie!

Subbing manuscripts, then waiting to hear back is one of the hardest parts of traditional publishing. And, let’s face it, you know you may never hear back.

“If you haven’t heard from us in X weeks, then consider yourself REJECTED!”

Awk! Is that rude or what? It’s rude, but it’s the reality.

So when I’m hanging out, waiting to hear if they’re accepting my book or not, here’s pretty much what I do when the week of GO or NO GO has arrived.

Check email. Do not find acceptance letter. Make coffee. Consider giving up writing. Drink coffee. Talk to self about unrealistic expectations.

Gird loins. Check email. Do not find acceptance letter. Consider writing new book. Talk to self about unrealistic expectations. . .again. Sulk.

Shut off all digital clocks. Turn analog ones to wall. Check email. Do not find acceptance letter. Leave house with backpack and water. Lots of water.

Sneak past computer. It’s asleep. Wonder what time it is, but choose not to know. Make a list of neglected household chores: cupboards, refrigerator, floors, laundry. Toss list. Check email. Do not find acceptance letter. Talk to self about what to do if I never write another original sentence.

Talk to self about life and priorities. Stare at ceiling. Curse agents/editors/publishing in general. Check email. Do not find acceptance letter. Stomp out door and drive to town. Talk to non-writers. Find they are a happy group. Decide to join their ranks.

Sometime after noon
Clean one cupboard. Eat ice cream. Chew last nail. Curse the universe.

Sometime after dark
Go to bed. Pull covers over head and wait for sun.

Climb out of bed. Squint at computer, stand as far away as possible and boot. Check email. Find acceptance letter. Do Happy Dance, then go back to bed and think, “Must be a mistake. They sent that email to the wrong author.” Back to computer. Check address. “No. They meant to send it to me.” Restore clocks. Make coffee. Toast the universe. All is good.

I have a whole other angst routine for when I Indie publish. The hours are about the same, the concerns are a bit different.

Find Lee at her Website or Blog
Buy Double Negative at Evernight Teen

Ninja News

The awesome Lexa Cain is featured today at the A to Z Blog! Lexa’s theme for the Challenge was hauntings and it was really cool.

Timothy Brannan’s blog, The Other Side, is up for an award! His blog was nominated ‘Best Blog’ for the ENnies Awards, the biggest awards in the RPG business. To vote, go HERE

Medeia Sharif, Lexa Cain, and Beth Fred are hosting the International Potluck Blogfest. You can win books and an Amazon gift card – see their sites for details.

Carolina Valdez Miller is offering free editing services.

New Releases!

A Little Skittle Spittle by Pat Hatt

A Test of Loyalty, Book Two by Jack Lewis Baillot
(And Jack will be stopping by here on August 11!

Bella’s Point by Elizabeth Seckman

Challenging Destiny by Cherie Coyler

Movie Trivia Answers

1 – The four Pevensie children from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe – Peter, Susan, Edmond, and Lucy
2 – The four Ghostbusters – Peter Venkman, Pay Stantz, Egon Spengler, and Winston Zeddmore
3 – The five captains from the five Star Trek series – James T. Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard, Benjamin Sisko, Kathryn Janeway, and Jonathan Archer
4 – The nine crew members of the Serenity from Firefly – Captain Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds, Zoe Washburne, Hoban ‘Wash’ Washburn, Lee ‘Kaylee’ Frye, Jayne Cobb, Inara Serra, Shepherd Book, Dr. Simon Tam, and River Tam
5 – The Fellowship of the Nine from LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring – Gandalf, Frodo, Samwise, Merry, Pippin, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, and Boromir

August Movie Preview

Here are the upcoming theatrical releases for August! As always, descriptions courtesy of the IMDB. Snarky comments by me.

1 –

Guardians of the Galaxy
In the far reaches of space, an American pilot named Peter Quill finds himself the object of a manhunt after stealing an orb coveted by the villainous Ronan.
Director: James Gunn
Stars: Chris Pratt, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana
This could be the film of the summer – don’t miss it!

8 –

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Four mutant warriors fight to save their city from an evil kingpin.
Director: Jonathan Liebesman
Stars: Megan Fox, Will Arnett, William Fichtner, Noel Fisher
Bringing back the turtles for a new generation so today’s kids will be able to recite by heart their five favorite turtles – Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael, and Megan Fox.

Into the Storm
A group of high school students document the events and aftermath of a devastating tornado.
Director: Steven Quale
Stars: Sarah Wayne Callies, Richard Armitage, Jeremy Sumpter, Nathan Kress
Could be fun, could be the SyFy Craptastic film of the week – Thorin Oakenshield battles the weather.

