Friday, May 10, 2013

Gardening Naked with Hart Johnson, 300,000 in Book Sales, IWSG Co-Hosts, and Blogging Questions

Today I have the honor of welcoming a long-time blogger buddy and advocate for Naked World Domination, author Hart Johnson!

Gardening Naked

First, a GIANT thanks to Alex for having me! You're always a rock star!

So... you may or may not be aware that last Saturday was officially International Naked Gardening Day (proof with a full nudity warning). This was most unfortunate timing, and not just because several of my friends got snow that day.

You see... I'm the EMPRESS of naked, yet my second book, The Begonia Bribe, which is spot on with the gardening theme, didn't come out until TUESDAY—Totally missed an opportunity to promote both nakedness AND gardening!!!

But I think we should just declare an entire naked gardening SEASON.

You heard me... Get on out there and bond with nature the way nature intended.

Though to be clear, there are safety allowances where accessories are concerned. Gloves can be essential when dealing with thorns and thistles. And Crocs just make good sense if you have to shovel (save those toes!) Thorns, black widows and under-nail grime need not be your fears. Also, WEAR SUN SCREEN! For pete's sake, your skin hasn't seen the sun for months. Heck, depending on your typical prudery level, some parts may never have seen the sun.

And if you need an inspiring break from all that gardening, I have a book in mind... About a child beauty pageant, a lot of gardening and MURDER...

Hart (aka, Alyse Carlson) writes books from her bathtub and can be found at Confessions of a Watery Tart, on Facebook (author page, profile), Twitter, or Goodreads.

Book links: Amazon, Barnes and Noble

Thanks, Hart! Now, pass the SPF 100...
Ninja News

My awesome co-hosts for the June 5 posting of the IWSG will be Sheena-kay Graham, Suzanne Furness, and Laura Eno!

Want to be a successful Indie author? I know one author who has sold over 10,000 copies of her books, but this figure will knock your socks off. RaShelle Workman has sold over 300,000 copies of her books! Yes, that’s a three with five zeroes. You can visit her Amazon author page HERE to view all of her books. She'll visit here in June to do a guest post and share the secret of her success. RaShelle, you rock!

Today is the last day to post for the A to Z Challenge Reflections. Once you’ve posted yours, be sure to add it to the list HERE.

VikLit’sCelebrating the Small Things” is today. I’m celebrating a week of normalcy after the A to Z Challenge. (My wife might be celebrating even more.) I’m also celebrating a couple key friendships I’ve made here online. You guys rock.

Blogging Questions

Does it sometimes amuse you what people will comment on? I always try to offer a variety in hopes everyone will find something of interest, but sometimes what people chose to comment on amuses me. Maybe I should post a section of the phone book just to see what people say?

Do you think people shy away from bloggers with large followings? Maybe they are intimidated to either follow or comment? Or they feel they won’t be noticed? I follow back anyone who follows (unless I can’t locate that person’s blog), respond to all comments, and try to comment on new followers’ blogs when possible.

Will you be gardening naked? Picked up Hart’s book? In awe of 300,000 books sold? (I am!) And what are your answers to the blogging questions?

Heading out for more fun this weekend – everyone enjoy!


  1. No, I will not be gardening naked as it's too chilly out right now.

    Some people do shy away from commenting on a large blog. When my blog grew, I lost a few people because they felt like they would be lost in the shuffle. They were wrong, I'm loyal to those people who were with me from the beginning and even long after I stop blogging, I will always remember them fondly.

  2. I once killed a cactus. Yes, a cactus. How difficult is that? It's not easy to kill a cactus... not at all. So that tells you that I won't be gardening. Ever.

    300 000 copies? An Indie author? OMG that's a lot of sales!
    I'll have to check out RaShelle's blog-------

    ... and yes, I suspect that people are intimidated by bloggers with a huge following. I was. I didn't ever think that you would notice me!

  3. Gardening in Crocs and gloves and nothing in between? Sounds great! Depends on your jurisdiction whether you can get away with it, though.

    In the UK, there's an ongoing fight between nudist hikers and the government. It's actually legal to be nude in public, unless you're "disturbing the peace." Some local jurisdictions take that to mean any public display of nudity, and so nudists are fighting this.

  4. No I won't be gardening naked, for one thing we have many squirrels that come and go and should I be a man I would NOT BE GARDENING NAKED, plus the fact the weather is not the weather to take one's clothes off.

    Have a great week-end.

  5. Before I throw off the shackles of my clothes to the wind and run around leaping in glorious NAKED joy around my plant pots - I just want to say YAYYAYAYAYYAYAYYAY for amazing Empress of Nakedness Down with Pants Tart!!!

    And big HOOOOORAH to gorgeous RaShelle too!!!

    My Friday is complete!!!

    Take care

  6. I think Hart Johnson's mysteries might make the perfect Mothers Day gift for my wife!! She loves gardening almost as much as she loves cooking and baking and she eats up those mysteries all the time! (no pun intended!)

    As much as I'd love for her to garden au natural, I don't see it happening!

    Happy Friday All!!

  7. If I gardened naked, I need a ton of sunblock on, oh and something to do in the garden. Ours is more yard than garden. :(

    What we comment on - whatever has interested me about a post. Isn't that obvious? Or is that just me?

