Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ninja News, Secondhand Shoes, Movie Trivia Answers, She Said What Blogfest, and the Level Up! Blogfest

Today I am visiting the The Alliterative Allomorph! Jessica Bell is a super talented author and musician and somehow she talked me into a guest post that compares the two. (Yes, it’s garage-band man meets Joe Satriani.)

Ninja News

Literary Rambles is holding a 3000 followers giveaway with tons of books and a five page critique. They are also looking for young adult and middle grade writers and authors, so stop by.

Mark Koopmans won the “2013 Best Memoir” Award at the Southern California Writers' Conference last weekend. Way to go, Madman Mark!

Misha Gericke’s Paying it Forward Awards are now open for February nominations, and there are twice the prizes available!

Friday is the big reveal for CassaStorm’s cover! Thanks to all who signed up to help HERE. (I’ll be sending the cover and back cover synopsis Thursday.)
And just a sneak peek…

Run-Away-Bride Give-a-way

Secondhand Shoes by Shelly Arkon is available now!

Spread the News and Cheer on the Run-Away-Bride Give-a-way! The eBook is free through February 21. She’s also be giving away two fifteen dollar amazon cards and two autographed copies of Secondhand Shoes, but they must give Lila some helpful advice and promise to spread the news. I mean, it is her wedding day, after all.

Secondhand Shoes is now available on Amazon either in paperback or as an eBook. Paperback is $13.50. Ebook is $4.99. But from February 19 through the 21 the eBook is FREE to everyone.

Movie Trivia Answers

1 – Kurt Russell and James Spader, 1994 - Stargate
2 – Peter Weller and Nancy Allen, 1987 - Robocop
3 – Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt, 1995 - Twelve Monkeys
4 – Ron Pearlman and John Hurt, 2004 - Hellboy
5 – Lori Petty and Ice-T, 1995 - Tank Girl
6 – Keanu Reeves and George Carlin, 1989 - Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

She Said What Blogfest

Hosted by Elise Fallson and Michelle at Writer In Transit. Fill in the blank captions.

Michelle: I over-twisted the braids on my head. I'm pretty sure I'm hallucinating.

Elise: You think you got problems. I just barfed up a hairball.

Elise: Oh, for the love of....did you just get tangled in my hairball vomit?

Michelle: Yes, hoist me up before the champagne and LSD start running out my nose.

V-Boy: Pardon me ladies....but do you have any Grey Poupon?

Elise: On my honor...this is the last time I mix Orange Tango with massive amounts of psychotropic drugs.

Michelle: All buzz is starting to wear off.

Elise: Are these breasts or pockets?

Extinct Dino Dude: Kids, drugs are dangerous. Take my advice.....just say no.

Ladies: A message from Mothers Against Cheeky Children Doing Drugs.

Level Up! Blogfest

Hosted by Jamie at Mithril Wisdom and Allison at Geek Banter - name your favorite games.

1. Movie Trivia Games
If you need someone to fill out your movie trivia team, then I am your man. I've watched so many movies that it's either very impressive or really pathetic. I have a knack for remembering actors, directors, plots and titles. I love all sorts of movie trivia from board games to iPad apps. I give my wife fits because when I am dialed in, I can win a game without giving her a turn. However, this happens with less frequency because I've watched so many movies that my brain is turning to tapioca.

2. StarCraft
This is a no brainer (which is helpful for good ol' tapioca brain.) For my money, the greatest RTS game ever made (that's Real Time Strategy for you noobs.) Featuring three distinct races (Terran, Zerg and Protoss), a great tech tree, an engaging campaign, and a pop-culture sense of humor, StarCraft is a rare game that works on every level and has amazing replay ability. Even though the graphics are a bit dated, the game still rocks and deserves a spot on the Mount Rushmore of gaming.

3. Dungeons & Dragons
I know, this just screams nerd in the basement with a 20-sided die and a half-elf named HoHo the Magic Newt. Well, that nerd was me. This game helped me to harness my imagination, develop problem solving, and taught invaluable lessons on how to work as a team. (And the consequences if you don't.) It also played a role in my moral upbringing. The scenarios that we encountered offered so many moral and social dilemmas. It's been a long time since I played but I will always treasure the friendships and the camaraderie.

