Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Movie Reviews, Movie Trivia, Ninja News, and Cosmic Knighthood!

Something cool is happening at David Powers King’s blog today – the Ninja is now a Cosmic Knight! Check it out as we discuss teleporters, blogging, and Hot Tamales.

Movie Reviews

The Croods - 2012
A caveman family trying to survive as their world falls apart.
It was better than expected and had a good heart. Beautiful visuals, humor, and a good story about being willing to try new things. Probably the best film Nicolas Cage has done in the past ten years.

The Sorcerer and the While Snake - 2011
A monk (played by Jet Li) tries to protect a young man from a thousand year old snake demon.
While the sets are colorful and lavish, the special effects fall short. So does the story, which is all over the map, following several characters. The movie isn’t sure what it wants to be – it’s too intense for kids and yet the dialogue and action are too childish for adults. I’ve seen worse, but I’ve seen a lot better!
Not recommended

Movie Trivia

Location, location, location! In what city or town does most of the action in these films take place?

1 – Rango 2011
2 – Tremors 1990
3 – Ocean’s Eleven 2001
4 – Doc Hollywood 1991
5 – Ghostbusters 1984
6 – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 1986
7 – Ratatouille 2007

Ninja News

Sarah Ahiers has an agent!!! Congratulations, Sarah.

Michelle Wallace is celebrating three years of blogging with THE UBUNTU BLOGHOP February 18-21.
What is ubuntu? "In Africa, there is a concept known as UBUNTU – the profound sense that we are human only through the humanity of others; that if we are to accomplish anything in this world, it will in equal measure be due to the work and achievement of others." – Nelson Mandela. Any form of creativity that captures the spirit of ubuntu is welcome!
See her site for details and to sign up.

On February 28, Kyra and Rachel are hosting the WIP Movie Bloghop. See their sites for details.

Julie Musil’s book, The Boy Who Loved Fire, was released this week!

This Friday is the release of Decadent Kane’s second book in The Trouble With Elves series, Tempting Clover!

Ali Cross announced the dates for IndieReCon 2014 - February 25-27. See her site for details.

The A to Z Challenge list is open and filling fast! You don’t want to miss the biggest blogging event of the year. And if you need ideas for your Challenge theme, Lisa at Flash Fiction posted a great list.

Don’t forget the Insecure Writer’s Support Group post date is next Wednesday!

And the Epic 2000 Followers Giveaway continues!

Who will be GFC follower number 2000?

Have you seen either movie? Know the trivia answers? Excited about the new books and blogfests? Did you sign up for the A to Z Challenge? You know resistance is futile…

Don’t forget to visit David Powers King!


  1. Hey I'm first!!!!!
    Great post Alex, you never fail to give us something for everyone.


  2. The Sorcerer and the While Snake, it was a visual film of fun... some crazy creatures.

    Great set of covers today, congrats to everyone... you are 25 from being 2000, awesome.

    been working in the background on the minions/main/art... for the a to challenge... it's going to be great. i need to coordinate a time to work on the "minion" thing.

    have a great day, some early morning freelance came in... first priority.


  3. It's one thing that confuses me but does an animation movie count as acting for an actor, there's the voice recognition but little else, easy money?

  4. I love those covers! Congrats to the ladies on the new releases... and to Sarah on landing an agent!
    And a BIG thank you for mentioning my blogfest, Alex!
    I'm all signed up for the A to Z Challenge... ready to rock 'n roll!

  5. Only 25 new followers needed!! WOW, you're nearly there!

    thanks for this news round-up - I now have a zillion or so links to visit, so I better get around to that. :D

  6. Congrats on becoming a Cosmic Knight. And congrats to everyone on their great news.

  7. I haven't seen either movies, but I am signed up for AtoZ :) As for trivia, I know only three.

  8. Only 8 comments??? I would enjoy The Croods, will watch out for it.

    Did you know there is a place in Okinawa, Japan (I think) where there are white snakes which are welcomed into the houses of the locals in the belief that they are lucky spirits.

    #3 is Vegas. The remaining ones I have seen I can't remember. 7 is Paris maybe?

  9. Yvonne, you are first!

    Jeremy, cool about the Minion art. And awesome about the freelance work.

    Fran, considering Cage's acting skills, he really needs to count this one.

