Friday, December 7, 2012

Cherie Reich and Horror Movies, Ninja News, Movie Trivia Answers, and a Personal Note

Today I have the honor of hosting Cherie Reich on her tour for The Nightmare Collection!

What I’ve Learned from Horror Movies

Thank you so much for hosting me today, Alex! Wow, being on THE Ninja Captain’s blog is so cool.

I believe we can learn a lot from horror movies and book, and I have created a list of my top five things (in no particular order) I’ve learned from them that also helped me create my horror story collection, The Nightmare Collection.

1. Never split up.
Power is in numbers, so if you split up, you’re likely to be the first to die.

2. Phones are evil.
They either don’t work when you need to contact the authorities and get help or it is the killer calling you. Just stay away from the phone and run for it.

3. Never look back.
Have you noticed in horror movies that no matter how slow the monster comes at you, it will still get you? I think that’s because people keep looking back. They then trip and fall, and it gives the monster time to catch up. Don’t look back. Keep running!

4. The best way to kill most monsters is to chop their head off.
Enough said. Just be sure you chop the right guy’s head off.

5. Don’t live in small towns, the forests, or near cornfields.
Monsters—and aliens—love to hide in rural areas. It’s just not safe.

And a special tip I’ve learned from a real life experiences ... Don’t laugh at guys with chainsaws! Seriously. Don’t! It pisses them off, and then they run after you, even if you’re an eight-year-old girl at a haunted cave.

What have you learned from horror movies/books?

Thanks, Cherie! I’ve learned always use the double-tap.

Find the awesome Cherie at her BLOG
You can order the paperback or eBook of The Nightmare Collection on Amazon or enter the giveaway on Goodreads.

Congratulations, Cherie – really looking forward to this one!

Ninja News

The A to Z Blog is looking for questions for 2013’s Challenge hosts. We had “Getting to know your hosts” posts earlier this year and need your help with fresh questions for next year. Go ahead, suggest anything!

Lisa Regan’s book, Finding Claire Fletcher, is finally out now! She has a great tour planned, so be sure to visit her site.

Thanks again to all who posted for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group and special thanks to my two co-hosts, Livia and Tasha!

Jade Hart’s new book, Ocean Kills, is available now! And look at that great cover. Congratulations, Jade!

Kittie Howard’s latest, Rings of Trust, launched on Thursday. Congratulations, Kitty! Through January 15, royalties will go to the Wounded Warrior Foundation. Find it on Amazon.

Movie Trivia Answers

1 – From Aardman Animations, this clay-animation film took place on Mrs. Tweedy’s farm. Chicken Run
2 – This 70’s animated film was set on a post-apocalyptic Earth where two brothers, Avatar and Blackwolf, do battle to control the world. Wizards
3 – This Christmas animation features the voices of James McAvoy, Hugh Laurie, and Bill Nighy – and a member of Santa’s family you never knew existed! Arthur Christmas
4 – Joss Whedon wrote the screenplay for this cell-animated space movie set in the year 3028 and featuring a spaceship that holds the secret to the salvation of the human race. Titan A.E.
5 – Before Pixar put out their take on these small critters, Woody Allen voiced the lead, “Z,” in this film. Antz
6 – Written by Ted Hughes in 1968, this science fiction story set in 1957 became a critically-acclaimed movie in 1999 with its simple innocence. The Iron Giant

Personal Note

During the chaos that will ensue on Monday, I will be posting something really different that day.
For those who believe this is just a big ego trip for me and that I think I’m all that and a bag of chips (credit to Diane’s POST) I invite you to visit Monday for what will probably be my most personal post ever.

Special thanks again to Mark, Morgan, Stephen, and David.

See you Monday…

Cherie wants to know – what have YOU learned from horror films? Got a question for the A to Z Team? See some new books to add? Get any of the trivia questions right? Ready to see a Ninja naked? (Of course, how would you know…?)


  1. Oh man. I live in a rural area, so I guess I'm in trouble.

    I can't wait for Monday's fun! It'll be great!