    I do get intimidated and feel a tad like one germ in an ocean when commenting on a hugely popular blog (such as this one :D) but then, it's popular for a reason, coz it rocks! So it wouldn't stop me from doing so.

    There, that's my four-penith.


  8. *Bows to RaShelle's awesomeness* While I won't be gardening naked, I will say congrats to everyone today and that big followings don't intimidate me. Yay I'm helping with IWSG in June and enjoy your weekend.

  9. Why is it that it's always the old people who take to the nakedness? Or the ones that you just plain don't WANT to see nude? I went to the site and at first thought the old man needed to iron his clothes.

    You're an excellent follower, Alex, and a model for me. I stopped by the other day, but could not get the comment box to load. You had 141 comments, though, so I didn't feel too bad.

    I don't care how many followers someone has...if I like the blog, I'll follow. I also follow anybody who follows me, and will go to their site and give it a chance, but if they never return the favor, they eventually lose my interest (unless the blog is very good).

    M.L. Swift, Writer

  10. Congrats to RaShelle!

    I'm not intimidated by a blog with lots of comments and do comment. However, when I was a newbie, I may have felt overwhelmed or like a little commenter in a sea of comments and not commented. You certainly make people feel welcome. I get a fair amount of comments most days too and like you am trying to comment back.

  11. Wow,

    When I sell 300,000 books, I promise to *dance* naked in the back garden!

    (...and I don't care if Old Mrs. Jones is Skyping her former neighbors in the Carolinas.)

  12. Well the first question is easy. I will NOT be gardening naked. As a matter of fact, I was recently told that there is a beach in Florida where people generally hang out naked. I was asking, "WHAT?????"

  13. Anne, that's a bummer they gave up on you.

    Michelle, we can kill just about any house plant. And of course I noticed you!

    Sean, that's an interesting battle.

    Yvonne, that made me chuckle.

    Kitty, just don't scare the cats.

    Shah, it seems obvious, but not always. And thank you.

    Sheena-kay, and I appreciate your help!

    Mike, that made me chuckle. And sorry you couldn't comment.

    Natalie, thanks - and I don't have near the following you do!

    Mark, just don't let me see you...

  14. Hart, Before I could garden naked I'd have to buy paper grocery bags for my neighbor's head or clean up the mess.
    300,000 books sold is fabulous! 3 million would be spectacular! Says me sitting here with three zeros.

  15. Oh, come on, man... No takers? teehee.

    And WOW on RaShelle! I knew she was doing well, but that's FANTASTIC! Congrats to her!

    Big blogs CAN be intimidating, but if they have content that interests me, I jump in anyway and have been pleasantly surprised to realize they have so many followers because they do so well reciprocating.

  16. A double WOWZER for Rachelle!

    Its the Spamsters comments that get me.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  17. If I ever gardened naked, it would have to be in my own private garden because getting naked usually leads to other activities not meant for other gardeners to see...except the gardener with me. And 300,000 books sold? Kudos to RaShelle. I hope you don't laugh at my comments.

  18. Gardening Naked?!! Eeee... That is definitely not my cup of tea :)

    Bhavya from Just Another Blog

  19. I do think people soemtimes are hesitant to comment on blogs with a large number of comments (I have been told this in a couple emails by people who read my blog...they feel that their comment will get lost in the shuffle). I have noticed though that you are able to keep up with TONS of comments!!

  20. The dirt would get everywhere if I gardened like that.

    Go Rachelle! She's kinda my hero. :)

  21. Very interesting blogging questions, Alex! Personally, I try to not look at the member count or post count when I read a blog--I just stick with the ones that I like to read. I do always try to follow back (as long as I'm aware that a new member has joined) and do my best to both comment back and respond to comments. I hope others feel the same!

  22. Brinda, I'm not hanging out on a beach naked.

    Hart, they intimidated me when I next to no followers, but after that, I had no fear.

    Leigh, that thought occurred to me as well...

    Optimistic, I try! I appreciate all comments as I remember when I received none.

    Randi, that's a good attitude.

  23. Congrats, RaShelle!

    Unfortunately, I've been feeling like blog commenting less and less for several reason, but I can mention the first 2: time, especially those with the confirmation thingie that I miss most of the time; and because what I want to say, someone else already said it, so it seems like I'm a copycat ... and that goes back to time. Why will I waste precious minutes saying something someone else already said? I don't want to sound mean, just trying to be practical ...

  24.'s the neighbors. I just don't think they're ready for the sight of this body sans clothing.

    Not intimidated but sometimes visiting blogs with large followings leaves me feeling a bit inadequate. I struggle just to keep up with my little following. I have no idea how to do what you do.

  25. No naked gardening. Too many snakes and insects around here. And yes, still too chilly.
    I always try to post questions for visitors to engage them, but often those are ignored. No matter - I'm happy to have whatever comments I get.

  26. I will never garden naked - my garden is fully overlooked! And, besides, I don't garden fully-clothed either!

  27. might have to think about gardening naked...gotta live life on the edge...

    as my blog grew i def lost some people along the way...and in talking with some they said 'well you have enough people visiting you'...i always follow back and try to leave intelligent comments regardless the subject matter...smiles.

    the phone book might be a fun experiment...

    and def will be back for that book sales piece...that is awesome

  28. I want to know how Hart "writes from the bathtub" because although I have a waterproof notebook, I couldn't write a whole novel in it. :)

  29. Wow! 300,000 is a fabulous number. That's great!

    Have a great weekend Alex!