    Michelle, I'm sorry I didn't sooner!

    Natalie and Sandra, I am now Sir Alex!

  10. Thanks for the link Alex :-) The WIP blogfest sounds like fun! Headed there now.

  11. I'm not posting for A-Z but I will be reading.

  12. Michelle's blogfest is so cool. What a great idea!

    It's exciting to see your march towards 2000! :D

  13. All signed up! (Check!)

    2 Movies: nope. But I almost watched the first one the other night with my youngest. I'll definitely watch it now.

    Trivia: I swear I ALWAYS draw a blank with this stuff. Seriously! I've seen all of those and can't tell you. #duh

  14. Ferris Bueller took place in Chicago.

    Congrats on being a Cosmic Knight.

  15. Thanks for the reminder to sign up for the A to Z Challenge! So many folks have signed up already!!!

  16. I saw a preview for the Sorcerer and the White Snake, and after the dust cleared and I blinked away the stunning visuals, I remember thinking, "wait...what was that actually about??" Thanks for confirming it's not worth it!

    And congrats to all on agents and releases!!

  17. Hi Alex .. I love the ethical concept "Ubuntu" and Michelle's artwork for it .. should be a good blogfest.

    Signed up for the A-Z .. along with hundreds of others already - such a great idea Lee had ..

    Cheers and off to see you as the Cosmic Knight .. Hilary

  18. Congratulations on the knighthood! It was about time also. Now you're a ninja and a knight. Most unusual combination but not as rare as a dragon and a knight.
    I must warn you now that you revealed you have a Cosbolt, dwarves will want to infiltrate your place to see it. If you're wise, you'll reject any offer for additional minions for the Challenge and any invitation to dinner, even if they bring tamales. You've been warned.

  19. ALEX!

    You've sent me to like 20 sites today! Hey, thanks!

    I didn't see either movie but I'm sure the 8yr old will want to see the cavemen.

    Congrats on everyone's good news!

    Movie trivia
    1. ?
    2. The desert :)
    3. Vegas
    4. Tombstone
    5. NYC
    6. Chicago
    7. Paris

    So close to 2000!

  20. I've wanted to see The Sorcerer and the White Snake, but thought it was a Bio on David Coverdale and the 80's Rock band by the same name!

  21. Jo, it's a quiet Wednesday morning. And you got two right. Will pass on snakes in the house though.

    Sheri, you need to watch it.

    Diane, correct.

    Liz, I'm still not sure what it was about.

    Al, thank you! And I will heed your warning...

    Heather, you got four right. And watch the movie - you'll dig it.

    David, thanks for my first laugh of the morning!

  22. Congratulations on the almost 2000 followers. That's a big achievement. Now see if you can double that number :-)

  23. Signed up for A-Z, and I'm a Minion! :)

    Got my IWSG post ready for next week…unless new insecurities emerge and then I'll write a new one. Chance for that are pretty good.

  24. Trivia:Mojave Desert, Perfection, Nevada, Vegas, NYC, Chicago, Paris. Congrats to everyone with book releases and Sarah acquiring an agent!

  25. You definitely deserve the cosmic knight-ship. Congrats to Sarah and glad to hear Nicholas Cage did something good.

  26. Congrats to Sarah on her agent news!

  27. Aww! Thanks Alex!

    And i did see the Croods in theaters and i agree with you. Way better than i thought it would be, with a lot of heart and humor. I wouldn't mind owning it

  28. The Croods looks like a fun movie.

    Congrats to everyone in the News section!

  29. Not going to lie, I didn't love the Croods. But I agree - a definite step up for Mr. Cage. Although Wicker Man lives on in it's terrible, terrible glory.

  30. The kids watched The Kroods. We kind of couldn't get into it. *shrugs*

    I'm so excited for Julie, and my goodness there's some amazing stuff happening around the blogosphere today. Time to get hopping. =)

  31. Yes, really excellent, I take my son to see The Croods!

  32. Lots of good stuff happening here, Alex. Sharing the love as usual :) Off to go visit David now.

  33. Vanessa, not likely. No one uses GFC anymore.

    Madeline, you are MY Minion!

    Cathrina, you got five!

    Thank you, Shell.

    Sarah, you're welcome. Yes, it had a lot of heart.

    SL, that was him at his worst!!