  2. Ha, like L.G, I also live in a rural area! I loved Cherie's tips, though. All so true!

  3. Don't worry, Alex! You'll get through Monday intact, more or less!

  4. Oh, yeah, my post won't actually go up Monday, because I have another obligation on Monday, but I'll get to you. Oh, yes, I will! :P

  5. Looking forward to Monday Alex, especially your personal post.

    Have a great week-end.

  6. Love Cherie's list. I've learnt it's probably best not to be a blonde cheerleader, or under 25 - phew, I'm safe on all counts! Maybe I'm just watching the wrong kind of horror :-)

  7. I agree with Cherie's tips on monsters, some very practical ones amongst them.

    Monday is going to be fun! Looking forward to it!

    Congrats to Jade Hart,Lisa Regan and Kittie Howard!

  8. Cap'n Ninja gets personal! Yay! Can't wait!!!

    Take care

  9. I'm sure Monday will be a fun day for all. Good luck! Great book list today. Have a great weekend.

  10. Oh I've learner to make sure the hubby is wearing a shirt he doesn't mind getting ruined while I watch scary stuff. I have a tendency to hide my face and chew the fabric. I may have left a few holes during some episodes of walking dead.

    And Alex blogfest is on mon? Yikes that came up fast!

  11. LG, it will be something!

    Jeffrey, more or less.

    Andrew, I think you have until Wednesday. Might want to note that in Monday's post since that's when most people will be looking for it.

    Cassie, tell me about it...

  12. Cherie,
    If you were laughing at men with chainsaws in haunted caves when you were 8, it's no wonder you write horror. LOL Congrats on your book tour. Best of luck. :)

    And congrats to all.
    Love the cover of Ocean Kills!
    Kudos to Kittie for the donations!
    Can't wait until Monday!!! :D

  13. Never investigate the noise in the dark room and shoot first!

  14. I enjoyed Cherie's post. Whenever, I see a horror movie there always comes a point where you have a character about to go into the woods at night or somewhere creepy. Then I say. "Don't go in there..don't.." and they always do. Then you know the rest.

  15. Great tips for avoiding being a victim in a horror movie! I love the "phones are evil" one, especially. :)

  16. Great list, Cherie! I've never understood the "looking back over your shoulder" thing. Just run! :)

    Looking forward to Monday, Alex! ;)

  17. So excited about Monday!!!

    And, oh GREAT, Cherie... I live so far out in the boonies that the Boonies seem civilized. (I'm totally screwed.)

  18. I would say don't take a shower with the door half open. Most likely the killer will arrive at that moment. That's why I don't take showers, like ever. Besides I've eaten all plumbers who come to the dragon cave.

  19. Loved the horror movie lesson! Lucky I live in town!!!

  20. Cherie I live in a small town and will keep your monster decapitation advice in mind. The latest Aliens movie was supposedly set in my lil' mountain valley...

    Alex, looking forward to your post but I don't think anyone is worried about your ego. :)

  21. I have always said phones are evil and no one believed me.

    Flash 55 - Wanted: Dead or Alive?

  22. Alex, from what I've seen of you you seem to be an extremely modest person. Anyone who says otherwise needs a good telling off!!!

  23. I have learned that screaming never seems to help when a monster is involved.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  24. I live on a farm in the country. Dum de dum dum... YIKES! In a small town. Near a cornfield. EGAD MAN!

    *waves to Cherie*

    It was Titan A.E.. *bangs head on desk* I knew it. It JUST would not spill outta my brain.

    I signed the linky to be in on Monday, Alex. But linky does NOT like me. It said I couldn't sign up. *frowning* So I'm doing mine anyway.

    See you Monday, pal. Happy weekend.

  25. Lurker, questions later, right?

    Cindy, and it never ends good.

    Cathy, that made me laugh!

    Al, and lock the bathroom door.

    Julie, I hope not...

    Randi, thanks!

    Robyn, I'm sorry! I'll let Mark know.

  26. Next week I'm moving into my new jungle home in Akumal, Mexico. JUNGLE being the operative word. So far I'd only been there in the day. I went last night. DARK AS PITCH and lots of animal noises. There are also mystical creatures called the alux who the Mayan people believe live in jungles. Oh, happy scary nights for me!

  27. Ha! Well, that is some practical advice for dealing with monsters. :)

    Hmmm , and I think it's time to get the side dishes ready to go with the roasted Ninja on Monday.