Whoa! Some awesome news today. Picking up Shelly’s Secondhand Shoes? Get any of the movie trivia right? Participating in Elise and Michelle’s blogfest? What are some of your favorite games? Think I watch too many movies…?

Don’t forget to visit Jessica Bell.

And Friday… prepare for a CassaStorm!


  1. Lol, you're good at all the games I suck at! Apart from StarCraft which I've never heard of!

  2. i was totally thinking the same thing with the boobs being pockets!! hahahaha...
    i gotta go sign up for a few dabbling things! thanks for the heads up...not down with the LSD dripping and all, alex, wow...psychadelic

  3. Can't wait to see the new cover!!! :)

  4. Ah man...! I got 2 of those move trivia questions right, but blogger wouldn't let me comment on Monday. I tried three times then gave up :-(

    Loved your She Said What captions!

  5. I just stopped over at Mark's blog to congratulate him...I guess he hasn't officially announced his award yet, so I offered a congratulations but didn't say what I was congratulating him for, just so that I don't "leak" anything...

  6. @Cynthia: LOL! And thanks, but no worries... I set my posts via Hawaii Standard Time, so I'm five hours behind Alex (although some would say I'm lightyears behind his Ninja-ness.)

    @Alex: Thanks, man:) And, SUPER Best Wishes for much success with CASSASTORM :)

  7. Congratulations to Mark. Looking forward to the cover reveal, Alex.

  8. Congrats to Mark.

    I knew people who played D&D, but I never played it myself.

    I'm looking forward to the cover reveal.

  9. I fondly remember Friday nights and playing that new game called Dungeon and Dragons. With plenty of pizza and pop flowing, it was a great way to spend quality time with a group of like minded friends.

    I miss those days!

    Looking forward to the cover reveal, as well :)

  10. I can't wait for Friday and CassaStorm!

  11. Hey, I got all of yesterday's movie questions correct. I win the internet!

  12. Starcraft is my fave game of all time !! Fond memories when my entire family used to play LAN-style ... shouting at each other from various corners of the house (back in those pre wi-fi days). We did Warcraft parties too, but nothing beats Starcraft, or to be more specific, nothing beats Starcraft Protoss

  13. Downloading Secondhand Shoes in Spain!

  14. Looking forward to checking out the new cover! Hope the reveals go well :)

  15. I guess I'm working to fast because I totally messed up my panels. *sigh* Hopefully they aren't too mad at me. Your panels were such a trip.

  16. Congrats to Mark and Shelly! How exciting for both of them! I also officially signed up to help out with the cover reveal on Friday. Exciting for you too! What a fun week! ;)

  17. "Are those breasts or pockets?"
    Hahaha! I love your She Said What!"

  18. Alex, I love the comic captions... they are totally crazy but contain a good message...
    Thank you for taking part in the bloghop!

    Yay for Shelly! I already have a signed copy of Secondhand Shoes.

  19. Congrats Mark!
    Excited about the cover reveal Alex, and I loved your take on Michelle and Elise's cartoon panel. A drug message in there has got to be worth extra bonus points!

  20. *sigh* I didn't see the list. So I guess not. :(

    I've had so many computer problems that I guess I missed the list.

    You could never watch too many movies Alex.

    Congrads Mark!

    Captain, loved your She Said What Blogfest. Speaking out against drugs is super bodaciously cool.


    I'll be excited to see the cover reveal. :-)

  21. CONGRATULATIONS MARK! That's awesome! And LOL at the captions, Alex, that's some crazy stuff right there!

    "Are these breasts or pockets?" xD
    Best quote so far, or should I say 'breast' quote? :P

    Can't wait to see your cover Alex and thanks for participating in our blogfest. (:

  22. I'm no good at movie trivia, but I always enjoy reading the answers. :)

    Looking forward to your cover on Friday! Enjoyed the sneak peek.

  23. Can't wait for your cover reveal. And thanks for shouting out about our giveaway.

  24. Kyra, it's the most popular game ever in Korea!

    Tammy, they do look like boobs...

    Annalisa, I'm sorry.

    Mark, you are welcome!

    Moody, it's all yours.

