Monday, December 10, 2012

Who Am I?

Before I began this journey, I’m not sure how I would’ve answered that question.

I certainly wouldn’t have said author. I enjoyed writing but just couldn’t imagine a book with my name on it. I really couldn’t imagine putting myself out there for all the world to see. I’ve joked that I wanted to be a rock star, but I never would’ve made it. Hard to be a rock star when you’re hiding behind the drummer. (Even now, when our band practices or plays, I’m back beside the drum set.) The spotlight just makes me uncomfortable.

Because bottom line, I’m still just a head-banging movie geek who digs gadgets, science fiction, fantasy, and spending quiet evenings at home with his wife.

However, to say my life has been blessed since joining this online community is an understatement.

I didn’t agree to this blogfest for me. It’s really not about me. It’s about this blogging community. Yes, the posts will be silly things about me, but at the heart of today is the spirit of this community. People here are so giving and supportive. The blogging community is a force and stronger than most realize. Watching it come together for any reason is an amazing sight.

It’s one of the reasons I am so moved by the members of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. It’s like tossing a pebble into a pond and watching the rings ripple wider. After that first ring appears, it’s not the pebble that matters. It’s the rings. They are the force. They are all of you.

Where I am at now in life is important for one reason only – I’m in a better position to serve all of you. Yes, that line from Spiderman is corny – “With much power comes much responsibility” – but I take it to heart. I’m not here for me. I am here for you. I want to share your joys and triumphs with the world. I want you to accomplish your goals and realize your dreams. The glory goes to all of you.

I fail more often than I succeed, but my ultimate goal is to do everything for the glory of God. He is my peace and my strength. And if I am here because of Him, then I need to fulfill my purpose. “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others…” 1 Peter 4:10

I’m not perfect. I’ve made plenty of mistakes. I’ve lost friends and gained enemies. I’m sorry if I’ve let anyone down or given reason to doubt. I’m just trying my damned hardest to do the best I can. I’m just one person, no one special, trying to give back.

Funny, I wrote this two and a half years ago for the very first A to Z Challenge, and it’s still true:

Just Alex

Continuing the A-Z Challenge from Arlee at Tossing it Out - today is J.

I follow some great writers on Blogger who offer both advice and support. I read posts by reviewers who offer deep, eloquent assessments of books. I watch established authors participate in events, win awards, and offer incredible words of wisdom. I absorb all marketing tips offered online and elsewhere in preparation for my own book release.

And in doing so, I foresee only one problem.

I'm just Alex.

There are so many incredible science fiction authors with experience, expertise, and solid platforms, and I realize now how short I fall of that mark. I can't show you a pile of awards. I don't write for a magazine or newsletter. My resume lacks a bit when it comes to writing. I do have several things going for me, but for the most part, I'm just Alex.

Does anyone else harbor such feelings of inadequacy? Does anyone else look at authors who've spent years writing for magazines, winning awards for their short stories, and producing critically-acclaimed books, and think to yourself "I'm in way over my head"?

Who am I?






Follower of Christ

And ultimately, I’m just Alex…

And I always will be…

If you’re looking for a list of participants in the Cheers Cavanaugh Blogfest, visit Mark, Morgan, Stephen, and David. It’s open through December 12 and prizes include an autographed book, a sample of my guitar playing, and a picture of me.

Thanks to all my friends who have come out to support me, but mostly to support this awesome community. You are the heart of this blogfest.


  1. Great post. I love that verse. It goes with Micah 6:8, saying God has already shown us what we should do, act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with Him. Thanks for being you.

  2. Alex you are AMAZING. I know I am just one of many who can credit the massive amount of bloggers I know to you. People found me through you, and I found others through you and the brilliance of IWSG.

    You are indeed our Ninja King, and we all love you!

  3. I'm honored to call you my friend, "just Alex".

    I mean, don't get me wrong. I am going to thoroughly delight in teasing you today, but it's all in good fun. You're a great sport, and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

    You're right. We have an amazing blogging community! :)

  4. Alex we have known each other through the early A to Z blogging and I regard you as one of my greatest blogging friends. You have been a great support to me on numourous occasions and it is greatly appreciated. I was so proud you wrote a piece on the blurb of my "Written From The Heart". Thanks Alex I know you are there should I need you.


  5. Hey,

    The good Lord obviously knew what He was doing when He led you to your first post.

    It's been a pleasure arranging AlexFest and I want to say thanks to the 130 folks who signed up.

    (And you were worried nobody would sign up:)

    I hope you enjoy the day and thanks for being Just Alex.

  6. Alex, you are an amazing person... thanks for sharing this sincere and heartfelt post. Thank you for being my friend.
    Stay the way you are!
    God bless you!

  7. You're vey inspiring. And humble!

  8. You're one of a kind, my friend. Rock on!

  9. Nice to see you getting some recognition. Good work, Captain.

    Moody Writing

  10. Thanks for all that you do Alex! You really are the glue that holds the blogging community together, and it was tough covering all of your great qualities in just a few words. Julie

  11. Alex, you're too modest. And I don't mean that in a bad way, of course. To me, you're more than "just Alex". You're a talented writer and blogger with great social skills, but above all, you're an amazing "virtual" friend.