  30. I'll garden naked with you, Hart. As long as Cabana Boy is serving the refreshments. :P

    And, wowzer, 300,000 copies sold is fantastic.

  31. I am going to pass on the naked garden in light of the fact that I have a tennis court next door to my house - in full view, I might add. But I'll definitely be doing some gardening today :)

    Nice to see you, Hart, and congratulations!

  32. That's a lot of sales congrats, RaShelle!

    No, I won't be gardening naked far too cold and too many things waiting to attack (prickly plants and bugs I mean of course!).

  33. I think this is the first all nude post... and 300,000... wow, seriously.

    I have the biggest problem when it comes to commenting on my site. I don't think people actually comeback to read my thoughts, I do try to visit those people's sites... argh, what am I saying I am horrible at that too.

    Alex, you have and always will be the blog hub, thank you!

    Have a great weekend!

  34. Yep, I think there is a certain intimidation factor with big numbers of followers on a blog. And I suspect a certain expectation level as well--what's so good about this blogger? ;)

    wow, 300,000 books is a lot! Hard work!

  35. Obviously, Hart does not live where mosquitoes, bees and centipedes like the garden as much as I do.

    I also find it extremely amusing what people comment on. Often I have to go back and reread my own words a couple of times to try and understand where they are coming from.

    Also, I think people are more likely to follow 'popular' blogs. Everybody likes a winner.

  36. I've commented a few times on something that has nothing to do with the post. This happens when I have nothing to say about the post but I want to let the blogger know I was there. Doesn't happen much but it happens. I think I'm not the only one.
    I had one comment once about a guy who said he will not comment if the post had more than 50 comments already. He said he would rather give his comment to someone who really needed it.
    And now that I'm thinking on it, I don't comment either on blogs with large following. Yours is the only one I do this. Yes I do believe they won't care much for one more or one less. And honestly, I do not have much of fan attributes. May seem arrogant but I'm jealous of my time.

  37. I would love to garden naked. I just need a garden. Wow, to the Indie writer who sold over 300,000 books. Can't wait to read that post.

    Now, to your blogging questions, I don't know why I comment on the weirdest stuff. Maybe it's because it's what stuck with me in the post. Also, I'm one of those people who shy away from commenting on a blog with a huge following because I figure they won't notice me. However, that being said, I will comment on my friend's blogs with big followings--like you!

  38. Sadly, I don't garden, naked or otherwise. But I do enjoy flowers. We have a very full, fun weekend planned. And no, I don't shy away from bloggers with large followings, but I am in awe of 300,000 sales. Wow. Can't even imagine.

  39. No naked gardening for me. My black thumb kills enough without scaring the only surviving plants to death with that sight.

    I answer all comments but still have some trouble with word verification users.

    I have stalkers but only about a third who look comment.

    I'm still not sure what I want to be when I grow up and that shows in my posts. That may be why some commenters hide.

  40. Madeline--yeah... a COUPLE notebooks per novel for the ones written completely there... I usually do a mix anymore--bath is still best for anything requiring a lot of emotion.

    LG-there are ALWAYS Cabana boys!

    As for the bugs... a high garlic diet will chase them off... seriously...


    All the best with your new novel!

    WOW, Rachelle..... THAT IS AWESOME! I can't wait to see how you accomplished that feat! Keep up the AMAZING WORK!

    Hi, Alex,

    Hope you have an awesome weekend. I have my Disney day planned for tomorrow then, as all good things must come to an end, I hit the roads EARLY Sunday morning. I like to drive at least 700 miles the first day, so I have an easier drive the second. Only 550... EEEK... that is one LONG HAUL! LOL.

    Hopefully it won't be too scorching along the way. Actually the Chicago are is still COLD>... In the 50's. SO much for May....

  42. Wow, 300,000 books, that's amazing and inspiring. Oh, and I will not be gardening naked, I'm more of a jeans and t shirt girl :) I've been enjoying a "week of normalcy" after a-z too.Simply Sarah

  43. I'll garden barefoot. Naked, though? I live in a suburban area. lol

  44. 300,000 books sold under any publishing methods is pretty awesome!

  45. Oh, Hart, you are hilarious! If "The Begonia Bribe" showcases your humor - consider it read! I'm pretty sure gardening naked would result in a less-than-friendly neighborhood association intervention *shakes fist at neighbor politics* It really doesn't matter to me how many followers there are - I'll comment when it strikes me:)

  46. Hi Alex - I think I'd scare the good folk of Eastbourne to an even earlier grave than they thought they were going to get!

    Great idea though - and Hart definitely did miss a trick there ..

    Re comments - you're so good at picking a snippet out of a blog post and commenting succinctly ... as you see I just 'can't' do that .. more experience I guess.

    I comment sometimes on what I can understand, sometimes on a book if I know the author, or if I can find something that resonates with me .. occasionally I'll pass on by.

    Cheers Hilary

  47. Congrats to Hart and here's hoping her book is a smashing success :)

    To me, it doesn't matter how many followers a blog has...if it's of interest to me and I enjoy reading it...I'll follow and comment on what's relevant to me :)

  48. Naked gardening seems a good way to get chiggers and all sorts of nasty bug bites in unwelcome places! High sales, Hart. And RaShelle ... 300,000 sales? Want to send a bit of your mojo my way? :-)

  49. Juliana, I appreciate your comment no matter what you say.

    Cate, I do the questions as well.