  34. I haven't seen either movie, but I'm not too interested. I watched Kick-Ass 2 on the weekend. It's not as good as the first one. So much great news! I do appreciate you post all the news of the community here since I haven't gotten much of a chance to keep on top of things so far this year.

  35. You make ME want to watch movies.

  36. My husband made me watch The Sorcerer and the While Snake ... so terrible LOL

  37. Cosmic Knight! I am intrigued.

    How much snow did you get Captain Cool?! Ten inches of heavy white powder here-so crazy to see!
    I am loving the A-Z button~
    Happy to have electricity-so I can still teleport! Hope you are functioning well in this white portal mess!

  38. Congrats on being knighted! I'm ready for IWSG and A to Z, yay! Ocean's is Vegas and Ferris is Chicago, I think. I assume Ratatouille is Paris though I've never seen it. For all the, the desert?

  39. Alex, thanks so much for mentioning my book! I truly appreciate it :)

    Trivia: I'm clueless (hmmm, what was the location of Clueless? I'm clueless about that too)

  40. How is it IWSG day next Wednesday already? This month went quickly.
    Thanks for sharing about the Movie blog hop! :)

  41. Congrats, Alex, but you already were a Knight and a Ninja in my estimation!

    I added my name to the A to Z list, and now am looking and slotting in ideas for the letters. (only a few left to assign) I like a theme, so I can collect them under a tab on my blog, after the challenge.
    I did check out the list though!

  42. Oh dear me, don't know any of the trivia. On the fence about a-z - I'll be traveling for first 10 days.
    Really don't want to miss it again. Oy!

  43. It was great having you over, Alex! Seriously, I don't know why I didn't have you over sooner! A WIP movie? I better look into that! :)

  44. I know we've gone over this before. You don't have a high opinion of recent Nic Cage. But I find it incredibly hard to believe The Croods could be better than World Trade Center, or even either of the National Treasure movies.

  45. I haven't seen either of those movies. I've very excited about A to Z and I'll be over at David's.

  46. 1. ?
    2. Perfection
    3. Las Vegas
    4. ?
    5. New York City
    6. Chicago
    7. Paris

    Tremors was one of my favorite movies growing up, so that was easy.

  47. Alex, I've noticed that some bloggers introduce you as "Ninja Captain" - does this mean that you'll be known as "Cosmic Knight Captain"? You know how confused I am already, and I'm not sure now how to address you - and next week is IWSG.

  48. Location Location Location. It took me a moment to figure out where I have heard that phrase before. And then it hit me... HGTV. My mom loves that channel and since it's about real estate... well, location is mentioned rather frequently.

    I see that everyone already knows the trivia that I know. That first one is giving everyone fits.

  49. ha, see with a name like the sorceror and the white snake i probably would have left it alone anyway...i enjoyed the was a nice story and i def appreciate the end...

  50. Christine, I don't catch everything, but I do try.

    Juliana, I'm sorry!!!

    Ella, we only got about two inches of ice and snow. Enough to keep me home for the day, which is cool!

    Ilima, you got three.

    Julie, you're welcome, and that would be Beverly Hills.

    Rachel, you're welcome.

    DG, thank you, and that's a smart idea.

    Karen, you can always pre-schedule.

    David, thanks again!

    Tony, National Treasure was maybe a little better, but - it was ten years ago!

    LG, very good! Knew Tremors would be a tough one.

    Fanny, I think it will be Ninja Captain and Cosmic Knight now. Or I'll just stick to Ninja Captain.

    Robin, you'll find out Monday.

  51. The Croods sounds like something I would enjoy. I will have to get the DVD. Congrats to Sarah.Is the ninja a cosmic knight or cosmic ninja or captain knight. Wait, I am thoroughly confused (sigh, head feels heavy).

  52. Only 24 more until 2000 at your shore and knew them all but #1 and maybe 4.

    Wild West
    New York

  53. Best film for Cage, hehe. I'll have to check out Melissa's hop. As for the trivia...hmm the first two just going with the desert. Oceans 11, the ocean? Maybe Vegas? Never saw it. Doc Holiday, Tombstone. Ghostbusters, Philadelphia. Ferris, Chicago. Rat (not even trying to spell that!) movie, Paris.