    Carissa, that's right!

    Ciara, that's all right.

    Thanks, Kimberly.

    Rachel, well, I wasn't sure...

    Michelle, thanks for hosting and congratulations on two years.

    Robyn, you can still sign up.

    Elise, glad you liked it! Congratulations on one year.

    Natalie, you're welcome!

  25. There are still heaps of classic movies I've never seen. I do need to expand my education! Same goes for books, though I've made good progress with the classic reads in recent years.

    I have never played D&D but it sounds like it's quite the game! I have done roleplaying but only the written kind. But it sure did have a huge impact on my life.

    Going to check out Jessica's blog for sure!

  26. You brought tears to my eyes with your tapioca brain. I'm still chuckling. Man, if you have to ask, then the answer is yes, you've watched too many movies. :)

  27. Congrats to all who have accomplished great things this week.

    Funny dialogue for the blogfest, Alex!

  28. I didn't even try the trivia, although I've actually seen a number of those movies. My husband is good with lines from movies - he'll say a line, then ask "Where's that from?" I just stare blankly back at him until he tells me. :)

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Such a pleasure to have you today!

  31. Not really a game person so didn't play any of those.

    Wonderful the prominence you give to new publications. I will get my free book in a minute.

    Looking forward to Cassa Storm Cover Reveal.


  32. Is it too late to change my answer about whether or not we have too many blogfests. Smiles.

    My favorite games are Monopoly and Ants in the Pants (I'm only half-kidding).

    Getting ready for the storm - in more ways than one. Northern Cal is getting hit. We're all ready for the CS cover reveal, Alex.


  33. Al, glad I could make you smile this morning!

    Miranda, it was difficult!

    Thank you, Jessica!

    Robyn, it was overload today. And you should do a post about Ants in the Pants.

  34. I would sign up for your reveal, but I think you'll have it covered based on your last one. :)) I am certain you'll be everywhere.

    I do have Secondhand Shoes. And you can't watch too many movies.

  35. Breasts or pockets. Ha!

    Wow, did not see Extinct Dino Dude giving a drug talk coming. :P

  36. Lots of wonderful news on writers.

    I'm good at Monopoly BUT I really like Scrabble.

    We're in for an ice storm tonight which may mean our power goes off. So Thursday may be too late to get and have posted Friday, your cover reveal info, for me. Just so you know if that happens, I'm not ignoring your debut.


  37. D&D is so awesome. I played in high school, but also as an adult. My friends play with their kids, and their teenager is now DM-ing. So cool. I'm excited for the cover reveal. Congrats to the Madman, too. Awesome.

  38. Alex, I loved what you did with Michelle and Elise's cartoon. OMG! TFF!

    Thank you for spreading the news about my giveaway and all.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  39. HAHAHA!!! I am loving this blogfest. That's hilarious. I think those may serve a dual purpose and be BOTH breasts and pockets.

  40. the storm is coming... feel it in the air. trivia: nailed it, i am such the geek. i remember the last weekend of the summer... before senior year, d and d final game... friday to sunday night... lots of jolt cola. yeah, we didn't have girlfriends... now the song to stand by me... should be ringing in your head. we didn't win an oscar, but i am sure we killed one in the last hoo-rah!


  41. I'm having flashbacks just reading your captions. Nicely done!

    And can you believe I have yet to play a video game other than Angry Birds. No other reaspn than not enough time.

  42. "... do you have any Grey Poupon?" *snorts* That's so funny!

    And you're such a tease with your cover art. ;)

  43. HoHo the Magic Newt? *shaking head while rolling on the floor*
    Way to go, Mark!
    Love your hallucinogenic captions. ;)

  44. Oh, did you see the newest Starcraft trailer? So good! Can't wait for it!

  45. I used to love playing D&D. My brothers and I would stay up until the wee hours adventuring and I even stole a D&D creature for one of my early tales: the Yeth Hounds. Ah, those were the days :)

  46. Are these breasts or pockets? LOL. Love what you did with the comic strip!

  47. That was just weird...
    And how did it get to be almost Friday already?
    >Gets back to reading!<

  48. This is a post of epic proportions! So much awesomeness! Congrats to Mark and Shelly!

    Timing is off and I didn't get to sign up, but I'd love to share your cover and blurb on my Marsh 4th post. It will be easy to find by then, I'm sure. :)

  49. Those captions were He-larious, and a message too.

    Not a gamer so you lost me there and I missed this particular trivia contest.