    Brian, and yet I'm sure you appreciated them all the same, just as I do. I don't want to lose anyone.

    Thanks, Jeremy. And I admit, I don't often follow up after I leave a comment unless I asked a question.

    Lynda, the expectation part is scary.

    Faraway, that's exactly what I mean about the comments!

    Al, I comment on those who are my friends, regardless of following or comments. Some with the large followings I remember when they had next to none, like myself, and I remember growing together over the years.

    Clarissa, that's just what I told Al - I comment on those who are friends. And you've never left a weird comment that I can remember.

    Gail, growing up is overrated!

    Michael, that's a long way by yourself - stay safe!

    Sam, good for you.

    Thanks, Hilary. You always leave smart comments though.

  50. More power to you Hart! GO on with your nakie self. But trust me when I say no one wants to see all this gardening naked. Some things, can't be unseen. lol

    Alex-it often amuses me to see what people comment on out of an entire post, they may pick up on a small thing. I used to be a intimidated to comment on some people's blogs. So I may have followed without ever commenting. (I'm not scared of you anymore)

  51. Congrats Hart! mmh naked gardening-no there are too many retired military people in my hood! lol Not to mention I think there is poison ivy lurking-just my luck! lol

    I love the sounds of your book-I do love to garden and good mysteries!
    Sounds like a great read :D

    RaShelle-whoa?! Congrats to you, too!

    Happy Friday Captain...going to be a hot one! Hope you and Mrs. AC can keep cool ;D lol

  52. Hart, I'd almost want to do the naked. Maybe if I was a little younger.

    300,000 books is incredible.

    Size doesn't matter to me. I'll comment anywhere.

  53. I could see how a lot of comments might make someone shy away from commenting. Every time I come over to your blog I think What can I say that someone else hasn't already. Sometimes nothing so I don't comment.

  54. I usually comment that most caught my attention or if there is something I like or I can please. You provide the comment because you put so many different things. I put an abstract photo and says many people do you think because he fears ridicule, but the abstract can be able to say precisely what everyone suggests, is a good way of inhibitions.

  55. The phrase "gardening naked" sure gets your attention! I love the idea, but since I live in town with neighbors mere feet away, I'd be arrested for trying it. It could have easily been done in the house I grew up in, though.

  56. Not afraid to let all flap in the breeze, but I don't want to get arrested lol

    300,000 is a ton, congrats to her indeed.

    Yep, amuses me all the time what some comment on and as they rhyme too. Bigger followings they give you the time of day and look around at least, they may be intimidated but they stay and look, small blogs they usually just leave.

  57. Hmm...I don't think I'll be gardening naked. Jezebel will be pouring punch down Hart's throat, though, next Tuesday.

    Whoa, RaShelle! Way to go!

    The comments I find most amusing are when commentors start interacting with each other. :)

  58. Oh, I'm definitely identifying a need to help neighbors loosen up. teehee. And law enforcement! No sense of humor, sometimes, eh?

  59. Jaybird, trust me, I'm not at all scary.

    Ella, we've slid right into summer...

    Summer, but it's unique because YOU said it!

    Leovi, thanks. And with abstract, everyone will see something different.

    Pat, if I ever leave you a rhyming comment, it might be a sign of the apocalypse. (I'm terrible at it.)

  60. Nice to be at one with nature - but I think the gardeners on neighbouring allotment plots might not approve!

  61. That's precisely the point. I don't have friends as popular as you are. That's why I only leave comments on this site above 1000 followers. The other popular sites do not belong to any friend of mine. They are just informative.

  62. Naked gardening sounds cold and itchy, but go for it. I prefer to remain inside.

    Congratulations to RaShelle. What an accomplishment!

    Mary Montague Sikes

  63. Gardening naked, never (don't want to scare the neighbours).

    RaShelle is simply awesome.

  64. It's going to get chilly this weekend, so I think I'll keep my clothes on, thanks. I planted a little sooner than recommended for this area, since the long-term forecast looked fine. Hope my seedlings don't pay the price of my impatience!

    Congrats to RaShelle!

    As for commenting, it depends on what resonates with me in the post. I'm not up on my pop culture, so I have to find others things to comment on here, Alex.

  65. Congratulations on the release, Hart! And...they have a day for everything! I had no idea it was Naked Gardening Day on Sat.. :)

    Commenting--I'd say that many people who read large blogs and *aren't* the first commenter believe that what they *would* have commented has probably already been commented on in the first 10 or 15 responses. :) I hope that makes sense, because that sentence is a mess...

  66. I will not be gardening naked since I have a gardener. And I hope he doesn't start gardening naked. Now if some of my neighbors start gardening naked I might have a good excuse to putter around my yard more.

    And yes, it's kind of funny what people comment on sometimes. I guess I'm a good example of that.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  67. Nooo, I will not be gardening naked and not because of the weather. I will be wearing full riot gear ... I used to wear my hippy chick sandals and flowy skirt until last summer when I was stung on BOTH feet by what must have been a scorpion. Both feet swelled up to twice their original size and I had an allergic reaction.