    @Julie, I couldn't have said it better. Alex is the "glue that holds the blogging community together", and the blogosphere wouldn't be the same without him, that's for sure.

    We love you, Alex!:)

  12. I can buy your writing anywhere. I want a sample of your guitar playing. This has been my wish since the first time I "met" you on the blogs.


  13. Thank you, Jenna. I shall remember Micah 6:8.

    Kyra, that you've made many new friends is the best thing you could tell me.

    Carrie, the community rocks.

    Yvonne, you are one of my dearest friends, I was honored to write that blurb!

    Mark, He always knows what he's doing.

    Michelle, thank you my friend.

    Thanks Ash.

    Rock on, Jeffrey!

    Thanks, Moody.

    Julie, thanks, but that fits for the man of few words.

  14. Watching your 'journey', Alex, has been a real treat. In my mind you've never tripped up. I've learned a great deal from you and I feel honoured to know you.

  15. What a great post Alex. Thanks for just being you! You certainly have touched a lot of people out here in the blogging world and as you can see, they appreciate it. :-)

  16. What a great post. I'm looking forward to posting for this blogfest and hopping around to read these entries. This is a very cool way to honor a wonderful, supportive person. You're right - this is a wonderful community. Hopefully they go easy on you today - ha!

  17. George, thank you! And missed you recently. Need my movie review fix.

    Donna, when you hear it, you may change your mind.

    Lynda, thanks! You've been there as a good friend for so long.

    Carolyn, thank you.

    Kimberly, so far it's been very amusing!

    Faraway, yes!

  18. Alex,
    I'm a new friend via the IWSG. What a blessing -- a masterful creation! You deserve all the kudos and more today, thank you for adding this response -- it makes us appreciate you all the more!

  19. Yes, you are glue, but glue that we really appreciate.

  20. You're awesome Alex. Thanks for all you do for the writing community.

  21. You show others what blogging as an writer is all about. A lot of folks (like me) begin blogging and aren't quite sure why we are doing it. Thanks, Alex.

  22. "Just Alex" is so poignant and so is this post, Alex. To me, Just Alex is just enough and so much more. Blessings to you on this day - you so deserve it!

  23. So humble.
    So giving.

    But...we wouldn't all be here if not for you.

    Sure, we might follow other blogs and be a part of other communities but nothing like what you've created for us here.

    It's safe.
    It's welcoming.
    It's a port in the storm.


    Thank you.

  24. This world would not be the same without you and your genuine, generous spirit. I've said it before, I don't know why we crossed paths (I imagine He was looking out for this smart mouthed newbie blogger), but I am so grateful that we did. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, me and my Imaginarium would not be the same.

  25. Aw, I got all misty eyed. I love that you give the glory to God and it's such an AWESOME example of what He does for us when we do.
    The fact you support so many of us without falter is why you are so loved. We all know you're not in it for you, but because that it's because you're supportive by nature, and that, my friend, is what everyone needs but can't always ask for. You see that, and give without asking back, or having to be asked. Rock on, brother. :)

    Hope you enjoy today and get some smiles and chuckles! Thanks for being genuine! And for bringing so many of us together.

  26. Posts like this are the reasons we like and respect you so. I hope you have some fun today. I hold up my glass (or bowl of Fruit Loops as I have right now!) and say Cheers, Alex! And Cheers to this amazing blogging community!

  27. Great posts, Alex - both this one and the "Just Alex" one.

    And you're not alone - I feel "way over my head" a lot of the time. :) But I think that comes with striving and growing and challenging ourselves to do and be better.

  28. Oh where has my comment gone?

    "I fail more often than I succeed, but my ultimate goal is to do everything for the glory of God. He is my peace and my strength. And if I am here because of Him, then I need to fulfill my purpose. “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others…” 1 Peter 4:10"

    These lines are what reverberate in your post!

    It was in written in the stars Alex that though how much you hate the spotlight, but you are there because God has made it so.

    You yourself is a message to a great number of people and you inspire them like me more than you know...

    Use your gift to encourage others, and stay rooted as you have always been.

    You are a gem. Thanks for knowing a wonderful person like you though you are just a virtual supporter to me.

    Keep on, keep writing and I wish someday that I will realize that dream of being "a published author" soon!

    Cheers Alex and Congratulations!


    Surfing other stuff and found the above I thought you'd like.

    Yes, Alex, I believe you when you say you're just you. But my compliments to your parents and your family. They have every reason to be proud of how you are you. The world needs more people like you.

  30. Alex, my friend. You have made it, because you understand Who really is the ONE. The Messiah. I loved reading this post. You do show Christ's love in all the support you give to all your writer peeps. You are one in a mil and I am very glad and honored to know you.

    I do have feelings of inadequacy. Most of us do. I do NOT like being in the spotlight either. I probably never will.

    And to me this blogfest was all about one thing. Thanking you for all you do. :-)

  31. We are all very lucky to have "just Alex"! Thanks for bringing us all together and being so darned awesome!!

  32. “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others…” 1 Peter 4:10

    One of my favorite verses...

    Love your humble spirit, Alex. Cheers to you. :)

  33. Hopefully you are having some fun being in the spotlight today, there is no drummer for you to hide behind! One thing is for sure, this is the most fun I have ever had on a blogfest. A large part of my day is going to spent smiling and thinking about you.