  54. Haven't seen any of those movies.
    Won't be posting for A-Z but sure I'll be hopping around a few when I can.
    Is it really IWSG next week, that must mean it's nearly February!

  55. Nearly at 2000 followers! Way to go. Have a great A to Z Challenge.

  56. I'm a big fan of Jet Li, even his more dodgy flicks (usually a couple of good fight scenes at least) but decided to give this one a miss.

    Congrats on the knighthood!

    Moody Writing

  57. I've been wanting to see Sorcerer and the White Snake for some time now. I guess I'll just have to give it a try!

    I do love your Ninja news!Congrats to everyone!


  58. Rachna, so am I!

    Pat, you got four easy.

    Elizabeth, you got four.

    Moody, wise to skip this one.

    Nutschell, you have been warned...

  59. I don't watch enough movies, lol! At least these are older ones and I've seen most of them....

    Tremors was in Perfection, Nevada. I remember telling my husband any town called Perfection is forever a miss on my map.
    Ocean Eleven-- Las Vegas
    Doc Hollywood--Beverly Hills
    Ghostbusters--New York
    Ferris Bueller--Chicago. I think.

    A-Z...mmm...maybe. Depends upon a few things and those things won't be clear until February.

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  60. Resistance is futile?! Haha, what if I just sleep through the month of April? THat sounds more fun. Huge congrats to DPK, I love that dude.

  61. Resistance IS futile. Smiles. In that case, here I go...attempting to answer your trivia, knowing I don't know any of the answers:

    1) Jersey Shore, NJ
    2) D.C., Maryland (Oval Office)
    3) Gilligan's Island
    4) Los Angeles
    5) NYC
    6) Santa Monica Beach, CA
    7) Rome, Italy

    Stay safe and warm, Alex.

  62. Congrats to Sarah on her new agent, and to all of the new authors! Looking forward to Michelle's blogfest! I'm glad that the A to Z list is growing by leaps and bounds! I'll head over to David's later, Sir Alex!


  63. Haven't seen either movie and it's unlikely that I will.

    Some bloggers still need convincing about joining us with the A to Z Challenge. Maybe some good posts from the co-hosts and others will confront the argument against A to Z. Converting Gary Pennick will be the ultimate challenge.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  64. I don't know, "Kick Ass" was a pretty good movie and Nic Cage was in that one.

    I'm pretty sure Ratatouille is in Paris, right?

    And yay for more blog hops and 2000 followers!

  65. I watch more than my fair share of children's movies. The Croods was definitely not one of my favorites. I wanted it to be better than it was.

    I can't believe it's anywhere close to time to think about A-Z. I'm definitely out this year.

  66. A cosmic knight now, that sounds like fun..I'm sure I could weave
    a story to that theme. Congrats hope you enjoy your knighthood.

    Soon you will have your 2000 followers then let the mayhem

    Nicholas Cage has had some flops..

    Enjoy your Day...

  67. I finally saw LOTR-Smaug Dragon_OKOK it is not called that but Smaug was excellent!! I love LOTR and this was excellent and had to see it before it left and a must see on the bog screen. The caveman movie sounds good and at least only doesn;t have to look at Nicholas Cage:)Poor guy well poor schmoor-he is rich:) I believe Tremors takes place in Purgatory-is that supposed to be in Nevada or New Mexico?? Oceans 11 is in Las Vegas, Ghost Busters is in New York and is ferris Bueller in LA?? I don;t know the others. Still thinking about the A to Z challenge...

  68. Sia, you got four right. And agree with you on missing that town.

    Robyn, you got one!!!

    Lee, I think that is a lost cause.

    Yes, it was! And it was good because he wasn't the star.

    Trudessa, I bet you could!

    Birgit, glad you enjoyed Smaug. Purgatory is a great name, but that wasn't it. You did get two right. And hope you can join us for the A to Z.

  69. Ha! I actually know ONE of the Trivia questions - Ferris Bueller takes place in Chicago.

  70. Thanks for the round-up, Alex. Lots happening for us writers. Congrats to those with new books out.

  71. Wouldn't miss the chance to help Michelle celebrate--one of my favorite peeps!! I'll be Damyanti's house-elf for the A to Z season, putting my bar-tending skills to good use:)

  72. I've never heard of Ubuntu, but its such a nice concept!

  73. I haven't seen the Croods. Maybe I'll check it out. I'll hop over to see David's blog.

  74. So mucyh going on in the writing worlde. Ali Cross is working like a bat out of hell! Go girl. Epic giveaway indeed Alex.