    Anyhoo, re blog comments, if the blogger is fantastically successful (has uber many followers), I usually don't comment. I figure it will get lost in the fray and they probably don't want to hear from little ole me anyway.

  68. In Arizona, I'd be using SPF 1000 to garden naked. A fun interview Hart, and thanks for hsting Alex!

  69. I'm pretty sure my HOA wouldn't appreciate me out gardening in my all together.

  70. I'm more comfortable with nudity than I am with gardening, and I'm awkward at both. Hart is a spunky one. I do think very large followings can be intimidating. I find myself needing to get over my envy and just follow if I like the content. On the note of return follows, I've followed a lot of bloggers' blogs lately who didn't return the follow. It's disappointing.


  71. Naked gardening...I have to say that I am not in favor of doing or watching. I have learned (over the course of time) that there are VERY FEW people that I want to see naked. As in VERY FEW. And most I would PAY to put their clothing back on, so I am going to take the opposite stand here and ask people to NOT garden naked. Just please don't.

    I take this philosophy with all blogs: if I enjoy reading them, I follow them. If they follow me back, that is awesome. I know that people with larger followings might not, and that is okay. I only read blogs that I enjoy reading. This isn't about Tit for Tat. Of course, the best blogging is the Relationship Blogging (where it is a mutual relationship), but I wouldn't stop reading a blog that I enjoy because someone wasn't reading my blog.

  72. I try to follow back and comment on blogs too, but sometimes it's impossible to find their blog is they don't leave a link. Probably my biggest peeve with the AZ Challenge.


  73. I will definitely be picking up a copy of Hart's book as I own a copy of the first one. I've actually never thought about the large following thing and whether people are intimidated by it or not. Maybe I'm weird but I like following the big blogs because that means other people find the content interesting. It's the same logic I pursue about restaurants. I don't want to eat at a restaurant that has no customers in it. I want the one that has everyone lined up and you need a reservation LOL.

  74. Having spent untold hours in the farm garden, I am glad I was clothed. Can't imagine the skin issues I would be having now if I had been ala naturale.

  75. I do think people are sometimes intimidated by big time bloggers. It's hard to think of a comment that hasn't already been said! :)

  76. Gardening time is coming up for sure. Today I noticed the first sign of green on the birches, which means people haunted by allergy. Probably I wont be gardening naked, we'll see >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  77. Al, one day so you will be one of those very popular bloggers!

    Sandra, hopefully I give you something! And ironically I'm not up on my science, although I do keep track of advancements.

    Elizabeth, I understood that.

    Lee, you always comment sharp.

    Tami, I notice and appreciate everyone!

    Maurice, I remember Arizona summers...

    Robyn, that came up in quite a few Challenge reflection posts.

    Moody, that is indeed frustrating.

    Michael, good point!

    Rachel, but you just did!

  78. 300,000 copies sold?! It's about time RaShelle treats us to champagne ;-)

  79. Trouble is I don't have a garden so can't follow the suggestion. Actually some years ago we seriously considered joining a nudist colony, but the warm season in Canada is not very long, in fact we say 7 months winter and 5 months road works (or bad weather) depending on who is quoting. Only trouble with nude gardening, how will your neighbours react, people can really be quite prudish about such things.


  80. Gardening naked, sadly wont work for me, my thumbs are plant killers. Ah well. Fun guest post ;)

    Very happy for RaShelle,looking forward to reading what she has to say on this blog.

    Getting back to normalcy? yippy for your wife then :D

    Blogging... sometimes I do shy away from a post that has a lot of comments but it really depends on that particular blogger... And how much time I have and if there is really something I need to say in regards to the post.

  81. I don't think gardening naked will help my lack of a green thumb, but kudos to those who do it!

  82. OMG, what about the ants! And I live on the lake. Think of the damage I'd do to all those loon babies. Not to mention the early morning fishermen. Plus my garden's on a hill. Oooh, a picture flashed through my mind. Oooy, not good! Nope, no naked gardening or cooking or... God loves me, and that's why He invented clothes!

  83. Congrats to Hart and also to RaShelle! Wow, those figures are impressive. Looking forward to reading her post here next month.

    Happy weekend to you and your wife, Alex!

  84. It's a little cold here in CO to be gardening naked these days...but the book looks interesting. Congrats to Hart. I am so in awe of 300,000- another congrats. I love the things people will comment on- or the things they say :) Have a great weekend. Best to you:) Yay for the small things :)

  85. I can just see my two older boys stripping down at the word naked. Heck, they beg to wear as little clothing as possible anyway!

    300,000 is a huge number...I'll be looking at RaShelle's site...

    Yeah, I sometimes find it difficult to find things to comment on - and sometimes I just want to read and move on.

  86. I live in Oregon. We're all very pasty, Hart, even here on the sunny side. Then I heard we have the highest number of skin cancer. Must be because we're not used to sun or something.

    Yes, Alex, it's very interesting what folks will comment on. But I suppose to each person something different stands out.

  87. I'm a terrible gardener so I might not get out there at all! LOL. That was a great post though. 300,000! I hope she will tell us the secret to her success. ;) I find that people never comment on the things I think are most comment-worthy. Sometimes if I just have nothing to say, I don't comment at all.