  34. Aw, both of these posts are excellent and so is this blogfest! In the couple years I've known you as a blogger, you've managed to create such a fantastic space and resource for the writers in our community. I almost feel like your blog is a little like a community newspaper/magazine/tackboard where you make it so much easier to keep in touch with eachother and what's going on around the blogosphere. Bravo alex!

  35. I'm honored to know you, Alex. You give so much back and lead by humble example.

    Having said that, I'm going to thoroughly enjoy the Alex Roast! :)

  36. Alex, this is probably one of my favorite posts of yours. It's great know who the writer is and what motivates you. Thanks for sharing a little about yourself today and thanks for all you give back.

    Keep jammin' and please, keep writing.

  37. Capn Ninja!! You not only ROCK you ROCK with utter and supreme Ninja-ness!!!! Oh yes!!!

    Take care

  38. Your modesty is a true reflection of who and what you are: "Just Alex trying to give back." At no point do you make it about you, always others and that's a rare trait. Please keep it because in this world, someone like you is a reminder there is still humility in the world.

    I have my post up and wanted to stop by for my final piece:

    For Bonus Points:
    In +/- 40 words, leave a comment for Mrs. Cavanaugh - thanking her for sharing.

    I don't have the words Mrs. Cavanaugh, just a sentiment in my heart that YOU come first in Alex's thoughts and the steps he takes to be respective of the role you wish to play. So, Thanks for being the supporting person, wife, friend and EVERYTHING that you are.

    Blessings to you both.

  39. It's amazing and encouraging to see how many ripples a 'just ...' can cause, if they simply go ahead and jump in.
    Your plunge was definitely a blessing! Thanks :)

  40. The ripples are still spreading Alex.

  41. It's awesome to see someone achieve this level of success and continue to be humble and give back. You're amazing Alex and I wish you continued success. (:

  42. You keep everyone in the blogging community grounded, Alex. To me, you are that rock, right in the middle of all the ripples. Cheers to you!

  43. You are one in a million Alex. True class, through and through. And a great example to us all.

  44. Here's a much-deserved congratulations on all you have accomplished!

  45. It's your special day!!!! So happy and thrilled for you, Alex! You are one of the very brightest of stars in the blogger galaxy and I do hope this day (and all the ones to come, for that matter) are filled with love and light.
    Happy times, my friend!

  46. choked up! such sweet sincerity!
    humble ninja rock star author & great guy!

  47. You deserve all of the pokes and prods you're going to be getting today! You're doing great things in our little blogosphere, Alex. I can't tell you how many cool people I've met because of the IWSG. Keep doing what you're doing, sir!

  48. You are someone special because of the things you do to support everyone. Not all in your position would have done so. I know my writing/blogging expirience would have been totally different without the IWSG. Pretty much all of the amazing people I've met, I met through that. I found a wonderful community through you. And you are an inspiration to all of us. You've shown me how supportive writers can be. :)

  49. Alex, great post. I wrote a similar post the will appear 1/1/13 on my Tuesday Tumbling Terms with the word "independence" yesterday. Great mind do think alike.

  50. Mmm, the smell of roasted ninja is in the air today. Sit back and enjoy it. You and your blog are like the water cooler for the blogosphere, a place where every one gathers for information and a laugh.

  51. Bravo, Alex! Genuine and heartfelt. Well said.

  52. I am a believer of "There is no secret ingredient. To make something special you just have to believe it IS special." If hundreds of souls think you're special, then you are. It wouldn't hurt you to believe them. ;)

  53. Alex, this post was so touching. Thank you for sharing your gift with us!

  54. This is such a touching post, Alex. I'm so glad to have met you through this amazing community.

  55. Congratulations Alex! You've come so far in such a relatively short time you deserve all the blessings you get.

    And I think you look like my brother. Just because you remind me of him in so many ways.

  56. This is such a wonderful post, and I'm so glad to have "met" you on here, Alex! You are truly an amazing man.

  57. a few words that wrap up your being you... "Hail to the King, Baby!"

  58. Awesome, Alex! I love it that, even when it IS about you, you turn it around and make it about others too. That's why you're the Captain ;)

  59. Yolanda, and glad you are part of the IWSG.

    Heather, I want this to be a safe place.

    Melissa, we were meant to meet.

    Pk, didn't want to make anyone cry! Yes, the glory is to God. I'm just the servant doing my best. And yes, I am chuckling.

    Christine, I'll take the Fruit Loops!

    Venelyn, thank you SO much! And you will be a published author - just keep believing.

    Kittie, I will visit Alden next.

    Robyn, I couldn't do it without His help.

    Siv, I am having fun!

    Katie, I will continue to do my best.

    Angela, thank you, and I will make sure the Mrs. reads that.

    JW and Rachel, glad the IWSG has been a blessing for you.

    Luanne, everyone is welcome to a drink!

    Thank you, everyone!!! Wish I could respond to every single comment here, but then I'd blow my reputation as a man of few words. Not to mention leave a really long comment. But I appreciate all of it!

  60. Great Post and is so humbling. I may just have to steal that Who Am I? I am me! j/k Lovely posting, enjoyed reading! Thanks for the support you've given!