    'Second Hand Shoes' looks 'very interesting'. Add another year onto to the TBR list.

  50. I remember loving StarCraft, though I was terrible at it, caving to using cheat codes to further the story... probably not learning as much morality and teamwork as you did in the end.

  51. That's so cool about Mark! Not surprising, though. I can't wait until his book is published!

    Grey Poupon. Bwahahahaha xD

  52. I love movies too. I grew up with a movie-loving family and wish I had more time to watch them now. It's my favorite date night: a large diet coke and buttery popcorn at the theater...the best!

  53. I hadn't heard Mark's news, that's so exciting!

  54. I loved D&D, too, and it's always made me mad that the official books were so bad that D&D was turned into a bad joke. That's what made me write my first novel--I wanted to write a book based on D&D (though not in the official D&D universe) that took it seriously.

  55. Looking forward to that cover reveal. And you are the movie master.

  56. I wish I would be in town to participate in your cover reveal. Can't wait to see it if I can get WiFi where I'm at.

    The family's been big StarCraft fans from the beginning. I can't wait for the next installment to come out. But poor Raynor. Kerrigan's . . . not quite right yet. lol

  57. Wow!! You have a lot of games that you like! Me too, I am a member of Club Pogo...always fun there. Enjoyed reading about your favorites, haven't played any of those however...but they are interesting! Sandy


  58. Please don't hate me (I will probably loose a lot of followers over this) but if I am going to be honest, I have to tell you I'm not a huge fan of video games. I try to limit the time my kids and The Husband spend playing them...which landed me the nickname of "The Fun Police" I'm sorry but I don't want my kids to turn into what I like to call "Vidiots" where all they care about is sitting on the sofa in front of the tv playing video games and never wanting to read a book or just go play outside, which I think it vital for kid's health.

  59. I'm with you on the movie trivia games. I love them.

  60. Whoa, I actually got 4 correct! I love movies, too, and I watch a lot, but not across genres & I haven't a good memory for those sorts of things. Thanks for letting us know about Mark's memoir. I need to congratulate him personally. Off to Jessica's!

  61. LOL @your comic! Grey Puopon!

    I just downloaded Shelly's book and signed up for your cover reveal. Hope I wasn't too late.

  62. Too funny:)

    I'm on my way to checking out Shelly's book. Looks great! :) Congrats to her. And I'm looking forward to your cover reveal- how exciting:)

  63. I thoroughly enjoyed your panels. My favorite is your community announcement via an extinct Dino Dude! Great post! :D

  64. Congratulations to Mark!

    No wonder I couldn't guess any of Monday's trivia, I've only seen two of the movies.

  65. Where is your Movie Quote for Movie Quote Wednesday?????

  66. I LOVE the sneak peak of CassaStorm's cover. Can't wait to see it on Friday.

  67. Your cartoon captions were hysterical, and you even had a message! Congrats to Shelly! it's amazing how you fit this all into one action packed post!


  68. So many books, so little time. Great list of new ones though, and I'm going to add them all. I'm thrilled I got all but #5 correct without cheating and looking them up on the internet. Not that I'm against cheating, per se.

  69. Of course you'd put D & D there. I've honestly been wanting to play that game since I first saw it on TV. But alas, growing up middle class in the Phils. meant I didn't have access to fabulous games like that with my allowance. :S

  70. Dude, i'm super excited to see the CassaStorm cover!!

  71. That's funny :) And can't wait till the cover!

  72. Congrats to Mark! Awesome news, man!

  73. They're definitely pockets!! LOL! :)

  74. Lol, those captions were great! And my brothers used to play Dungeons and Dragons!

  75. Tonja, I think I'm good - no worries.

    LG, I was trying to come up with something different.

    Teresa, I'll get it to you early.

    Shelly, you're welcome!

    Jeremy, that would require a lot of Jolt Cola!

    Laura, glad I could make you smile.

    Juliana, yes!