15 –

Expendables 3
Barney and his team, known as "The Expendables", come into conflict with ruthless arms dealer Conrad Stonebanks, the Expendables' co-founder, who is determined to destroy the team.
Director: Patrick Hughes
Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Antonio Banderas
Five million B-list actors + zero plot + PG13 rating = highly questionable time at the movies.

22 –

When the Games Stands Tall
The journey of legendary football coach Bob Ladouceur (Jim Caviezel), who took the De La Salle High School Spartans from obscurity to a 151-game winning streak that shattered all records for any American sport.
Director: Thomas Carter
Stars: Jim Caviezel, Alexander Ludwig, Michael Chiklis, Laura Dern
Always a sucker for a heartwarming sports tale of overcoming.

Whoa! Yes, packed in a lot today. Next week, look for some changes. Maybe even Mini-Alex will make an appearance…

Anyone else see Hercules? Gone through a day like Lee’s? Excited about the new releases? Get any of the trivia right? And what movies spark your interest for August?


  1. I like Lee's happy ending. I think I would have chewed my fingernails to the elbow (and beyond) by that point.

  2. Can't wait to check out "Hercules" - I'm in a need for some mindless entertainment and spectacular action.

    Not sure if you know, but "Expendables 3" leaked online last week. An early quick review is coming soon.. ;)

  3. Hercules was a strong-man and not one of the sci-fi super heroes. Would be refreshing to see brute strength rough and tumble for a change. Great posting in all others, Alex!


  4. Enjoyed reading Lee's Acceptance/ Rejection routine. Also looked at the trivia but as usual the answers wouldn't reach my brain.
    Great post.

  5. Lee was pretty accurate. Glad she received an acceptance! Hope you have a good week, Alex!

  6. I'm not sure I'll see Hercules but I am really wanting to see Into the Storm!!

  7. Lee's list is pretty accurate, except sometimes there never is a publishing offer at the end of that list. :( Then there's a lot more of that "talking to oneself about unrealistic expectations" and "thinking about writing next book." Only, you start to wonder whether the next book will be any different than this one, as far as the publishers are concerned. Sigh. It's really rough on the ego ...

    As for Hercules, no, not for me I'm afraid.

    And in case you were wondering, Alex, this is one of the blogs where I have to use my "old identity." Not that it matters much because even after posting that blog today, I have forgotten to sign in properly on 3 blogs this morning where I *could* have used my new identity if I'd remembered. It's rough, having so many aliases you can't keep them straight. ;)

  8. Excited for Lee. Doubt I'll see Hercules or any of the August new releases. They don't really appeal.

  9. I want to check out Hercules, but likely when it hits video.

    Thanks for the plug on my blog!
    I really appreciate that.

  10. I guess no matter how you publish, you're gonna angst over it.

  11. Congrats to Lee! Definitely understand her neurosis in waiting for hear some news. I actually like B-movies and looking forward to seeing Hercules, but very excited about Guardians of the Galaxy. Last night watching Captain American's first movie they showed excellent previews for Guardians, looks sarcastically funny and good.

  12. I chuckle when I see the Hercules and Into the Storm commercials on TV. They really should be on Syfy! Lots of great news today and a fun guest post from Lee. Have a wonderful week!

  13. Lee's take on waiting was cute. I can't image how it would feel waiting. There's just something about GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY that looks like it will be a fun movie. Hopefully there are more fun scenes than just the ones in the previews. Congratulations to all those with releases and events going on. The movie trivia was fun. I knew a few, but definitely not all. Have a great week, Alex.

  14. Fun interview, Lee! And disturbingly familiar...
    I need my brain checked at the door. Hercules sounds like just the thing. :)

  15. George, look forward to reading your review.

    Hank, you'd like this version of Hercules then.

    Dianne, sorry you have issues here. I'm sure being able do it anonymous would help, but I'd get a ton of spam then.

    Tim, you're welcome!

    Cathrina and Mason, the reviews for Guardians are awesome so far!

  16. What if we don't have any brains to check at the door? Should I check the brain of a friend or loved one?

    And the timeline was hard to relate to, if only because I can't imagine ever waking at 4 am. Or even 5 am. People do that? Willingly?

  17. Sometimes I wonder if the non-writers really are happier.

    Not too many interesting movies coming out next month.

  18. I did get some of the trivia right but I forgot the Eduard was Edmond. Oh well. I was close!

  19. Thanks for the update, as always, Alex.

    Congrats to Lee on her new book. Writing and publishing carry a lot of mental torture, and yet we indulge in it time and again for the love of the craft.