  61. my heartfelt thanks for all your encouragement along the way.

  62. Your biblical quote sums it up perfectly. It's been a blessing blogging with you, Alex. Thank you for making our writing community that much richer.

  63. Hope you're enjoying the blogfest, Alex. It's a way of saying thank you. This is a very heart-felt post.

  64. See, Alex. This is why we love you so much.

  65. Just Alex - so the word 'just' means multi-tasking super-ninja then? I'm sadly not taking part in this blog fest, things have got hectic down my way!

  66. Glad you're enjoying your fest - you deserve it :)

  67. I have no words for what you've just written, except that I am absolutely inspired by you. Wow!

  68. Congratulations, Alex, on your multifaceted success. You are a great encouragement and inspiration to us all. Thanks for your unfailing support!

  69. That was beautiful, Alex. There isn't anyone else out there like you.

  70. Good on you, Alex!

    And I couldn't get into the horror movie comments, but many good lessons in the lost :). Cherie Reich made me laugh.

  71. I popped over here expecting to find you kicked back in a folding chair, sipping a fruity drink, and basking in the warm light of YOUR-freaking-day. And here you are, being all Alex (I'm told that's what the kids are calling the act being selfless, cool, and kind on the Internet). :-)

    You do rock, sir, and it has very little to do with a guitar. Take a bow, and keep on keeping on.

  72. And we wouldn't want you any other way, Alex! :)

  73. Thanks for being Just Alex!
    I'm happy to know you~
    Sorry, late to the party, but I'm here now...
    I wrote you a song, kind
    Just Ella :D

  74. I can understand what you mean. Maybe it is like going to college or getting a job when all the other co workers are experienced and you know nothing of the job. A feeling of, can I do this. How can I succeed when I am just me? But it is kindness like yours which gives others hope. Everything which is scary is made better when someone is standing in front, smiling and holding out a hand and saying, "Here, let me help you over this part."
    More people need to be the kind smile and helpful hand, to think of others and remember how hard it was when they were in there place.

    So, once again, thank you 8-)

  75. I know it's embarrassing having to stand still while we all cheer. But you earned the spotlight, Alex. For just being you. Have a super duper day and week and Christmas and 2013~! And thanks for all you do.

  76. My heart is so warm right now. I just want to freeze time and remember this moment forever. Cheesy? Maybe... but I mean it. Alex, really, this post was so beautiful. And I LOVED reading that old post. Wow. Being "just Alex" is a pretty remarkable thing. And I think you have so much more than awards... you've got a whole community who *knows* you, and would back you up in a second. You are pretty remarkable, and you can't help it. You're just you. :)

  77. Very nice, Alex. You're one of the most awesome bloggie peeps I know.

  78. Beautiful post, Alex. I'm so glad to have met you.


  79. Beautifully stated, Alex. Not much that I can add to all of the wonderful comments you've received so far. Thanks for being a friend.

    Tossing It Out

  80. Aw, Alex, you deserve every little bit of admiration and support, because you're so supportive yourself!

  81. "Just Roland" here, saying I'm glad I have gotten to know you through the void of the cyber-verse.

    Each breath is a gift from Our Father. What we do with it is up to us. Each day is a coin we can spend any way we wish, but we can only spend it once.

    The only compound interest we receive is if we spend it helping others. Those ripples you spoke about.

    I think you have spent your coins very wisely and so do your friends who have been supported by you. May the road ahead be filled with joy for both you and the lovely Mrs. C. :-)

  82. Amen, man! You nailed the heart of it. Keep that humility, grace and humor going, and you'll measure up to anyone in the business. :)

  83. Alex - wonderful post! I think that just being you, and giving all the glory to the Lord, you are exactly who you're supposed to be. You can't be more, but just being you is enough. Thank you for being who God created you to be!!!
    You rock! (even behind the drummer)

  84. Thanks, Anne!

    Annalisa, that's all right!

    Susan, wow, thanks.

    EJ, thank you, and no time to kick back.

    Jack, that was so well said!

    Morgan, maybe we can stuff it in a bottle...

    Roland, you may have said it even better.

    Thank you, everyone!!! I am doing my best to get around to everyone, but forgive me if it takes all day to do that.

  85. Alex, thank you for all you do and have done for us. I hope you enjoy all the tributes to the mysterious man behind the "ninja captain." Cheers to you and to the community you've built!

  86. Aww your welcome Alex. It is true that thinking about more accomplished authors can make anyone fell in over their head. But just remember that every author started with a blank page. No one was born with their book written. Not even with God and the Bible.

    I definitely plan to be in the April A-Z challenge next year. Oh and I read the Curiosity Quills article. Glad you're getting recognized by the publishers Alex and keep writing and rocking out. And trust me in a world where a lot of wives are complaining about not seeing their husbands enough it's nice that you enjoy spending time with her.

  87. Add "righteous dude" to that list, Alex. You are a true representation of the joy that comes from serving our Father by serving others. Thanks for being an inspiration to us in SO many ways. :)

  88. Even a short glimpse into the man of the hour is a sight to behold. You da man, Alex Cavanaugh! Best of luck to you as you read your roasts! :)

  89. And the show begins. . .

    This will make for very entertaining reading for the next couple of days.