  88. When reading your blog, I find there is always lots to comment on. But I don't want to leave a novel length comment! So I just pick and choose, hopefully one that will allow me to comment quickly, prove I read your post and move on. lol! Sounds bad when you break it down like that, huh?
    Can't wait to read Hart's book and learn the secrets to RaShelle's success!

  89. The only outdoor activity I'd consider doing naked is skinny dipping and maybe sun bathing. I'm sure I'd suffer too many injuries gardening without a bra.

  90. I will follow anyone who follows me as well and comment on anybody who comments but then I follow blogs who don't follow me because I'm interested in what they do!

  91. Jo, you'll make Hart's day.

    Joylene, that made me laugh.

    Lisa, sometimes they skip stuff I would think would draw comments.

    Mel, works for me!

    Fran, fair enough.

  92. yay for hart, you crazy nudey!
    and woah, way to go rashelle! im looking forward to hearing her secret!

    im celebrating normal may too, as normal as i can be!
    happy friday!

  93. damn! I missed Naked Gardening Day AGAIN! Shoot! Dang.
    Have a great day dressed or not!

  94. Gardening naked would not work in my neighborhood. Someone actually called the cops on us a couple of weeks ago because said neighbors made it a point to look into our window and did not like what they saw in our own home! That was one of the most embarrassing moments in my life. We had not done what they thought we did, but you can't argue with cops.

  95. Alex- thank you so much for the mention. You are awesome!!!!!

  96. I have zero intention of gardening naked. You have the mere thought of my nude body (scary), the chance of bug bites, and since I usually end up on my bum by the end of the weeding, I prefer to have some cloth between me and the grass.

    I haven't picked up the book yet, but I have been trying to stock my kindle with books of friends. And I am totally awed with 300,000!

    (And just a thought, if you publish pages of the phone book, make it the yellow pages...they are probably going to be a relic one day!)

  97. I think I'll pASS on the gardening... Lol. Puns. So punny.

  98. I get amused by some of the comments I get, which people clearly show that theyve read nothing but the title and first sentence of the post (or the last sentence). It's a teeny bit frustrating, but what can you do?

  99. 300,000 books sold! Wow!
    Gardening naked - um, I would need major sunscreen and no - I just pulled out several wheelbarrows of ivy and that stuff gives me a rash - so that would be really bad.

    I get some interesting comments sometimes too. I've been behind in visiting but I'm hoping next week will be better for it.

  100. I live in a condo so no naked gardening for me. That and the frequent pedestrian traffic in my neighborhood might keep me covered. But I love your naked spirit, Hart! And I am so happy for The Begonia Bribe's big debut!

    I don't think I'm intimidated by blogs with big followings, but the smaller ones of friends are special to me. Then again, you've got a big following, Alex, but you always make me feel welcome.

  101. If I had a garden I would totally do it in my birthday suit. I do enjoy eating naked and playing naked hide and seek.

    And Hart is good people.

  102. Garden naked? Too funny, but I would never be so cruel to my dogs. If they saw me pulling weeds in my BD suit, they'd get the whole pack of neighborhood dogs howling along with them.

    300,000 books sold, awesome!

  103. I honestly lurked on your blog for a while before commenting because your numbers were so huge. Definitely intimidating. Now I feel silly because you are the most supportive/connectable person online.

  104. Hart/Alyse is just silly! Yay for you and your wife, the conclusion of A-Z, and a little peace and quiet. Don't worry about your blog, Goldilocks, it's not too big or too little, too full or too empty, too hot or too cold. It's just right! :-)

  105. If there are a lot of comments, sometimes I ask myself if I'm going to say something unique or I'll just be repeating someone else. I don't make a comment just to make a comment.

  106. Aha, Hart Johnson aka Alyse Carlson, I was very aware of Naked Gardening Day. And now that I've got back from jail after my bouncing boisterously in my birthday suit amongst the begonias, I appreciate your posting to which I'm reading in the buff. And no mention of trimming the bush. And because it gets cold in England, next time I dare do any naked gardening, I can always warm up in the 'bedding plants. Yes, I will check out your book and green thumb through it.

    Dude, you are so popular, you could put up a photo of a cabbage at get a zillion comments and another thousand followers.

    I certainly don't shy away from bloggers with large followings. And you may know what my thinking about followers totals is. In many cases, not yours, of course, the total number of followers has no bearing on a blog's popularity.

    Keep up the good work, dude and congrats to Hart.

    I'm going now....

  107. Ah to garden naked, well it sounds fun anyway.

    I used to think bigger blogs didn't read the comments when I first started blogging. I have learned since, but I think it can be intimidating.

  108. No gardening naked for me, though I suppose I could because our house is so secluded out in the country nobody would see me...

    300k! Rock on, Rachelle! Man...

  109. I'm in awe of 300K. I visit some blogs that share information but don't lead me on to a comment. Sometimes I think what can I say?

  110. Alexandra, that's terrible!

    RaShelle, you rock!

    Elizabeth, very true.

    Jamie, we just laugh.

    Helena, you are a good friend - I'll always visit you.

    Ilima, thank you! I'm glad you commented.

    Tony you always have something unique to say.

    Gary, thank you my friend.

  111. Nope, no naked gardening for me. I have spoken via amateur radio to a number of special events stations run by naturalists, though. A group in Texas has the best callsign of the bunch: NU5DE. (I kid you not!)