  28. LOL @ Cherie's list. That's too funny. Her points are spot on. I'd even go as far as to say that technology becomes moot when it comes to monsters. The Ring anyone?

    Coongrats to all new releases. Christmas is coming up and there's so many options to choose from. Got to love it.

    I'm ready to see the Ninja naked...though not naked naked lol!!

  29. Great job, Cherie!

    She's got all the major parts of the horror movie down except for one!

    Don't have sex! As soon as you start having sex with someone the killer will find you and kill you both! And...he won't even let you finish!

    I agree. Double tap would have ended so many movies in ten minutes. :)

    Great post and I can't wait for Monday!


  30. Cherie left out the most important rule! Forgo all sexual conduct, because otherwise you're a goner!

  31. Hey Alex,

    Before Monday's Roastings, er I mean *postings*, I just wanted to publicly say, in public, how much of a SPORT you are for agreeing to my idea in what seems like months ago

    (it was)


    Sending you (and Mrs. C) a huge shout out for being awesome peeps and I know it's going to be fun.

    Put it to you this way, Andy, if I didn't already know how to spell your last name, I would so learn how to spell Cavignaw the right way.

  32. Great tips Cherie! My favorite is, never, ever, go down to the basement alone. (Which, incidently, I never do, LOL)

    Looking forward to Monday's post Alex!

  33. I live in a rural area! Amid pines! On a dirt Road! Egads.

  34. Darn, I missed Wednesday's movie trivia! And I actually went to the movies to see Wizards, which my brother and I thought was wicked cool.

    And I love Cherie's tips! Unfortunately, I live right next to the woods. Sometimes I hear things...

  35. Right on Cherie! Also, if something scary is in the house make sure to NOT turn on the lights! o_O

  36. Leigh, maybe it will inspire a story!

    LG, maybe some spicy Hot Tamales?

    Angela, only one person sees me that naked.

    Heather, always employ the double-tap.

    DL, that's right!

    Mart Cookman, you are such a Madman.

    Charles, you're dead.

    Marcy, can't remember if I saw that one in the theater or not...

  37. Way to go, Cherie! You're rock'n the blogosphere!

    Gearing up for The Roast, Alex. I have something special in store for my entry. :)

  38. Great tips Cherie! I am very careful about approaching the supernatural and monsters of any sort.

    See you on Monday Ninja master ;)

  39. You ARE all that and a bag of chips! Love to you, Alex!

  40. Cherie, I guess I have to move. I live in a small town. Yikes! I had no idea.
    Congrats to Kittie! She is so awesome!!!

  41. Alex, take a deep breath for Monday and just prepare yourself to soak in all the love. I am participating, but not following the rules!

  42. We live near cotton fields - is that bad?

    Anyone who thinks you have an ego problem has his/her own ego problem. Ready for Monday!

  43. As a child the scariest monsters were provoked me invisible monsters.

  44. Cherie-you forgot the HORROR GOLDEN RULE! Never have sex!!! teehee--Good luck with your book!

  45. I've learned, if it looks scary as all hell, don't stay there!
    Looking forward to Monday! :)

  46. Only virgins survive horror movies. If you have sex, you're done for.

    For Sci Fi horror, if you're a low-ranking private, well, do not get beamed down to the strange planet or ship with the captain and his top crew. If it's just you and the bigshots? Your chances = not so good.

  47. I love scary stories, and the idiots that separate make me laugh.

    Looking forward to Monday, Alex!

  48. Parking garages in large cities seem to be unfriendly to the living, too, in movies! Best of luck to Kittie Howard and the other new authors out there~ I imagine Monday will be unique for you, Alex!

  49. Congrats Cherie! And congrats Jade!

    Bah, man, Titan A.E. ... I watched that movie like 300 times. My husband loves it. How didn't I get this one right? Duh!

  50. Loved Cherie's tips. I am lucky, I live in a big city ;)

  51. Great tips, Cherie!

    See you here Monday, Alex :)

    Happy Weekend to All!