    Sorry, Alex, but the spotlight is on you, just wear sunglasses. All the cool guys do. (remember Joe Cool)

  90. Beautiful sentiment, straight from your heart. Love ya, Alex.


  91. Thanks for sharing Alex. Stay the head-banging movie geek who digs gadgets, science fiction, fantasy, and spending quiet evenings at home with his wife.

  92. Wow, you're so amazing! How haven't I followed you yet? lol

  93. I love reading all of the entries! I've seen you compared to Tom Cruise, to the Borg, To Clive Owen, and the list goes on and on.

    This is definitely one where I enjoy the viewing from the fence more so than in the writing.

    I wonder if anyone has compared you to a famous porn star because you have a really big *@$!@ (I'll let you fill in the word). Enjoy the spotlight, Alex *hugs

  94. Alex, in describing who you are, you forgot one....


    Thanks for your support, kind words, and encouragement these past months. My little blog is always a more positive place after a visit from you.

    I appreciate it.


  95. I think most authors, even the ones with the countless awards, often pause to think "I'm just me." So being "Just Alex" is more than good enough. I often feel like I'm over my head, but I see successful people who started out as human beings who also felt like they were in over their heads. The spotlight may feel uncomfortable, but you deserve it because you've done so much for the writing community.

  96. Being the erratic blogger I am, I missed the sign-up for the blogfest and am swamped the next few days, but I at least wanted to stop by to let you know how much I really appreciate all you do, Alex!

    You SO totally deserve this blog-fest -- you give so much of yourself to so many of us struggling wanna-be writers; you are ALWAYS there with encouraging and supportive words; you have the ability to transcend time and space and simultaneously comment on over 100 blogs at a time; and you write science fiction and play guitar -- bonus points just for those two alone!!!!

    Thank you for being "Just Alex" -- that is so much more than you'll ever know, good sir!

  97. Alex: Great blog! Just saying hi, and I joined the blogfest.

  98. Great that you give God the glory! May He continue to Bless you moving forward!

  99. Love this heartfelt post, Alex. Thanks so much for all you do.

  100. We're all glad you're here! Hope you enjoy reading all the posts from the blogfest!

  101. So you're saying that the "J" stands for "Just." That's what I'm getting out of it.

    I think most people start out being just a "Just;" it's when we go beyond that that we get into trouble.

  102. I mean, it's when we go beyond thinking of ourselves that way that we get into trouble.

    Like Trump and his refusal to touch the "little" people because he might catch something.

  103. Hi Alex .. Just Alex .. it's been so good having you rush around - you've always got pearls of wisdom for us - yet continue to write your trilogy ..

    How you cope I have no idea .. Mrs C must be one amazing lady! Cheers Hilary

  104. Well said, Alex. Many of us go through life not knowing what it is we're ordained to do.

  105. Awww, Alex. You can be corny with the Spiderman line, I don't mind, lol. Just don't dress up in spandex, yeah? ;)

  106. I honestly don't know what the blogging world would be like without you. Not as fun, I imagine.

  107. You're so sweet, Alex. I'm proud to call myself your friend.

  108. Yay for you, Alex. Great day for everyone you've supported to support you back, and it seems they're doing it with style.

  109. Thank you, Sheena-kay, on all accounts!

    Nicki, points for the Bueller reference!

    DG, Joe Cool was a pilot!

    Debra, thanks and welcome!

    Michael, someone compared me to Mark Wahlberg, but I said any role except Boogie Nights.

    Chris, that is cool and really appreciate it.

    Stephen, Amen!

    Andrew, I'll go with J standing for 'just.' And you are so right with that statement. I never want to go there.

    Cassie, not a chance!!!

    Thanks guys, so very much! I'm still trying to catch up with all of the posts...

  110. Wow, Alex, this is an awesome blogfest in honor of Just Alex. I love that. I think that's why people are drawn to you, because you're still humble and always willing to help. Just awesome. As you know, I've been scarce in the blogosphere lately. I'm so glad I saw Sherry Ellis' post about this blogfest. I think it's wonderful that you're being recognized and thanked and teased in a loving way, too. Enjoy! Great Bible quote, by the way.

  111. You ARE a blogging Rock Star, Alex!! :) Enjoy the spotlight, you've earned it buddy! :)

  112. Thanks for having a great sense of humor with all of our Cheers to Alex posts! But all fun aside, I'm so thankful to have you as one of my blogging buddies. :)

  113. Your, "I'm just Alex," speech... brought tears to my eyes ....

    No kidding .... I'm all choked up.

  114. Just Alex is what we need. Thanks for being a solid rock of support and though mere "thanks" aren't thanks enough -
    THANK YOU for what you do for us.
    Thanks too for sharing so candidly how you feel about all this...

    Tina @ Life is Good

  115. Touching and great post:) I think you get at the heart of questions we all ask ourselves all the time, regardless of whether we blog of not. Perhaps it's the question that matters more than the answer:)

  116. Way to turn the tables and make it all about everyone else. Come to think of it, that's exactly what makes you such a great blogging buddy!

  117. You're the best Alex. With as hectic as my life has gotten and my reduced schedule to blog and visit blogs, you still visit and comment on my posts. I honestly don't know how you do as much as you do for the blogging community while being an author and living your life.