  75. Faraway, you are correct!

    Samantha, she'll be happy to have you help her.

  76. I'm so excited for Julie, I just bought my kindle edition :)

  77. Congrats to Julie and Sarah!

    How did it get to be February already? Will mark indierecon on my calendar. Thanks for that heads up.

  78. All I know is 2 and 5. I've never seen any of the others. I signed up for the A-to-Z challenge today! My first year. Man, it's going to be a busy April.

  79. I think Ghostbusters is NYC and Ratatouille is Paris... Um, Ferris Bueller is Chicago... not sure about the rest. Even though I've seen them all.

    And man, you are really spreading the news today. I can barely keep up with all the announcements.

  80. Congratulations good sir! Thou art a cosmic knight!

  81. Great to see all those new books out! I haven't seen those flicks. Guess I'm way behind in the movie sector, but I'm trying to keep ahead in the books.

  82. Of the trivia, the only one I know for sure is Paris. Otherwise it's 'somewhere in America' lol.

    I definitely want to see the Croods.

  83. Congratulations on your Knighthood. And finally, the teleportation and clone tricks have been revealed! Knew there had to be some special tactic up your sleeve for showing up everywhere ;)

  84. I felt a little let down with the Croods, it could/should have been so much more.

  85. Enjoyed the interview over at DPK's. Sir Alex. Has a nice ring to it.

  86. I have been wanting to see The Croods, so I am glad to hear that it is better than you had expected. :)

    I think Ocean's Eleven takes place in Vegas...

  87. JE, you won't regret it!

    Rusty, that's three. And yeah, there was a lot...

    Lynda, that made me chuckle.

    Emilyann, now you know.

    Jess, correct!

  88. Congrats on the knighthood!! I haven't seen either of those movies yet.

  89. Congrats. Croods was much better than it needed to be and my son liked it too.

  90. Saw The Wolf of Wall Street last night. Still amazed at how full on it was!
    Congrats to Sarah. Great news. I think I've signed for Michelle's blogfest, but I will double check. The A-Z is not for me this year!

  91. Exciting stuff coming up! I'm not brave enough for the A-Z challenge, but I always enjoy watching everyone else go crazy. :)

  92. Congratulations on your cosmic knighthood! I will check it out.

    The trailers for The Croods looked funny, but now that it has your blessing I will try to catch it.

  93. You're a Cosmic Ninja Knight?!
    Awesome. :)

  94. I have signed up for the A-Z, but I'm not really into it, yet. I have a theme to write about. I think I am still haunted by last April when I had to work and played catch up with reading and commenting in the evenings and on weekends. Towards the end it got harder keeping up to because I hadn't prewritten posts for the ending. I do hope this year is better. I'm also thinking I need to join that Insecure Group because right now I am so insecure I'm not sure if Dr. Phil can even help!

  95. Just love the cover of Decadent Kane!
    Also,congrats to all those who have new releases!

    Great post, Alex!

  96. Beautiful, I like the concept of UBUNTU!

  97. Sir, I must respectfully disagree. We all know that the best film Nicolas Cage has done in the past 10 years is The Wicker Man.

  98. Thanks for the bloghop shoutout!

    I didn't enjoy The Croods as much as I thought I would. :(

  99. Hey Alex (waves)

    Oh I've missed this one-stop catchup and info gathering. Congrats to all who are celebrating and launching books!

    Nope, not seen either movie, but loved that Nic is doing better, even if it was animation (chuckle).

    Gottta look into UBUNTU - what a great idea! I just need someone to organise my brain to fit it in.

  100. Congratulations on becoming a Ninja Cosmic Knight! You must be the only one in existence. :)

    I will have to check out some of those new things going on. I haven't decided if I will do the A-Z again this year, but I probably will. :)

  101. Haven't seen either movie though I've got The Croods on my list.

    Wow so many blogfests, so many new books out. Wonderful stuff. Congratulations everyone!

  102. Gossip Girl, don't let last year traumatize you. And we'd love to have you join the IWSG.

    Brandon and Bryan, ah yes, Cage in a bear suit. Cinema at its finest.