  20. Hmm, not sure we'll let the tortoises see TMNT. Don't want them to get any ideas.... :)

    Madeline @ The Shellshank Redemption

  21. I'm so surprized Hercules was a B. That's way better than I thought it'd be.

    And your morning ritual is pretty amazing. Funny commentary too.

    Congrats to Lee!

  22. 4am? Are you kidding? Nope. Haven't gone through a day like Lee's. But give me 4+ hours, substitute chocolate for coffee, and I (hopefully) will be going through that.

  23. Did pretty good on the trivia at my sea. Definitely going to see Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend. I'll watch expendables 3 as well, just for the hell of it. Quite the ritual as well and thanks for the shout.

  24. So many things going on... I just passed out... thud. I am digging the score to Lucy, Hercules and a few others this week. Life is good, life is odd... Have a great day.


  25. Loved Lee's description of her day. Don't think I would want to go through it though. I got the Pevensie kids right but didn't know all the Star Trek captains. Wouldn't have remembered the LOTR group either, years since I saw the films and even more years since I read the books.

  26. Great job! For me, it's similar, only I have NO IDEA when an acceptance/rejection is coming. When I'm out on sub, I just get the occasional email from my agent telling me it's been rejected by this house or that. Then, I get the request to have a phone call to tell me all the things I need to change for a house that's interested. I make the changes...then wait. When I have gotten an acceptance, it has ALWAYS been when I wasn't expecting it! Good news tends to come in phases. "So and so is interested." YAY! Then, "But you need to change some things." Then, "Can you change some more?" That's pretty much it!

  27. Hercules does sound like silly fun! Love Lee's day :)

  28. I'll probably wait for Hercules to hit Amazon Prime or Netflix, but I'll be catching Guardians of the Galaxy in the theater. I'm not holding my breath for a great film, but I'm sure it will be entertaining.

    Hang in there, Lee, I'm rooting for you! :)

  29. Loving C.L. McKenzie's take on acceptance/rejection letters. Good for her she was accepted.

  30. I know Hercules is a B movie, but I gotta go see it for The Rock. Love that guy.

  31. I enjoy Hercules movies so now maybe I'll check this one out. Good luck to C.L. Enjoyed reading about her angst.

  32. Brandon and Bryan, just as long as you check one brain. And I get up shortly after five during the week. Yes, it sucks.

    Madeline - funny!

    Stephanie, all those changes would drive me crazy.

    Mark, reviews are all awesome so far!

  33. The best part of C Lee's piece had to be "It must be a mistake--they sent the email to the wrong author." :)
    Good to know what movies are out there this month!

  34. Yes, Hercules looks like a movie to relax and not think too much!

  35. I had wondered if the new Hercules would be any good. We watched the one in RedBox, and I have to say the stop-action scenes consumed too much time for my tastes. My husband and I think this new one will be more entertaining. :)

    Entertaining angst from Lee. Funny!

  36. ha, Lee and I have similar routines! I'm currently on sub and it sucks!

  37. I can definitely relate to Lee's saga with the clocks. The query quagmire sucks for sure. I'm loving your comment about the tornado movie--Thorin Oakenshield battles the weather :) Awesome.

  38. i was not sure of guardians when i first saw the premise...but i am looking forward to it now...we are going to a comicon on saturday (my son and i) and will see it friday before hand...ha....

    i did not expect hercules to reach much beyond B grade...i will redbox that one....

    and rejection...i figure it is all part of the process you have to go through it....

  39. Loved Lee's post!

    Haven't seen Hercules. Most likeky won't see any movies. I do wanna see Rise of the Planet of the Apes... but it prolly wont happen til DVD. You've prolly already reviewed it, right? I need to check out your last posts.
    Just wanted to stop by and say HEY ALEX!! Been one crazy busy summer and I've got lots of catching up to do. :D

  40. Uh, your ending questions:

    None of the above (although "Guardians" and "When the Game" are both on my radar).

    But the most intriguing part of the whole post was this bit: "Next week look for some changes..."

    I'm curious to see what changes are coming! Personally, I'm hoping for a little more "Alex-the-person," and a little less "Alex-the-promoter."


  41. Man I wish I'd seen the trivia! This would've been my month to get them right! lol

    I don't want to see the new TMNT movie. I was perfectly happy with the 90s versions...and concert.

  42. BUT Kaylee's name is actually Kaywinnet Lee Frye, not Lee Frye. :)

  43. I will wait on Hercules, but it does sound fun.
    My son wants to see the Turtle movie, I might go see it with him, but I'm holding my breath if i will like it.