    Unfortunately I didn't see the blogfest until early this morning otherwise I would have have participated, but I did want to stop by and say that it has been awesome getting to know you through your blog, and even the occasional email.

    And the fact that you give glory to God speaks more about you than anything else.

    Keep rocking on man.

  118. Thanks for being just Alex! Great verse you mentioned.

  119. Rusty! Sorry, you slipped in your comment while I was commenting. Thank you.

    Lynn, thank you!

    Candilynn, so honored you are one of MINE.

    Michael, it's still true today and I knew I had to include it.

    Tina, the truth is all I know. Thank you.

    Johanna, I don't want it to be about me.

    Amen, TS!! And of course I always come by to see you.

  120. Beautiful post, Alex. The scripture is perfect for this. Thanks again for all you do!

  121. Not "just Alex" you are YOU. A genuine, giving soul who I am honoured to have run into in this fantastic blogging community.

    Cheers to you, Alex :)

  122. Fantastic post and you're a fantastic person. Sorry I didn't have time to participate in this fest. I'm slammed this month and hubby visiting put me even more behind.

    Just as well. If I did a blog post all about you, my husband might start to wonder. This past week we saw a lot of movies, so I made a ton of comments that started with "Alex said...":

    The Life of Pi was good OR Skyfall rocked and there's an interesting villian OR... I think you get the picture :)

  123. Great post. I love how you can reflect on where you've been and where you are now. Moving forward, following His plan.... blessed! :O)

  124. The last eighteen words you wrote summed it up perfectly, Alex. Awesome, dude! deserve it.

  125. Great post, Alex. It's excellent to get a peek into your soul. You sound like a great person and someone I'd want to befriend irl. Keep rockin on!

  126. Dear "Just Alex" ~
    First of all...this is an excellent heart-filled post.
    Secondly...I am sooo glad you re-posted your 2010 A to Z for "J" because I wasn't blogging at that time, and now I know much more about you...very good stuff.
    Which brings me to my third point:
    I had no idea that you were/are such a Bible-believing, God-loving man. That truly blesses my heart and life.
    Met you at the 2011 A to Z through Arlee Bird, and so very thankful that I did.
    You are His best, and you do indeed give Him the glory!

  127. Well said, Alex. This is why we love you so. Your servant's heart is evident in everything you do. :)

  128. You wear many hats and 'writer' is only one of them.

    We are blessed for having met you. Truly a sign of fate. And something more.

    Thank you, Alex, for being you.

    *now back to my usual snarky self before I get anymore verklempt*

  129. Awesome post, Alex. I loved reading your before and after posts, and seeing how your core values are still the same. Rock on!

  130. Yes, you really are a multifaceted person, and that is very good.

  131. Awesome, Just Alex. I'm glad to know you via this venue. Write on!

  132. Thank you, Emily.

    Thanks, Suzanne!

    Isis, don't want a jealous husband after me!

    Diane, I am blessed.

    Thanks, ML.

    Randi, I'm rocking!

    Kathy, thank you! Yes, God comes first in my life in all things.

    Thanks Melissa.

    Huntress, I like the soft side of you!

    Ellie, I don't plan on changing.

    Thanks, Leovi!

  133. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend to all bloggers, Alex. We really do appreciate you.

  134. Well, the fact that you are "Just Alex" is what makes you so awesome. All of us can tell that you do what you do because you enjoy it and love people. We don't know how you do it *cough* clones *cough*, but I know we've all been blessed because of you.

    And it's good for you to get embarrassed everyone once in a while. ;)

    Thanks for all you do!

  135. I'm glad for having bumped into you, just Alex. You're some integral glue that makes this community what it is.

  136. Hi Alex! I added the Widget. Sorry about that :D

  137. What a terrific guy you are, Alex. I hope you have a terrific Christmas and New Year!

  138. You're a good man, Charlie Brown. I mean, Alex! Seriously, though. You are.

  139. Al, I enjoyed reading this. I hope the entire day proves one that is beneficial for the whole community that has composed itself around the anchor your provide.

    My daughter just gave me three DumDum pops. She put them on my desk when I wasn't looking as a surprise. Consider this comment me sharing one of the sweets with you.

    May the closing of the year bring only good things for you, your work, your home and your family.

    Your friend always,

  140. The blogosphere is very lucky to have you in it. Wonderful post!

  141. Aww! Being "Just Alex" is just enough. :)

  142. Kudos!
    What a honest, modest, cordial emtional and motivating post.

    For me the world would be different without your blog, your posts and your comments.

    This post explain exactly why so many people appreciat you and your work.

  143. It's easy to be your friend because you're a down to Earth type. Those are the best kind of people.

  144. Loved this post - it's raw and genuine:) You're a huge inspiration, so thank you for being just you. I'm also enjoying everyone's answers... :)

  145. Thank you, Elizabeth!

    Charity, God bless the clones.

    Mary, hopefully I'm super glue and not Elmer's glue.

    Thank you, Dani! You helped launch my career.

    Lydia, thank you!

    Suze, thank you. And always so good to hear from you. Miss you.

    Thanks, Golden.

    Cherie, I hope so!

    Edi, thank you. You've been a good friend from the beginning!

    Cindy, Earth is all I know!