    Kyra, you're welcome!

    Shah, glad I could make you chuckle.

    Krista, I guess I am...

  103. My son (usually a huge fan of all things animated) gave me the luke warm response to The Croods. He's riding the fence between younger kid and tween.
    Is it already A to Z sign up time? I think I'll have to pass this year. Too many writing projects. Off to visit David now.

  104. 7 is Paris. I love the film Ratatouille. I can't believe I don't know 6! Some town in Illinois is my guess. Sherman Oaks? No, that was Breakfast Club ...

  105. I'm usually not a fan of cartoons but I did enjoy The Croods.

  106. Very groovy for mentioning Ubuntu! Also, loving David's blog too:)

  107. Wow, this is sad. I've seen more than half the trivia question movies and I still don't know the answers. Here's a couple feeble attempts.

    Ocean's Eleven - Vegas, Doc Hollywood - Grady (no idea why I remembered this), Ghostbusters - NYC?, Ferris - Minneapolis?, Ratatouille - Paris?

  108. Hi Alex! I'm starting to get the hang of your blog! You are a busy guy! Tremors is one of my all-time favorite movies! I'm lousy at Trivia, but when I need a good laugh I watch Tremors. As for "ubuntu," it's a concept that needs to be acknowledged in our country! Love it! Have a great day!

  109. I was surprised to see Clover in your post today- Thank you.

    Also I adore The Croods. Saw it in the theater and laughed so hard.

  110. Congrats on the knighthood!

    I loved the Croods. It's a touching story. :-)

  111. Ocean's Eleven was in Vegas and Ferris Bueller was in a suburb of Chicago. I think. :)

  112. You're a Knight??? Sweeeet. Welcome to the table! I'm heading over right now...

    But not without saying 2000? So, so, SO VERY awesome, Alex. What a weird thought... does it freak you out? That 2000 people love you? I'm not sure many people can say that!

  113. Suze, correct on number seven.

    LD, you got four!! I say you did good.

    Fundy, I am indeed busy! And Tremors is a great film.

    Decadent, of course!

    Karen, correct.

    Morgan, thanks! Add Google+ and other followers, and yes, it freaks me out a little.

  114. I've signed up for A to Z and already have my theme picked out. This year I hope to have several of the posts (short, of course) written and scheduled in advance.

  115. Lots of great updates around here!!

  116. Fantastic news here and I'll check out your knighthood.

  117. I wish I could be your 2,000 follower, but I'm following you already!

  118. I saw David's post yesterday. Congrats Ninja Knight :)

    Lots of stuff today. I only know where Ghost Busters, Oceans 11 and Ratatouille were set. Good trivia questions.


  119. No, haven't seen either of those movies...and I don't think they're on my list, either. Ha! Thanks for the reviews.

    And thanks for the newsy updates, too!

  120. We watched "The Croods" with some of our grandchildren over the Christmas holiday, and I loved it. Some of the lines really cracked me up. Of course, it could have been the company that made the movie so enjoyable.

    I read Juli's book last night, and thoroughly enjoyed it. (Will write the review today!)

  121. Patricia, that's a smart move.

    MsMariah, that's all right!

    Donna, thanks, and I was trying to think of something unique for the trivia.

    Susan, she'll be happy to know you liked it.

  122. Great news!!! And I'll check out that post at David's site.
    A to Z . . . so tempting, but how will I find the time in this crazy life . . . hmm. I'm thinking about it.

  123. Thanks for all the blogworld scoopage. I don't know what the internet would do without you.

  124. Um, yeah, I signed up for the A-Z Challenge...

    Will have to check out The Croods. I think my boys saw it. Love me some Nicolas Cage, in whatever form you give him to me. My favorite though will forever be "Honeymoon In Vegas" - it's one of my watch over and over movies.

    Have a great, relaxing weekend and be sure to cheer FOR THE BRONCOS!

    Tina @ Life is Good
    A to Z Team @ Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

  125. Haven't seen either movie, although we'll probably rent the Croods at some point.

    Congratulations on your nomination.

  126. Tyrean, resistance is futile...

    Thank you, Nicki.

    Tina, I will be cheering for Manning and the Broncos. But it's anyone's game...