  44. I'll wait for Hercules to come to Redbox. Lee made me laugh. And because of my shameless, shallow crush on Jim Caviezel, I might go see that movie.

  45. Good morning, Alex! Thanks for the great shout out on your blog. I should have ended that little piece with, "Repeat!"

    I needed to know the names of the four Ghostbuters! True. Now I can win a bet. Thanks so much.

    I entered the International Potluck Blogfest and I'm off to read what Lexa has to say in the A to Z!

    Thank for another newsy post.

  46. Loved Lee's description of her day! The only thing for me is that is usually repeated for several days, weeks, months. When The Game Stands Tall sounds intriguing. I'm always a sucker for sports movies.

  47. Great feature by Lee. On movies, I think the hubby wants to go see the new Expendables movie. I am trying to make it a date night with him to go see it so he doesn't have to wait for Redbox. I got the release date wrong thanks for putting the correct date in your post.

  48. Expendables 3 will be my first one to watch in the franchise although without Chuck Norris is it worth it? Timothy Brannan’s blog is awesome so I'll vote!

  49. Wait, Rufus Sewell plays a good guy? You're just lying. You're lying to make people see it. And then they will know the truth. And they will send their own minions against you and hack your precious guitars into little Rufus Sewell-shaped pieces of debris. And, because this must truly be epic, Kate Beckinsale will cry. And you will learn not to lie.

  50. I kinda expected the b-movie status about the Hercules film, lol. But I can't wait to see Guardians of the Galaxy. I'm hoping it'll be good.

    And more power to Lee!

  51. Susan! Boromir! How could I forget those?

    I LOVE Rufus Sewell, ESPECIALLY when he's a good guy. I'm excited to check this one out.

  52. First I have seen about the movie When The Game Stands Tall. Oh boy. I just love love love Jim Cavaziel. And Michael Chiklis. I think this could be a Must See!

  53. I'm glad you reviewed Hercules. I wondered how it would be.

    We got the new Hatt book on our Kindle over the weekend.

    I think waiting for a book proposal response would be very nerve-wracking. Hurrah when it's a happy ending!

  54. Lee, traditional publishers and many agents are rude. I have always thought being courteous and businesslike was the mark of a professional. I decided I could be rude to myself for free and self-published. :-) I wish you the highest of sales with your new book!

    I debated over HERCULES and LUCY (basically a re-do of LIMITLESS) but decided to wait for the DVD of both and sleep in! I really do want to see GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, a SciFi film that is fun and funny for once. I can only watch GALAXY QUEST so many times!

  55. Regarding Hercules, I have to say that I was disappointed that Ratner grounded it with reality so much. I wanted a real "Son of Zeus" (though Herc did demonstrate astonishingly powerful muscles toppling that statue at the end). But I guess I wanted a real three-headed dog, a real hydra, etc. I didn't like how the mythology was kind of explained away as "big talk" on real events.

  56. Loved Lee's post - think we can all spot ourselves in there somewhere!

  57. The day in a life of an author waiting for the acceptance was funny to read. I am certain many share this. Congrats to being accepted. Hercules sounds like a good campy flick although Dwayne looks actually lighter to me?? Is that just me?? I don't mean any disrespect just looks like it to me. I would like to see Guardians but the rest...maybe when i am sick and laying in bed then.... Oh and I got some questions right but only some

  58. I just have no interest in seeing Hercules. Does that make me a bad person?

  59. C. Lee, you gave me my first smile of the day. Mostly about the non-writers, happy people.

    I kind of like the Expendable series. Probably one of the rare times I can let my brain go on vacation just for the fun to see all those old action heroes together.

  60. Yay, Lee. So happy for you. Congratulations. That's a good way to start the day.

    A lot of interesting looking books out there. Congrats to everyone.

  61. I hope to catch Hercules this coming weekend. As I told my friend who's coming with me, "I'm there for the sweat, CG effects and The Rock... any semblance of a plot is extra lol!!"

    Great list of Ninja News.

    I didn't get any of the trivia questions right lol! I might have guessed a name or two, but that's it.

    And can't forget Bautista playing Drax (or something like that) in the Guardians movie :-)

  62. Congrats to all the new releases! And, awww great guest post by Lee! So glad it turned out well for her. :D

    Looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Haven't seen Hercules, but I'm pretty sure it will be a RedBox watch. I can leave my brain asleep right at home lol

  63. I haven't seen a movie out in a while, but there's a few I want to see out now. Hercules was one. I like action movies.

  64. I was supposed to have a tiny part in that Hercules movie. I went for the fitting and got outfitted and told what my scene would be...and then one of the bosses at my work nixed it all.