    David, you can still sign up.

    Ted, the Forgotten Realms weren't too bad.

    Jaybird, then we grow up to stare at the Internet instead!

    Melissa, you're not!

    Robin - you're right!! There was so much stuff, I missed it.

    Nutschell, I'll send you some of my dice.

  76. HI, Alex,

    LOVED the "Grey Poupon" bit....

    Congrats on the cover reveal. Can't wait to create something original for yours....

    Congrats to Natalie and Casey!


  77. Funny Elise and Michelle’s blogfest.

  78. Can never watch too many movies, unless you get down to the D leagues, then you're pushing it.

  79. Alex, I am laughing SO HARD with your dialogue... the pocket thing is KILLING me... Haha!

    And YaaaaaaY for the Madman. So proud of him!

    And Alex, so very stoked for your cover reveal. Proud of everything you're doing. :D

  80. Looking forward to the big reveal!

  81. Thanks for taking part in the blogfest, Alex! I've been trying to start an RPG like D&D for ages, but none of my friends want to take the plunge (never go full geek, as they say). It's a shame, since it looks like lots of fun.

    Jamie @ Mithril Wisdom

  82. I love movie trivia games. Have you ever played Scene It? Whenever we play that game in our house, it's always me against everyone else.

  83. Great captioning job, Alex. I kind of miss D&D. No one to play with around here.

  84. Michael, I look forward to your reveal!

    Morgan, thank you!

    Jamie, you have to find a way to play.

    MJ, yes I have. Good at that one as well.

  85. HoHo the Magic Newt, eh? Wow. I've played my share of D&D too. I had a very popular half-orc barbarian who thought she was incredibly beautiful. She went to spas and tried to seduce men on spy missions. Poor deluded Grennack. Love your She Said What captions!

  86. Blimey - there's so much going on in the blogosphere I'm getting dizzy!
    Looking forward to Friday :)
    Laura x

  87. Wow, you put so much work into your blogs! Kudos to you!

  88. The captions were silly.

    I have a guest this Friday but I'll still help reveal your cover.

  89. I like trivia although I seem to get worse at it as the trivia because more modern pop culture.

    Please visit my memoir blog:
    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  90. Your entry was awesome! So many great lines to pick from, but I think the best was "Are these breasts or pockets"? :D

  91. OMG, Elise and Michelle are hilarious!

    Ready for your cover reveal!

    Congrats to everyone who has new releases! And congrats to Mark - you're the man!

    Did I forget anyone?

  92. Lots of news!

    My husband is another one that's great on actors and one liners. He's also good to have for sports in trivia pursuit. lol!


  93. Loved your captions. I wondered that about the pockets, too. :)

    My husband is the gamer in our household.

  94. heheh. You calling those who don't know what RTS is noobs made me laugh... how very un-Alex of you :P StarCraft is so awesome. I know it is, even though I have never played it. I should play it. Thanks for joining in the festivities!

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  95. So proud of Mark...I knew him when he was just a baldy with a dream.

    (I'm a nerd too. Missed the game so much, I made my boys play it...but we play in the dining room, not the basement!)

  96. I find useful the mix between a serious topic and hilarious pics and dialogue to increase awareness, teens can relate to that.

    I'll definitely be back for the cover reveal on Friday.

    Favorite games... board games and cards but I don't play fair, if i can I'll cheat ;) I like games but I'd take a good movie or book over a game anytime!
    that's why I didn't enter this bloghop.

  97. Great captions! I was wondering the same thing about the illustration--are those supposed to be shirt pockets or what?

    StarCraft sounds really cool. I've never heard of it before.

  98. I am a noob but my son loves Starcraft. Lots of news to share today. I could spent my entire evevning hopping around. Waiting for Friday...

  99. Christine, nothing like a deluded character!

    Nick, that does seem to be the favorite!

    Sia, current sports I can handle, really old sports, not so much.

    Allison, I don't want to be too predictable.

    Elizabeth, I would've never guessed!

  100. Enjoyed the captions on the cartoon, Alex, and did drop by Jessica's place.

  101. Congrats, Mark!!! You rock!

    Oooh, can't wait for the cover reveal, Alex.