  52. Good tips on avoiding killers. Also, never let the kettle hiss, never go upstairs when you hear someone moving about, if you see lights in the old house across the way, DO NOT go and check it out - it never ends well. (The phone tip is great. Phones are deadly in those situations. And showers. Avoid showers...)

  53. Basements and power outages. Calling a friend's name, over and over. "Jim? Jim? JIm? Where are you Jim?"

    And regarding Monday's event: Um, Naked? *blush*

  54. Congrats Cherie, Lisa, Jade, & Kittie! Monday should be a real trip. Can't wait!

  55. I've learned to never go down or up a creepy stairway by myself, or into the woods in the dark . . .but then I've done both anyway and actually lived to tell the tale. I enjoyed scaring my friends in the 60 year old house I grew up in - it had attics, a darkroom in the basement meant for photography, and my dad's old prosthetic legs stuffed in closets - can you say I made my friends wee their pants? yes, I did. I was shameless about it at age 10. Of course, there were plenty of days and nights when I scared myself pretty badly with my imagination too. I took my dog with me everywhere if I was in the house alone sometimes. But I don't watch horror movies . . . they give me too many ideas to feed my imagination with . . .and I live in a 50 year old house these days down a long, dark driveway.
    However, I can say that Cherie's book is awesome . . . creepy enough to be scary, but not so much that I'm afraid to walk in the woods next door - well, as long as I take my dogs with me anyway.

  56. First, Alex, you rock! For Monday, we want to make sure you know it and everyone else. :) Thank you so much for hosting me today and all you do for the writing community!

    L.G. Keltner - I live in a rural area too. We're both in trouble!

    Thank you, Kyra! Just keep a watch out about the rural crazies. :)

    Ah, yes, the blonde cheerleader almost always gets it, Annalisa. I don't have to worry about those counts either.

    Thank you, C.M. Brown!

    LOL! Your poor hubby, Cassie!

    Aww, thank you, Tonja!

    Yeah, laughing at men with chainsaws at age eight probably made me more inclined to write horror, Melissa. :)

    Definitely! Great points, The Angry Lurker!

    They just never listen to us screaming at them not to go in, don't they, Cindy?

    Thank you, Elizabeth Spann Craig!

    People are sometimes too curious for their own good in horror movies, Laura.

    I know what you mean, Cathy Olliffe-Webster! I live far out in the middle of nowhere too.

    Yes! Always lock the bathroom door while showering. And it sounds dangerous to be a plumber, Al Diaz. ;)

    Thank you, Ray Rousell!

    That's really cool about the Aliens movie, Julie Luek!

    No one believes me about the evilness of phones either, Nessa!

    Nope. Monsters don't stop coming just because you scream, Shelly.

    Oh, my! Robyn Campbell, you might want to consider moving. LOL!

    Jungle nights can be very creepy. Good luck with the move, Em-Musing!

    Thank you, L.G. Smith!

    Technology really does become moot when it comes to monsters, Angela Brown!

    LOL! I didn't forget the no sex rule. I just wanted to keep the list short and fairly G-rated, Heather Gardner. ;) Although I do mention that rule in the book.

    Hehe! Yes, I purposely left that part out, DL. Although there was one movie where the killer was going after virgins. It was a cool twist.

    Yes! Basements are evil too, Jaybird!

    Oh, no! Move, Charles Gramlich! :)

    Thank you, Mshatch! I live near fields and woods too. It can be creepy.

    Yes, Elise! Lights on can be a bad thing. It quickly lures the monster out when it makes the lights go off.

    Aww, thank you, David P. King!

    Thank you, Elizabeth Seckman!!

    My area is so rural we don't even have a small town nearby, Susan. We both need to move. ;)

    How tall does cotton grown, L. Diane Wolfe?

    Yes, you definitely have to watch out for those invisible monsters too, Leovi!

    Hehe! Didn't forget, just omitted, Hart Johnson. Thank you!

    Definitely wise advice, Rachel Schieffelbein!

    LOL! Unless you're in that one movie where the killer was killing virgins and everyone was trying to have sex before it was too late. I think that movie is called something like Cherry Hill, Bryan Russell! And yes, that's good advice too. I learned that from Star Trek. :)

    Me too, Miranda Hardy!