  65. Loni, no need for stop-action with this one.

    Shell, glad I could amuse you.

    Brian, that sounds awesome.

    Hey PK! We've missed you. And yes, I reviewed Apes a few weeks ago. Great flick.

    Chris, that is the plan.

    Debra, I just copied what the website had for her name.

    Lee, you're welcome, and glad I could help with the names.

    Tony, thanks for the good laugh. And I would never make Kate cry.

    Robin, that's good to know!

    Roland, I could watch Galaxy Quest every week...

    Michael, I thought that was the aspect that made it better.

    Birgit, he was huge on screen...

    Karen, not at all.

    Al, they are old, aren't they?

    Angela, you'll get a little extra then,

    Ted, bummer!!!

  66. I think I'll stay home from the movies in August. I do want to see Lucy, though, that came out Friday with Hercules.

    Congrats to all with new books, especially Pat, Elizabeth and Lee. They're the only ones I know. I need to get out more :)

  67. I love the line "Bringing back the turtles for a new generation so today’s kids will be able to recite by heart their five favorite turtles – Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael, and Megan Fox." There was a time when I had memorized the Ninja Turtle theme song and had my fav ninja turtle. Ah, that brings me back...way, way back. *sigh*

  68. When I still thought I had to get an agent and was querying, I used to use the computer at work to check my personal e-mail for news. There was a lot of downtime near the end of my time at the newspaper, due to all the downsizing of the operation, so I wasn't really shirking work.

    My little brother had a Ninja Turtles game on his SNES which we used to play all the time. He sometimes got really mad when I beat him or did better than he did!

  69. I'm quite a fan of Rufus Sewell - Hercules might be more of a Netflix watch for me than a cinema one, though.

    Can't wait for Turtles and Guardians of the Galaxy!

  70. The role the Rock was born to play. Will probably wait to see it on DVD.

    Moody Writing

  71. Lee, you kill me! Thanks for reminding how far we've come. In the old days I'd drive to the mail box every morning, despite the weather.

  72. I am so frickin excited about GotG i can't even. SO EXCITED!!

    I am also excited for TMNT, though i think there's a pretty good chance it will suck

  73. Sometimes there's nothing better than a no-depth, B-grade movie. Love those. Lee's tidbits were great. Just missing the *repeat every day for a couple months* for me :)

  74. That's one of the problems with smartphones. It's so easy to go and check your email. Over and over again.

  75. Hercules will be a renter for me.

  76. I've had two acceptance letters that I didn't take. I was super flattered. It's really hard when that happens to say no. I'm glad I don't have anything out right now. I hate that incessant email checking. Ugh!

  77. Clarissa, glad I could take you back.

    Sarah, it could go either way.

  78. My husband is super excited about Expendable 3. I'm not. *blows raspberries* It's like all his man crushes in one big blow everything up movie, heh. And loved C. Lee's breakdown of her day. =)

  79. I haven't seen Hercules but, it is one I would like to see but, I may wait and rent it from RedBox.

    Guardians of the Galaxy sounds like it might be something I would find

    New changes in store for next week..ok I will be back for a peek.

  80. Definitely a solid B movie. I'm SUPER excited about Ninja Turtles and Guardians of the Galaxy.

  81. I usually don't get to bed before 4 a.m., and spend much of my time worrying before then! Great guest post, Lee! Looking forward to some of the new movies!


  82. Looking forward to Hercules and Guardians. Will ignore Turtles--had quite enough of them way back then.

    We have been watching children's show with our gr-kids. Always a fun event, no matter what the film.

  83. Looking forward to Hercules and Guardians. Will ignore Turtles--had quite enough of them way back then.

    We have been watching children's show with our gr-kids. Always a fun event, no matter what the film.

  84. Well put Lee - I had a giggle. Congratulations! xxx

  85. Another post of Herculean proportions.

    Alex, I'm excited about everything, new releases, book cover reveals, but never ready of blog hops or the awful mention of that ridiculous alphabet challenge.

    Great to note all the wonderful authors mentioned. Totally starstruck when I see that the amazing and adorable, Lee, as in that Lee and not the alphabet dude, Lee. Wishing her tons of congrats and she can chew on my fingernails.

    I'm outta' here, boxes to pack and autographs to sign......


  86. I love Lee's inner dialogue and "letter day" routine.

    And thanks for the heads-up on Hercules. I do love a good B movie!