    TF, thanks!

  146. "Just Alex" is pretty darn awesome in my book!

  147. You are Alex.

    One and only, a superhero of the writing community.

  148. I agree that being just Alex is a good thing. I also just read Kittie Howard's response to the Blogfest and loved it.

  149. We all feel like that, Alex. But with your great attitude, you'll be able to handle whatever comes along. :)

  150. "I'm just Alex" is such an understatement. You are, after all, Alex the Great, especially because your perception comes from wisdom.

  151. Great post. Just Alex is enough. :)

  152. Greetings Alex,

    And through the transparency you share within the magic that is the sharing, caring blogging community, you open your heart and your heart is testimony that just you is a very special man. For that, myself and all those who have the privilege of knowing you, are profoundly grateful.

    With respect and goodwill, Gary

  153. Only here does "I'm just Alex" translate as: inspiration, support, hero and friend.

    Thank you!

  154. Gail, appreciate that!

    Thanks Lisa.

    Inger, Kittie did an awesome job.

    Cate, I will try.

    Helena, it comes from something.

    Thanks, LB!

    Bryan, thanks.

    Gary, thank you for the kind words.

    Thanks, Jeff.

  155. Thanks for being such a sport during this time. I've read lots of blogs so far and it's very entertaining. You are the star today.

  156. Oh my, I'm late! I'm sorry!

    This is a wonderful post, Alex! You're more than "just Alex", you're a gentleman full of heart and a true friend.

    I've already said this before, but you mean so much to so many people. Have you noticed how we all follow you? It's because of how much support, encouragement, inspiration and motivation you've given us and continue to do so. We all love you!

    I'm honored to be part of your Ninja Army! I'm standing up proud knowing you are my BEST bloggy friend EVER. I can trust you!

    You have an excellent reputation and that's what I wil remember you for.

    I'm saying this again: Thank you for your contributions to this writing community! Thank you for everything!

  157. I would be the person on stage hiding behind the drummer too. haha. That's why I could never actually do music for a living, unless it didn't require performing ;)

    You do a great service to the blogger community, and as for mistakes, well nobody is perfect, thankfully! It'd be a bit hard if anyone was and we had to try to live up to that standard. ;)

  158. Thanks for all you do! You are appreciated :) Thanks for having a sense of humor, too. You have some very funny followers. I was so busy hopping through all the toasts and roasts that I almost forgot to visit your blog. Thanks for the IWSG!

    A - Awesome
    L - Lover of Christ
    E - Enigmatic
    X - X-tra cool guy

  159. What a wonderful, touching post. I love your comments about the IWSG - it's so true! Actually, that just gave me an idea - perhaps one time we could do a blogfest where we each highlight an IWSG post that we've read on someone else's blog that's touched us in some way? Anyway, just a thought!

    I wanted to let you know that I'm not writing a post for the blogfest because I have no creative energy at the moment (the little I have is being used on marketing & promotion) so the thought of flash fiction is beyond me. BUT I do think you're totally awesome and am thrilled to see this blogfest celebrating all that you do across the blogosphere. You truly deserve it! :-)

  160. 165 comments! This makes 166- I'm happy when I hit 20! I think all of that plus this blogfest attest to the fact that you are NOT a nobody, and you are indeed special. What else do we have have to do to prove it?

  161. I am honored to be one of the ripples in your pond xo

  162. Susan, I've just laughed and enjoyed.

    Livia, you are one of a kind and I'm honored to be one of YOUR blogging buddies.

    Thanks, Trisha.

    Shell, I like that! Thank you.

    Cally, I like that idea! And don't worry about it. I appreciate your comments here.

    Rose, nothing I guess!

    Thanks, Peaches.

    Katherine, and you've been with me from the beginning!

  163. Congratulations on YOUR day. I know you say it's about everyone else, about the special community that exists among bloggers, but your sincere desire to help others, your sincere desire to serve, your humility and kindness... elevate you into someone we all admire. Because you, ninja Alex, play a vital role in cultivating fellowship in the blogger community. So, good for you, and good for everyone who's been uplifted by your support, and touched by your kindness. You're like the wedding guest who sits at a rear table, and is asked to to the front. You may not want the limelight, but you got it! So again, congrats on YOUR day. Well-deserved.

  164. Thank you Alex, for your contributions to the writers community on the blogosphere. I appreciate the time you've taken to visit my and others' blogs. I haven't been part of IWSG for long, but I am getting to know my fellow bloggers that much better since joining. I hope you enjoyed every minute of the blog hop day devoted to you!!

  165. Captain Alex, you deserve the kudos today. God bless you always.

  166. I wanna be like Alex. The lunch lady probably saves the best slice of pizza for you. Must be nice being prom king.

    In all seriousness, you are awesome and that is all that needs to be said.

  167. Alex, I appreciate that you always appear so humble and helpful to all your many fans. I love your writing (and ready to read more) your knowledge is quite deep and...metal! Your support to so many reflected in your ability to visit and comment on so many blogs has earned you all the blogging kudos you deserve. You are a good man Alex J, and I am honored to have met you here is cyberspace. Keep on rockin'.

    PS. I am going to the Rock n Roll Hall OF Fame when I am home for Christmas. If you have any photo requests of particular exhibits let me know...I will be glad to oblige.