  57. Oh, parking garages are really creepy, Roland!! I hate having to park in them from time to time.

    Thanks, Juliana Haygert!

    Thank you, Rachna! You're definitely lucky, although the city has a much different type of monsters.

    Thanks, Carol Kilgore!

    Yes! No kettles hissing (or popping popcorn on the stove) and never ever go upstairs. Stairs are evil too, Jack!

    Yes, I try to avoid my basement at all costs, Huntress!

    Thank you, Nancy!

    Aww, thank you, Tyrean!! And yes, it's very good to have dogs around. Animals make things so much safer. :)

  58. Really looking forward to your Monday post!
    My question for the A-Z team is:

    1) If given the opportunity, would you be part of a team that would colonize another planet? Under what circumstances?

    2) I haven't seen them use this on Survivor in a while, but what would be your luxury item?

    Tina @ Life is Good

  59. All good pieces of advice. Makes me glad I moved out of my parents' house. They live in the middle of a field. Hmm, maybe I should be worried for them. ;)

  60. Cherie, have you seen Tucker and Dale versus Evil? Your rules sound a lot like what happens in that show. If you don't have it, and want to watch it, hit me up in an email.

  61. Uh oh. I am out in SE GA, with a ton of woods behind me. I am probably in trouble. ;) But don't worry, I'm gonna hide in my house reading the Nightmare Collection so I'l be fine.

    Can't wait to see your Mon. post, Alex!

  62. David, now I'm worried...

    Betty, think I'm a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

    Karen, break the rules! Why not?

    Diane - cotton monsters.

    Bryan, and don't wear red!

    Roland, you can say that!

    Juliana, it was before he was THE Joss Whedon.

    Tyrean, prosthetic legs? Oh, the fun!

    Cherie, you are welcome!

  63. That's a good range of horror movie cliches, without them what would the filmmakers do? It's fun when they come up with new ideas though. The shopping mall setting in Dawn of the Dead--now that was scary.

    A Faraway View

  64. Cherie, that is so funny, but true! And why do these people always go outside and look around?! Congrats on the Nightmare Collection.

    Congrats to Lisa, Jade and Kittie as well.

    That's an awesome thing you're doing for the wounded warriors, Kittie! My son in law is one of them.

    Alex, we all know you're not having an ego trip - I can see you squirming from here. Which reminds me, I need to go and write my description of you:)

  65. I'm wondering if I could participate in Monday's blog fest with taking part in the contest... I would love to be here, but don't have an entry for the contest.

    I remember when Jade was still in the writing process and now, here she has an actual book!! So exciting and congratulations, Jade!!:)

  66. A fun guest post, Cherie! Her book is awesome. I learned from horror movies that I'd be the logical one and no one would listen to me. I also run slowly, so I'd be one of the first dead! I have my post ready to go for Monday's blogfest. It's going to be so much fun! Have a good weekend.

  67. Horror movies, yeah you just know when someone says, "Let's all split up," that it's a BAD idea!

    Looking forward to Monday.

  68. I've learned that yelling at the TV while watching a horror movie does NOTHING but raise my blood pressure.

  69. I agree about the not looking back in a horror movie. Years ago, I was watching one of the Friday the 13th movies with my parents, and there was a scene where the good guys were climbing into a boat to escape Jason, while one of them (who played Ryan on The Young and the Restless) just stood there stupidly. "Oh, great, let's just stand and watch," my dad said.

  70. If you are the slutty teen cheerleader making out with the jock-you are the first to die. Only the "nice" girl and "nice" guy seem to win out but the "nice" guy still k=gets knocked over the head so the girl can the middle of the heels...trip and fall.....ughh she deserves to die too

  71. Great posting and loved the Nightmare Collection surviving horror. :) Sadly I live in a rural area, no time to move so I guess I better remember 1-4 huh? j/k Should be a fun blogfest on Monday!

  72. Stay away from young children who don;t blink and speak in monotone voices together.

  73. Loved Cherie's tips. I kinda thought bad things happened in forest. Nobody I know of owns a chainsaw, thankfully!

    Thanks for the super shout-out, Alex! Really appreciate it. Yesterday's launch was like wheeee exciting. Rings continues to work its way up that chart. But, the bottom line is, I feel really blessed, so much support.