  87. I was considering seeing Hercules just for the sole enjoyment of watching The Rock. Mmmmm.

    Can't say I have had a day like Lee's. Mostly because I don't get up that early. XD

  88. My favorite sentence in this post is GIRD LOINS. :) Congrats to Lee!

  89. I think I'll have to rent Hercules. I'm dying to rent Noah. Heard mixed reviews, but I'd still like to see it.

  90. I was wondering how Hercules would be. Def a popcorn flick from the sound of it.

    I just lol'ed loudly (redundant, I know) at that line about our five favorite turtles.
    I'm one of the few (with hanging bits) who hates the fact that Fegan Mox is April O'Neal. O'NEAL!!! There's a reason she had red hair!!

  91. I'm not surprised that Hercules' supporting cast can steal the show. For me, great supporting character actors can be the best thing in a movie, other than the story, of course.

    C Lee--you're actually quite normal compared to me when waiting for accept/reject emails. Usually I'm a normal person, but the submission process really pushes me over the edge into craziness. I'll check out your Double Negative.

  92. Leandra, if only the storylines were good for those films...

    Gary, that made me chuckle.

    Patricia, go!

    David, glad I could make you laugh. And I'm not a fan of Fox either.

  93. You did pack a lot into this post! My husband wants to see Guardians of the Galaxy.

  94. Alex, you packed in so much in this post, you are simply amazing. I have had several days like what Lee went through. But we writers are an optimistic lot aren't we?

  95. Herc looks like a bunch of fun. I like it when they don't take themselves too seriously.

    Congrats to Lee!!

    I'm sooooo looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy

  96. Loved Lee's post - I can completely relate. In fact, the other day I realised I was writing on paper while my email screen was up. I got excited with every refresh, until I realised I was watching the screen not writing and shut it down!

    I think I'm going to get enveloped into the Guardians of the Galaxy hype by all the boys in my house!

  97. Have you ever seen Hercules vs. the Moon Men? Now THAT'S a B movie!!!

  98. Haha, I do a similar routine with short story submissions. Rinse, repeat. I'm actually looking forward to Expendables 3, but obviously not as brain candy. Brainless fun. Yay!

  99. Annalisa, that's bad.

    Sean, I think MST3K covered that one.

  100. We'll probably go see Hercules - at least Chris and the boys. It's good to hear good things about it though.

    Congrats to all with the good news!

  101. I have heard some bad reviews on Hercules, here in Oz, but I will watch it anyway and make my own mind up.

    I am looking forward to watching Guardians of the Galaxy.

  102. I read the review on io9 and decided to pass on Hercules. I will watch Guardians though. No question.

    I enjoyed the guest post today. I've had many of those sorts of days - except mine ending in a rejection. But still...

  103. I do enjoy a movie that can poke fun at itself.
    Guardians of the Galaxy is a must see on my list. I have been planning on that one since the first trailer came out.
    This is the second blog I've seen Double Negative on. I read a sneak peek and really liked it.

  104. I've gone through weeks and months like Lee's that's with requested manuscripts.
    Haven't seen Hercules, but B Movies tend to get a bad rap and some are quite good and entertaining. I would call "World War Z" a B movie although it was touted as an A lister.

  105. I enjoyed C. Lee's guest post. So glad it had a very happy ending.
    : )

    CONGRATS to all those with recent book releases!

  106. So happy for Lee! And I just got my own little happy email from Evernight Teen recently. Congrats to everyone with a book release. I do like the summer movies that don't even pretend to be deep. Action movies can be pure entertainment.
    As for me, I'm going to see the late Phil Hoffman in the Le Carre movie asap, plus the James Brown biopic. I saw the king of soul three times in person and no one could throw off a studded cape as well as he could. LOL.

  107. Lee's post gave me a chuckle. It's amazing how we can obsess over our submissions, reviews, etc. over and over.

  108. Thanks for the Hercules review. My brother saw it as well and liked it. I'm excited for Ninja Turtles and Expendables 3. That same bro will probably want to see them both, so it should be fun. I hadn't heard of When the Game Stands Tall, but it looks good. I'll keep an eye out for it. :D

  109. Hi, Alex....

    Glad you enjoyed the movie... B movies can be fun if done right.

    OKAY, Lee. I WAS with you until the next day and you received the acceptance letter! GLAD you had a happy ending .... Still on day one in your life. It is HELL! But I manage to keep busy... somehow.

    ALL The best with your new book!

    And congrats to Pat, Jack, Elizabeth, and Cherie! Wishing you guys lots of success!

  110. I heard that all the scenes you see in the trailer are part of a story told by a character in the movie early on. That sounded pretty irritating to me.

  111. JL, Battleship is another good B movie.

    Catherine, that's funny.

    Michael, your email will come...