    Your she said "...did you get tangled in my hairball vomit?" had me rolling and gagging at the same time. Disgusting imagery!

    I am new to the gamer world. I didn't grow up around gamers and though I was interested, never had the opportunity to play. I've recently been introduced to GW2, which I love and though my friend also tried enticing me toward D&D, it just doesn't look like that much fun to me.

    Great post, as always Alex!

  102. Good grief, either I have a slow computer, or this all singing, all dancing site, takes an eternity to load up. Finally....

    Yes, you know me and my cynical slant on blogfests. However, that one by Elise and Michelle is darned clever and good fun. Oops, did I really type that?

    Info overload for my frazzled brain. I shall blame it on my recuperation and typing at ridiculous times in the morning.

    Here's to Shelly. Here's to you uncovering yourself, I mean, your book cover. Right, I'm outta' here....

  103. Funny interpretation! You're good at that!

    I did get one of the movies right! Yeah for me.

    So awesome for Mark, and got my copy of Secondhand Shoes!

    Great post!

  104. Lookin' forward to the new cover!

  105. Congrats to Mark! Can't wait to see the new cover and your captions are hilarious!

  106. Your posts are always so entertaining!

    The Literary Rambles contest is awesome.

    Can you watch too many movies? If you watch too many movies, I watch too much bad reality TV.

  107. Orange Tango does that to me every time and I've raised two children and they're both cheeky buggers!

  108. I do want to help but I'm wandering between counties right now. It's a long story and has to do with a hospital but I would love to help at least twitter your cover.

  109. Best of luck to Shelly. Am really curious about your cover reveal Friday!

  110. D&D continued to forge my already frightening imagination. I don't know what I would have done without it. And although I don't keep too many lifelong friends, my D&D friends ... still got 'em.

    Love your captions for the cartoon. Just say no!

    Friday will be so exciting!!!!


  111. Nice games. The words you picked for those panels were insane! Loved it!

  112. I still have my 20-sided die (among numerous others) from my old AD&D days, and then I got into Rifts for a year or so. Can't wait to see the cover!

  113. Thanks for the CassaStorm teaser! I can't wait to see it all...

  114. I'm looking forward to being one of the first to see your new cover, Alex.

  115. Now that's a different, but positive take on the cartoon panels. I agree, just say no!

    Thanks for the updates!

  116. Sabrina, once you get into character and start playing, D&D is a lot of fun. You'd be surprised.

    Gary, you did just say that!!

    Theresa, we're admitting nothing then.

    Desert, thanks and I'm sorry!! Hope everything is all right.

    Michael, I have a huge bag of dice still.

  117. If it weren't for your blog posts, I would be completely out of the blogging loop. Thanks for your recaps -- keep 'em coming!

  118. You lost me at gray poupon - almost spit my coffee at the screen!

    I might take you up on the movie trivia - love to watch them...remembering random details on demand, not gonna happen from where I'm sitting!

  119. I enjoyed your captions. Also I used to teach a computer class and the kids always wanted to play I know what it is.

    I don't play games so much anymore. Too busy with kids and all this writer business.

  120. Love Elise and Michelle's cartoon! :-) Big weekend is here ... I'm still pulling for Django. I'm eMailing you about the cover reveal btw.

  121. Life keeps getting in the way of my fun. Sad to have missed the movie trivia questions.

    I never got into StarCraft, but digging your other choices there.

    Loving the animated header image. Is that new? I hope so, otherwise I'm just way out of sorts lately.

  122. Can't wait to see that CassaStorm cover. That title is really sharp. I'm going to guess that it was not made in MSPaint.

    Oh, and I loved D&D, for all of the reasons you listed. Also, because I got to blast things with magic. But those other things like team building and imagination were kinda important, too.

  123. Yes, we are ready to read foulbrood has been written about CassaStorm cover.

  124. I'll definitely check out the Literary Rambles giveaway! 3000 is a great accomplishment :)

  125. I am super eager to see the new cover. CassaStorm will surely rustle up a storm in the literary world. You are one of the most hardworking and dedicated blog buddies of mine. Hugs.