  74. Cherie, thats what made Scream so good. It took all the conventions and turned them on their ear. Alex, thanks for hosting and looking forward to Monday. I got three out of the for right! Cool.

  75. Wow Cherie, I love your tips~
    So true about the phone, lol.

    Most personal post on Monday...whoa!
    Can't wait ;D

    I know I'm from a small town, damn I live in rural...
    Rural does create riots! yikes...

    Kill, personal and Monday...maybe I'll use that for my next poem-nah!

    Happy Friday everyone and congrats to those who are in the spotlight!!! :D

  76. I wasn't sure whether I'd be around Monday but I think I might be able to join in the fun ;)) Will go officially check it out. Look forward to your monday post.

  77. Great having Cherie here today. I've loved seeing her lovely face around this week. And I am counting down 'til Monday!!!!!

  78. Now I want to know more about Cherie's real life experience with a chain saw guy. Yikes!

    Looking forward to Monday. Have a great weekend, Alex.

  79. Thank you, Patricia! Yes, it might be good to worry about them too. :)

    I haven't seen Tucker and Dale verus Evil. That sounds awesome. I'll have to email you, Michael!

    Yes, you'll learn all you need to know about surviving a monster attack in my book, Tamara. ;)

    Oh, I do love when they create something new or do a new twist to the old, Arlee. But the cliches are fun too.

    Hehe! They should go outside and run, not just look around, Gwen. I wonder that too.

    Christine, you just have to run faster than the slowest person. ;)

    Yeah, splitting up is such a bad idea, Suzanne!

    Too true, Jay!

    LOL! Yeah, sometimes people in horror movies are so stupid, Carrie-Anne.

    So true, Birgit!

    LOL! I think I'll have to remember those too, since I live in a rural area as well, Gossip_Grl!

    Definitely!! So true, Stephen! Children are kinda creepy in a way as it is. ;)

    Thank you, Kittie!

    Exactly! I love Scream because of that, Maurice!

    Thank you, Ella!

    Aww, thank you, Morgan! You're so sweet. :)

    Hehe! Perhaps that'll have to be a Purrsonal story post, Julie!

  80. Great eclectic post here today. Lots of info and just plain fun reading. Thanks.

  81. Lee, because that was down home where we lived, so to speak.

    Thanks, Gwen!

    Ink, you'd have to ask Mark Koopmans, the mastermind behind it all.

    Jay, doesn't help during sporting events either.

    Birgit, that was funny.

    Kittie, you are most welcome!

    Vik, join the torture!

    And Cherie, I think Tucker and Dale is a watch-now on NetFlix.

  82. #3 could be a lesson from Lot's wife. Do not look back!

    Congratulations to Cherie, Lisa, Jade, & Kitty! :D

  83. Looking forward to the Alexfest on Monday. Should be amusing (for us, not so much for you).


  84. Love Cherie's advice. Number 4 is my favorite. :) I need to remember that!

  85. Hmmm. Monday. You have me intrigued.

  86. Cherie, this is better than all that zombie advice. I think it's more likely I'd wind up in the middle of a horror movie.

    Alex, I love your blog background. One of the coolest I've ever seen and so fitting too!

  87. Lol, I always wonder why the people in horror movies look back, it totally slows them down and they get caught or fall every time...too funny Alex! Blessings bud!

  88. Moody, you're probably right.

    Thanks, Theresa. I haven't seen anyone else use it.

  89. 1, 3 and 5 are among my top list of no-no's from watching horror movies. So much so that if I'm watching one today, regardless of genre, whoever does any of those three things are basically setting themselves up to get, I don't feel sorry for them when they do.

    You're gonna split up? Bad call. Don't be surprised when you get whacked!

    You're gonna look back? I wouldn't recommend doing that. After all, those precious rubber-necking moments could be used to get further away from the killer.

    You're gonna live out in the forest and in small towns? Good luck with that...I'd suggest you invest in a quality firearm; because I sure as hell won't be visiting anytime soon. Not for the holidays, not for Sunday dinner, Not for little Bobby's high school graduation. No occasion. Send me a postcard...that's IF you don't get whacked before heading miles away to the nearest post office!