    Yes, I do hesitate to sign on as a new groupie... or to leave a comment... when a blog already has a bazillion followers and comments. I figure I'm not "needed" there, if ya know what I mean.

  112. Huh; I just noticed you no longer have the blogger-follower gadget. Its now the bloglovin thingy. Well, since your posts still arrive in my blog roll I guess I'm still following.

    But, yeah, I do get intimidated sometimes by people with large followings. You're one of the very few who will answer comments individually - and not just a few favorite bloggers - and you also visit blogs. The bigger you get in the blog world, the harder it becomes to follow and comment back on all those posts. That's not a complaint, just a fact.

    I know I comment sometimes on the first thing that sparks my interest. Sometimes I can't read all the way through a post - other times I just wasn't that interested in the info. I agree though; weird what strikes some people and not others.

    No nudity for me Hart; I'd scare all the little things in garden - and I don't tan. EVER! The book launch seems to be going well. Congrats Dear.


    PS: I just read Klahnie's comments and about spit my wine all over the computer. He's so cool.

  113. I didn't even there was such a day as 'Int. Naked Gardening Day'... not sure how the neighbors would feel if I did garden naked...hehe.

  114. Some people do leave comments on the oddest things. To date, since starting my current blog, I've only had two negative comments—one on my scathing review of A Farewell to Arms and Hemingway's writing, and another on one of my silent film pieces, in which I stated that so-called "fourth clown" Harry Langdon is grossly overrated. I also find it amusing that by far the most frequent search terms bringing up my blog are variations on "I hate Ernest Hemingway" and "Hemingway is boring."

  115. Naked gardening would get me arrested in this city, so I think I'll hold off for now. Congrats to Hart!

  116. I certainly won't be gardening naked!
    I enjoy how you have so many different subjects to comment on in each post!

    Good choices for the co-hosts to IWSG next month. All three will do a very good job, I am sure!

  117. I certainly won't be gardening naked!
    I enjoy how you have so many different subjects to comment on in each post!

    Good choices for the co-hosts to IWSG next month. All three will do a very good job, I am sure!

  118. I'll be gardening...but naked? Well, we'll leave that to your imagination. You are an amazing blogger, Alex...responding to all those comments!!! I still wonder if you ever sleep!

  119. Susan, your comment is needed and appreciated.

    Donna, both follow widgets should still be there.
    Thanks, I always try to answer comments and visit my friends. And yes, Gary's comment was hilarious.

    Carrie-Anne, that's funny.

    Carolyn, I do try to post something for everyone.

    Liza, I got almost nine hours of sleep last night!

  120. Naked is not a word in my vocabulary!

    She's a brave woman. Great tip on the sunscreen too!

    I'm just glad to get comments on my posts. I actually like blogs with lots of followers. That way you know someone is established and probably have some interesting things to say!

    Have a great weekend!

  121. I will not be gardening naked, no one wants to see that. I get a few odd comments every now and then. I'm interested in what part of the phone book you'd post!! My personal favorite would be the government section. Hope you wife is enjoying more of your time!

  122. I did some work in the back yard yesterday. Pulled weeds and trimmed and stuff. But I had shorts and a tank top on. I'm not ready to take that plunge and go au natural.

    Congrats! to RaShelle! Now I'm inspired to do something great!

    It feels good to return to normalcy after a month like April. I'm still recalibrating. Enjoy the weekend!

  123. I gardened too much yesterday and can hardly move today...but I beat the pesky baby elm trees, have a new strategy for the Canadian thistles, but the roses won. I look like I've been attacked by a cat. However, I was not naked. Too many kids in the neighborhood.
    Already bought Hart's book. Loved the first one in the series.
    I don't shy away from blogs with large followings! Sheesh. Obviously they've got something going!
    Tina @ Life is Good

  124. Sorry, there will be no naked gardening going on in my yard. I prefer to stay quite modest and covered up.

    WOW! 300,000 copies of RsShelle's books have been sold! CONGRATS to her! I look forward to her June guest post where she will share the secret of her success.

  125. I am celebrating more of a restful week though A-Z was a ton of fun!

  126. Yes, the good times with the wife are worth celebrating!

  127. I did not know that an International Naked Gardening Day exist.
    But one is never too old to learn something new.

    I never thought about naked gardening because we do not own a garden.

  128. Sorry I am so late, where did the weekend go? As for gardening naked, I am in the Southern hemisphere, it's nearly winter. I don't do naked until spring. Sorry. But more importantly, I love the phone book! It always reminds me of Steve Martin in the Jerk "I'm somebody!"

    Happy weekend :)

  129. Heather, that's true.

    Dani, never thought about what section - need to ponder that.

    Tina, sorry about those roses.

    Edi, I don't have one either.

  130. Congrats to Hart and kudos to RaShelle!

  131. Gardening, naked -- don't think so, we have to many biting, flying, nasty bugs here.

    But gardening -- OH YEAH!

    300,000 books! Totally Awesome!

    Thanks for your support, Ales, very appreciated!

  132. The neighbours would wonder if I'd lost my mind. :)

    Haven't visited many who did the reflections post yet, but I'll get there.

    Congrats to RaShelle. That's impressive.