  112. Glad to read Rock's Hercules doesn't take itself too seriously. The recent trailer made it seem like absolute serious business, which is not what I want from blockbuster Hercules in a post-Sorbo world.

  113. Great review for Hercules...good to know they at least know it's a B film. And I loved C. Lee McKenzie's post...I think we all feel her angst:)

  114. Nice happy ending for Lee! 3-D is not a favorite of mine. Sounds like this was a good one!

    Mary Montague Sikes

  115. Hercules was in my "wait for DVD release" list. But it sounds like it's going to be a fun watch! I'm looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy! :)

  116. Waiting for an acceptance letter is a lot longer than waiting a day! It's more like years!

  117. I actually like B movies. They seem to be more enjoyable to watch. At least they are to me. And I love Dwayne Johnson. His movies are always funny and action-packed.

    Two movies I want to see: Lucy and Into the Storm.

  118. Yes, it could be fun Guardians of the Galaxy!

  119. I'm thinking I'm going to love Hercules.

    Lee is spot wonder so many of us are so crazy.

  120. Great acting? And the Rock? Now, I am intrigued.

  121. Congrats to Lee! Yes, have had a day or two like hers. But I can't say I was up that early. :)

  122. Thanks for the shout out. I know there are books a plenty that need attention, so I appreciate you adding mine.

    I got a few of the trivia right. My husband did better than me. Shocking, I know.

    I can't believe Lee gets up so early! I think I am an early riser if I get up by 8:00 am. Probably why I don't get as much stuff done!

  123. John, don't worry - not serious at all! And Sorbo rocked the roll.

    Chrys, you will enjoy it then.

    Al, it's like an oxymoron, isn't it?

    Elizabeth, sorry I forgot last week! And I'm up by five am.

  124. That's great about the acceptance. Ever since getting a smartphone years ago, seeing acceptances and rejections is immediate.

    Thank you for mentioning the blogfest.

  125. Hi Alex - the Hercules movie sounds interesting - the way you tell it .. but I doubt I'll see any of these!

    Still good to read about Lee's nail biting contest .. I wonder if she moves onto her toes?!

    Waiting for answers is real nuisance .. time waster, as well as frustration waster ...

    Popping over to see Lexa ..

    Looking forward to mini Alex ... cheers HIlary

  126. Lee certainly painted the view quite well!

    Gosh, so many fun flicks! Guardians will be something we all are talking about. Into the Storm looks scary and I think your prediction might come true.

    Off to visit Lexa!

    Thanks for the news~

  127. Hey Alex. I'm trying to get back into the REAL world after my farm injury (back). It's a pain I'll always live with (no operation for me). I've missed everyone. Thank you for stopping by even though I didn't return the favor. Bit I'm BACK!

    Love Lee's words on waiting. I've had those days. I've even went out and yelled. (I can do that since we live on a mountain.) Haha. Congrads to Lee.

    I haven't seen Hercules. But can't wait to see Mini-Alex. :-)

  128. Lee! That was so cute. I can totally imagine that whole thing.

  129. I love a B movie that knows what it is, and is able to joke about it. Sounds like fun!!

  130. Guardians of the Galaxy, storyline sounds okay ...... Bradley Cooper you say? I'm in!
    Suzanne @ Suzannes Tribe

  131. I'm cringing and laughing simultaneously at Lee's post. Whew! If only the nerves ended there. =)

    So many books to go check out...and I'm looking forward to some of those movies too. We debated hitting Hercules, but couldn't decide. Thanks for the quick review!

  132. Congrats to Lee! Writing is a frustrating business to those of us with little patience.

    Hercules sounds fun. I'll wait for the DVD though.

  133. This is where I come for my movie news!

    I'm hoping to see Hercules, if anything because I like the Rock (and yes, I can still smell what the Rock is cooking, haha). The reviews have been kind of mixed, though, but I imagine it's the kind of movie that's so much better on the big screen than in the living room.

  134. Great guest post, Lee!

    Congrats to all with new releases.

    There's always lots of good news on your blog, Alex. :)

  135. Hilary, he will be here next week!

    Robyn, I'm sorry! Glad you're back though.

    Crystal, it's good mindless fun.

    Jennifer, go and enjoy then!

  136. I'm off to see Guardians of the Galaxy tomorrow night. Couldn't wait 'till Friday. So very excited. ^_^

    As for the whole waiting for agent letters thing, I honestly don't keep track of how long it's been until I look through my agent search file and note I still haven't heard from people after three months or so. At that point I usually just shrug and assume rejection. I really should get better about sending follow-up letters. Hrm.