  127. I do know some of the answers, but I love Rawkrobin's answers the best.

  128. April's going to be here in no time! I'm really looking forward to Indie ReCon, there were so many informative posts last year. Congrats to Sarah on getting an agent!

  129. Scroll



    Ah, here we are! =P

    Thankfully, my IWSG post is all done and scheduled to post. You may have changed my mind about The Croods. I was going to dismiss it but now...maybe not.

  130. LOL, the A to Z challenge will assimilate us all!
    Got my IWSG post drafted and on the editing block. Being insecure and all, it makes getting posts up so much more difficult. ;)

  131. So much good news; congrats to all on new agents and new releases.

    Funny, I never realized how little I paid to setting in movies (unless I think I recognize it, I guess). I only know a couple of them.

    The Warrior Muse

  132. The A-Z challenge is coming fast! I need to hop over and sign up. Can't believe it is close to that time again. Have an awesome weekend!

  133. Susan, her random answers were good and one was actually right.

    Elsie, you and your kids might enjoy it.

    Shannon, I understand!

  134. Alright, Alex, I'm taking the leap. Not with Croods, but with the A-Z Challenge. Thank you for inspiring me. Have a great weekend!

  135. Thanks for all those ideas. Just subscribed for the WIP and A To Z Challenge. Have a lovely weekend.

  136. I really liked the Croods. My daughter even more, we rented it and she watched it six times before we took it back.

  137. I have exciting plans for the A to Z. I'll be starting a new blog with the Biker Chef.
    It's about time you were knighted!
    Michelle's bloghop looks great.

  138. Arise Sir Cosmic Knight. I shall, when I can, check you out. It's you and not one of your clones, I assume.

    Thanks for all the notations and links, Alex.

    Once again, I state, my friend, I wish the A to Z would just go away. Resistance is not a problem.

    Wishing you a peaceful remainder of your weekend.


  139. Oh my goodness, lots going on. I've watched Ferris so many times, yet I don't remember the city. If I had to guess, I'd say it's NY.

  140. Elsie, glad you are on board!!

    Vanessa, you won't regret it.

    Brandon, that's a lot.

    Mary, cool, and thank you.

    Gary, it's really me.

    Marta, you'll find out on Monday.

  141. Always find cool new things on your blog to check out:) I've been sitting on the fence about seeing Croods... might have to watch it.

  142. Wow so much going on while I'm locked away in my writing cave.
    Let's see:
    1. Somewhere in the west
    2. Somewhere in the west
    3. Las Vegas
    4. LA then a small town somewhere
    5. New york
    6. Chicago
    7. Paris

    Ah, piece of cake. lol

  143. It seems to get 22 more followers to reach 2000 is as challenging as to get the first 50 followers.

    But sooner or later it will happen....

  144. Congratulations on your cosmic knighthood! Heading over to see what exactly that entails...

  145. Lots of exciting news! Congrats to all!
    I never (EVER!) know the trivia, but Ocean's 11 has to be in Las Vegas ... doesn't it? :)

  146. Amazing, Alex, how much ground you can cover in your blog posts! Is there a limit to the number of participants in this year's A to Z. I thought I would wait to sign up until later. Don't know yet what I want to do. Thank you for keeping it fun!

    Mary Montague Sikes

  147. Cosmic Knight? That's a heck of a step up! Your weekend just got cooler.

  148. PK, you got four right!

    Edi, that made me chuckle. Thanks.

    Milo, it entails my name growing even longer...

    Jemi, it does!

  149. Thanks for the movie recommendations. Your trivia quiz is great but too hard for me this week.

    Big congrats to Sarah for getting an agent! Congrats to the book releases of Julie and Decadent!

    Yes, resistance IS futile, so I've signed up for the A-Z Challenge. ;)

  150. Resistance is futile? We'll see! LOL

    Cosmic Knights - okay!

    The Croods were cute!

  151. Thanks for sharing about the movies...

  152. I've signed up to the A to Z challenge - what have I let myself in for again!!

  153. A final word on Nicolas Cage, I don't know if you've ever watched Community, but Abed recently figured out what the actor is really all about. It's pretty mind-blowing. And it will lead to a classic Nicolas Cage freak out.

  154. Despite being the 160th commenter...I want to say congratulations on the warm reception for the newest in the Cassa series...even though you might be tired of hearing it by now. ;)


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