  168. Alex, you're truly amazing. I appreciate your honesty and humble attitude. Being "you" is the best thing you can possibly be. I'm excited to see what everyone shares!

  169. Alex, with all the praise going around about you, you still manage to remain humble. THAT is the true nature of someone great.

    I've read dozens of posts about you and commented on as many as I could. I've always thanked you for everything you have ever done for me. And I'll do it again. You are always the first to comment on my blog. You always comment no matter what the post is about. I can only imagine the amount of time that must take. People who are writers, readers and bloggers adore you. And they don't do it just to kiss your ass. ;) They do it because you are always there with a word of support or encouragement right when it seems it is needed the most.

    So even though I didn't participate in this blogfest, I'm still as grateful for all you do as everyone else is. Not to get all mushy, but you're like THE best support I have for writing and blogging outside of my family. For that, I thank you. And I absolutely thank your wife for allowing you to be such a huge part of this community.

  170. I am way over my head and always will be. You draw people in Alex - it is your gift. Just Alex is enough for anyone. :) Hope you enjoyed reading all the posts about you from your admiring community. Nothing 'just' about the size of it X x

  171. It's been a pleasure to know you, good sir.

    *stands on table*

    Oh Captain, my Captain!


  172. Susan, thank you. Really appreciate the kind words.

    Cynthia, glad you're part of the IWSG.

    Thanks, Kari.

    PTM, I'll save you a pepperoni.

    Chuck, thank you! And if only Rush was in the Hall of Fame...

    Thanks, Leigh.

    Aw Mel, thanks! I'll always be there to support you.

    Shah, I did enjoy. Thanks.

    Jamie, same to you good sir!

  173. All over the place the last few days I see from parts of Clinton to Connery haha

    Also agree, sometimes I think what the hell have I gotten myself into, but what they heck.

  174. I've been reading in The Day the Ninja Died aka Cheers, Cavanaugh Blogfest some of the views they have on you and are stunningly lovely. Congratulations Alex.

  175. Alex, I'm so grateful to have you here with us. You've been a blessing on this journey. Thank you for all you do!

  176. My apologies for not specifically including your wife. An old but very true expression come to mind: Behind every great man is an even greater woman.

    I was in a rush when I posted and didn't copy/paste all. Be careful what you wish for: My little Beemer's battery had died (but, gracefully, in the garage) and I had to get to the shop to get her. But she, er, had other problems, so I still await her homecoming.

  177. Nicely said, 'er written. This is a perfect season for this blogfest too.

  178. What a nice, thoughtful post. I also rely on and appreciate this online community. I wish I'd known about it when I first began writing in 2006. I didn't begin blogging until 2009. I'm a much better writer because of the opportunities this online community has given me.

  179. Pat, it's worth it though.

    Leovi, some of the entries have been amazing.

    Jamie, thanks!

    Kittie, and she is great!

    Holly, that's what Mark said.

    Teresa, same here.

  180. This is such a great post, Alex. I love how you describe who you are.

  181. Great, great post. Thank you so much for all you do for us -- we really appreciate it.

  182. You may have noticed that my avatar is a tribute to feeling in over my head, so I can absolutely relate to feeling somewhat alienated amongst writers who know their stuff.
    Thanks to you as well as all the fantastic writers and newfound Internet buddies I've met through IWSG, I am finding the courage to share more of my writing. As I do, I'm learning so much!
    Who knows, maybe someday that 'in over my head' avatar will be replaced with my grinning face! :)

    You are awesome!

  183. Alex, you're my blogger hero. Thanks for all you do for the rest of us.

  184. I don't think you're 'just' anything, but a whole bunch of things. :) You definitely mean a lot to this writing community!

  185. Hi Alex, modesty is thy middle name. Have I told you recently that you are too adorable :) You are also my blogging hero.

    This is for Mrs Cavanaugh. Just wanted to tell you that Alex's fan following is matching George Clooney's. Now if we could see his picture, it would be great.

  186. Great post Alex!! Looks like this blogfest is a success!! Congrats!

  187. Hey Alex, the thing is, we're all the same. We can supplement our own names for your's.

    I'm just Gwen.

    Funny how saying it just makes you/us human. It's that human connection that makes us all supportive of each other. It's as it should be.

    And thank you to Mrs. C., for lending us so much of your time. Somehow I missed this part in my post:)

  188. I'm always amazed how your posts have at least 150 comments. You have provided a great gathering place for the writing community! I think all writers feel inadequate at some point. It's like a right of passage. :)

  189. Sangu and SC, thanks!

    Kirsten, so glad the IWSG has been a blessing to you! Now, let's get a smiley face there soon.

    Patricia and Jessica, thanks!

    Mrs. Cavanaugh has nothing to worry about, Rachna.

    Thanks, Stacy!

    Gwen, you said it!

    Thank you, Stephsco.

  190. You are so much more than "just Alex." Thanks for all of your support on the blogosphere!

  191. Wow, so many posts! Someday, your greatness will rub off on my blog! Congrats on your tour. I loved reading about you everywhere I went online today. It is obvious you mean a lot to a lot of people. That must leave you feeling unbelievably fantastic. Thank you for touching my life, too. Keep doing what you're doing.


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