  137. Expendables 3. How did I miss the second one? I am so far behind in everything. Loved Lee's post. Non-writers seemed happy :) Lots of good book and movie news. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  138. I am sadly familiar with Lee's day, but without the happy ending. Oh well.

    I love all Hercules movies. Or most of them. This one sounds fun.

  139. Lee, she's so funny! I had no idea Ian McShane (a favorite of mine) and Rufus Sewell were in this movie. I'm going to have have watch now for sure!

  140. Yes, C Lee McKenzie interesting!

  141. I'd kill to have a day like Lee's, with the happy ending of course! Thanks for the movie update. I think I can wait for the DVD on most of these...

  142. Nicely put, Lee! And a nice ending. :)

    Glad to see that Hercules was pretty decent. I think my husband and son are going to see Apes this weekend, but it's good to have a fall-back, just in case.

  143. I'll probably watch Hercules on DVD. Lee's waiting woes made me chuckle. Glad that one had a happy ending.

  144. Mason, enjoy! Seeing it first showing Friday.

    Bish, and they are excellent in it.

    Elizabeth, Apes is a better movie.

  145. Love Lee. She is awesome and funny.

    Lots of movies I want to see and good news on writer successes.

  146. Hi Alex!! I hope you're doing well. I have such a long movie list this summer. I need to see Guardians, Hercules, Lucy,and Snowpiercer. This doesn't include the fall films!

    I really enjoyed reading Lee McKenzie's tale of waiting for a acceptance of rejection letter. Congrats to her.

  147. Guardians of the Galaxy! Can't wait to see this one! Thanks for all the other info Alex.

  148. C.Lee is awesome and has an amazing sense of humour.
    She's actually the Queen of Glib!
    I love her 'waiting for acceptance/rejection routine'...

  149. We saw Guardians last night. Fun movie! Lots of humor and heart. Hubby thought the eventual camaraderie of the five reminded him of the Firefly crew.

  150. I loved reading Lee's acceptance/rejection post. So funny and right on—it's amazing that we do this to ourselves! :)

    There's a lot going on in the world of blogging—thanks for sharing all the good news!

  151. I love it when a cheesy movie fully recognizes what it is.

    Hehe, yes, Lee's stages of rejection/acceptance are quite authentic.

  152. MsMariah, that's why I try not to fall behind...

    Donna, that's good to hear!

  153. I was hoping Hercu-Rock wouldn't take itself too seriously; that one's going on the Fowler rental queue. We're seeing GUARDIANS today -- can't wait. I'm a big fan of comedic space opera.

  154. I'm surprised they made Hercules. I liked the TV series - it was funny. Sounds like this one may not be too bad. :)

    I loved Lee's post. She's so funny!

    Congrats to Pat, Jack, Elizabeth, and Cherie!

    Thanks for the 411 on the movies. Guardians sounds good. I never liked that Expendables series, but I enjoy the Red one, which is also all about over-the-hill action heroes collecting paychecks. lol

  155. There's a Polish movie called Ida opening at out local art theater this weekend - could be interesting.

  156. Looking forward to Hercules and especially Expendables 3!

  157. Can't wait to see INTO THE STORM. I saw the trailer of this last night on a big screen, looks great.

  158. ...and the Guardians of the Galaxy is FUN! Happy weekend! :)

  159. I love the way writers only get housework done while waiting for book-related stuff :-)
    Aww, I remember lining up at the theatre to see the Ninja Turtles...

  160. Loved Hercules, but then again I do love b-grade movies. Watched Guardians of the Galaxy last night.. such a cool flick... did you see the snippet from the second movie after all the screen credits?

  161. I haven't seen Hercules yet, but I'd love to sometime. I know what it feels like when being insecure about your writing, but usually it happens to me just after my first sentence :P.

  162. Lexa, the Red series is much better.

    Riz, Into the Storm could go either way.

    TF, yes I did!

  163. Taking the kids to see Guardians of the Galaxy in a little bit. Wifey would rather stay home and take a nap.

    I'll see Hercules on my own sometime this week.

    And best wishes to Lee and Double Negative!

  164. I love Lee's answers! She is awesome and I wish her the best of luck with her latest book (and all her books). :)

    Glad Hercules was at least a B! I haven't heard anything about it.

    Look at all those great books just being released. Wow!

  165. Hah! I've had days like that. Well done, Lee!

  166. Can't wait to see Guardians of the Galaxy! I loved the playlist too. LOTR is one of my fave writing soundtracks.

  167. Thanks for the review on Hercules. Hee hee, I wasn't expecting to need my brain for this one but it's always good to get confirmation.



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