  126. My internet connection is being wonky - but I'll try again . . .CassaStorm sneak peek is cool! Tank Girl - wished I had remembered that one, and you aren't a role-playing nerd until you can say you've played out of 17 different systems . . .although actually that was a friend of mine. I only played in four different systems, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - I was "Super Chicken!"
    Hope you are having an awesome week Alex!

  127. It's truly amazing the way you can keep track of all this! Especially special congrats to Mark!

    I got your cover reveal info. - another good-looking book, Mr. AJC!

  128. I loved the classic Nintendo games from the Eighties and early Nineties, and some of the classic board games. I still remember how my late uncle often cheated at Candy Land, since he couldn't bear the thought of losing to a kid.

  129. Definitely pockets. LOL! This was the funniest one I've read.

    Heading to Jessica's now.

  130. It is unfortunate but I didn't grow up with anyone who played Dungeons and Dragons and I definitely feel like I've missed out. I need to try to get together with some folks around here and give it a try. Its never too late.

    I played a little bit of Starcraft when it first came out and wasn't very good at RTS games at the time (not sure how much better I am now) and so didn't progress through the game enough to get hooked. Loved the idea of it and it is another I should get back to now that I have more gaming under my belt.

  131. Can't wait to see your new book cover:)

  132. You watch too many movies! I'm glad you do because I don't watch that many and sometimes you help me decide.

  133. HoHo the Magic Newt... ::snorts with laughter:: oh my! Yes, D & D did present some good moral lessons as well as developing problem solving skills. Love that game. That is where Kayta was first 'born'. :D

  134. Nicole, that's my job!

    MJ, no - not the computer!

    EJ, thanks for helping out!

    Joshua, it's been there about a month...

    Bryan and Brandon, safe to say it was created in something much more powerful. Wait until you see it!

    Carolina, it blows my mind!

    Rachna, I try.

    Tyrean, not that many for me.

    Thanks, Nicki!

    Carrie-Anne, that's terrible.

    Carl, you should find some gamers. Never too late to start. And give Starcraft another try.

    Hildie, I'll keep watching then.

    Mel, see? The game really helped you then!

  135. Okay that was truly funny! But how dare you give these two darling ladies such a bad name! Shame on you. LOL I do love the name of the group though, so maybe they'll forgive you....maybe. :)

  136. You are funny Alex...can't wait to read secondhand shoes...awesome

  137. I'll check out Shelly's book -- congrats to her! As for the games, I want to play a few but never get around to them with friends. One day maybe...

  138. Now that I know the answers on your movie trivia, I'm like, doh! I should've got that! Ain't that always the way?

  139. Great Cartoon, liked your captions.


  140. Nancy, but I was funny!

    Lynda, that's what drives my wife nuts - she can see it, just doesn't know it.

  141. Congratulations to Literary Rambles, Mark, and Shelly! :) I can't wait to help reveal CassaStorm tomorrow, Alex!

  142. Your posts are always jam packed with good stuff! Can't wait for CassaStorm :)

  143. Since I am reading this a day late I am actually commenting on the future like Back to the Future...or something.

    Anyway, got the CassaStorm cover and it is so cool! My post is ready to go out at the earliest possible time.

    You are the master of all things trival (in a good way). Never did play Dungeons...I was always the guy doing those "other" things.

  144. My brother is good at the same games as you are! He was (and is) a big fan of D and D.

    I got the 6th movie trivia right. :)

    Thanks for all the great info about happenings in the book and blog world.


  145. I am the worst at movie trivia. Jealous! Wish it was my forte!

  146. I think I could probably give you a run at movie trivia, so if we ever do play, I'll be on your wife's team. ;)

    Great news around the blogosphere and some awesome linkage I have to check out. Sorry I am so very late. I'm just in time for the next post.

  147. I have to catch up on my blog reading a whole lot earlier in the week. Sorry I missed your book launch,but it appears I am the only blogger out there who did. As for your captions, I was giggling, and nearly spit my coffee on the screen at the randomness and humor of "Are these breasts or pockets? " Thanks


  148. *sigh...I'm comment #151*

    I've somehow missed M Pax's announcement until now. I will make a note to promote Boomtown Craze. i can't wait to read it. Of course, Tyrean's book is also on my TBR list. Nick sounds like a real champion.


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