  133. I tend to shy away from bloggers with large followings. I just have a hard time anyone can have a meaningful conversation if you're dealing with thousands. You've kind of proven me wrong there but I also think you're the exception there.

  134. Gardening, yes. Naked, not so much. But I do recall a few years ago, featuring a calendar (which may have been from this group) in my rose gardening newsletter I published. Need to find that issue and see, but the name sounds familiar. Gardeners are an eclectic group, kind of like us writers!

  135. Oh! I got busy chatting. The calendar featured naked gardeners. It was a hoot!

  136. Yolanda, I'm not getting naked around bugs.

    Rusty, thanks. I guess it's because I still act as if I only had a hundred followers.

    Candilynn, Hart would like that!

  137. No naked gardening for me. No garden, for one thing; and I really wouldn't feel comfortable using pruning shears...

  138. I clicked on the Naked Gardening link and started cracking up. No, I most likely won't be gardening naked (I live next door to my MIL), but I am ready for a trip to the hot springs!

    I don't leave comments on the big blogs anymore.

    Great post all the way around, Alex.

    Kathy M.

  139. Well, here's my comment on this post, Alexo. I gave you an award, buddy. Come check it out if you have the chance.

  140. I don't have any rhyme or reason to commenting. I say what I say even though it's quite uninteresting. :)

    I don't often comment on blogs who are ginormous.

  141. I would love the all over tan from gardening naked, but my flower beds have poison ivy, that I'm always battling. I don't even want to think of the worst case scenario.

    Yes, I think people are intimidated by blogs with huge followings. I know that I was when I first began blogging. You are wonderful about following back and commenting on everyones blogs, and really, I have no idea how you manage such a task. I followed some other blogs with a huge fan list, when I first started blogging, and I left quite a few unreciprocated comments. Bottom line, there are awesome bloggers out there who appreciate all of their followers and there are some who have gained such a large audience that they don't seem to care if they offend someone who takes the time to follow or comment.

  142. The trouble I find with blogs that have a large following is that by the time I go to comment, just about everything has already been said, which leaves me with two options, leave an odd-ball comment, or leave without commenting. And often when I opt out of commenting, I don't feel bad because there have already been a ton posted before me. Kinda like right now! I'm like what... number 150 something? (ok so my fault for not getting here sooner). (; But what I really enjoy is reading some of the comments on popular blogs, like here for example, Nancy LaRonda Johnson's comment above, had me ROTFL! :D And speaking of naked gardening...I'm not feeling it, but skinny dipping I've done a few times and that's fun. :D

    Congrats to Hart!

  143. Milo, no, I wouldn't either!

    Thanks, Kathy.

    Thanks, Suze!

    Teresa, I am definitely not that big.

    Melissa, I still care - and I remember when I had next to know followers, so I appreciate every single one now.

    Elise, you never leave an odd-ball comment! I appreciate it every time you visit.

  144. I love it when a blog shoots me an interesting question, because I never realized how chatty I can be until I started blogging!
    As for commenting on blogs with huge followings, I'm guilty as charged-- I often feel lost in the crowd. I don't keep score, but if a blogger really seems to show no interest in me or what I have to say, I'll probably stay silent.
    Fortunately, I feel very welcome here! :)
    The gardening naked thing sounds fun, but I think I'll wait until the temps heat up. Then, look out world! Sunscreen is probably a good idea in this endeavor. ;)

  145. Unfortunately, there a whole lotta' houses, plus a public park, with view of my garden, so there will be no nude gardening. I don't want to get arrested.

    Congratulations to RaShelle! Definitely want to know her secret!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  146. hmmmm, naked gardening....nope. the mosquitoes would eat me up! plus i'd get arrested. i imagine the world would be a much humbler place if we all gardened naked :))

    i'm going to tune in for Ms. Workman's post in june. sounds interesting!

  147. I definitely prefer to keep my clothes on when gardening, helps not get pricked by thorns, lol!
    300,000 copies sold! Unbelievable! Something good happening there!


  148. I don't do gardening, so doing it naked would just terrify the poor loving plant life to death faster than my normal feat of death!

    I'm looking forward to RaShelle's post with interest.

  149. I'm only ever naked in my dreams. And 30k?!! Again, in my dreams!

  150. I'm often surprised by the things people will focus on in a blog post. I've put up posts where people seemed to latch onto something I mentioned only in passing.

    300,000 books sold is a huge number!

  151. Oh so oh no will I be gardening naked. I hate yard work to begin with LOL.

    300,000 is wonderful for RaShelle, I'm really happy for her.

  152. I will not be gardening naked! In fact, I will not be gardening at all.

    To me, the thing that impacts how much I comment on other blogs is time. I think many folks just don't have enough time either. It seems like I'm always playing catch up with my commenting (like right now). I'm wish I had your drive and energy Alex! You amaze me... I also appreciate that you comment on just about everything I post.

  153. No naked garden work here either.

  154. The only thing that kinda gets in the way of commenting on popular blogs is having to scroll down through the hundreds of comments twice to add my own, or having to add my name and info EVERY time I comment on a blog I follow. Other than that popular blogs don't bother me. I would LOVE to garden naked, but living in the south with our vast variety of insects makes that more of challenge than I want to take on! I comment on whatever catches my fancy when I'm reading, so I guess that might be strange sometimes...

  155. I'd love to garden naked, but what about sunburn? haha!



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