    Nice guest post, Cherie. This was fun to read :)

    Have a great weekend, Alex!

    Blog: The Madlab Post
    @MadlabPost on Twitter

  90. If I were the villian, then I would've learned from horror movies not to gloat ;)

    I'm sooo looking forward to Monday! :)

  91. I've tried to stay away from corn fields for a long time. Children of the Corn freaked me out as a kid. Great post Cherie!

  92. I can't wait until Monday - to celebrate our ONE and ONLY Ninja Captain Alex. The one who started it all - brought writers (from all over the world) together as ONE. You give us hope that we will SUCCEED and become PUBLISHED someday - that's how POWERFUL you are TO ME. I know I have you behind my back cheering me on NO MATTER WHAT. Thank you for ALL your contributions to this writing community and continuing to do so.

    Where's your 1700 follower blogfest? I was so looking forward to signing up today! ;)

  93. Ooh, I can't wait until Monday. I've always wanted to realllyyy know the 'man behind the blog.' And Cherie's tips were hilarious :)

  94. Yikes, I live in the boonies. Maybe those really aren't wild animals I'm hearing outside at night...
    Congrats on the releases, you guys! Wishing you many sales.

  95. Following Alex's double tap, I have to say keep your seatbelt on! Also, haha at chopping off the right head. I just watched the last Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis in it, and that was important...

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  96. Oh! And the all important one: always look up. I do that in real life, LOL. Too much horror.

  97. I have to stop adding books. I learned from horror films not to go check out the noise in the middle of the night.

  98. Congratulations to Cherie, Jane, Lisa, and Kittie!

    I'm getting Cherie's book right away :-)

    What did I learn from horror movies? Quite a few things - one of them would be to check the back seat of my car before I enter in a dark parking lot. Although I also learned to never park in dark parking lots :-)

  99. Loved the advice from Cherie! I also think it is crazy when people look back (and when they run upstairs, too).

    Lot of fun releases!

  100. Great list, but you missed one: Always turn on the freaking light!


  101. Congrats to Lisa and Cherie. :)

    I'm psyched for Monday!

  102. Lynda, good one!

    Livia, thank you! Sorry, didn't get a party organized in time.

    SC, just a dude with geek tendencies...

    Shannon, seatbelt fastened and eyes forward!

    Angela, smart woman.

    Jai, good point!

    Emily, I'm... something for Monday.

  103. Thanks SO much for the shout-out, Alex. That's super wonderful of you!!! :) really appreciate it.

  104. Well, I guess I'm doomed because I live in a rural area. Plus I can't run very fast.

  105. Horror movies, naked ninjas and chaos? Yikes. I hope you find a little solace when visiting The Desert Rocks.

  106. Cherie gave some great tips! Congrats to all of the authors!
    I'm also excited for your big event Alex!

  107. Looking forward to Monday! Congrats to Cherie, Lisa, Jade and Kittie! Kudos to Livia and Tasha too.

  108. Great answers Cherie - chainsaw story = scary. Can't wait to read your post Alex:)

  109. Good tips from Cherie. I'd add to avoid torches/flashlights. When you shine them round the room they never show the way out - instead they reveal something you'd rather not have seen.

  110. Horror? Not for me!
    Up close and personal with the Ninja... can't wait for Monday!

  111. To see what's really new in books everyone should check netgalley to see if they can get an early e-copy of their fave to be released book. Cherie is right phones are evil and looking back doesn't make you any faster. What have I learned. If you're inside a house grab something early on to hit the monster with. Hit him then run like hell. Do NOT check if he/she/it is unconscious. Don't do it!

    Lots of fun news as always Alex and Iron Giant is a movie full of innocence. One of my fave animated movies.

  112. The never split up one drives me bonkers. They do it...every single time. Except for Jeeper Creepers and the school bus scene. They all stuck together and still many died. I loved that horror flick.

    Really excited for the collection, Cherie!

    Looking forward to Monday!

  113. Cherie's right on. I don't mind that horror movies have similarities. This list makes sense.

    I'll be ready for AlexFest.

  114. Jade, you are welcome! The cover is really beautiful.

    Desert, I'm always at peace.

    Patsy, good one!

    Sheena-kay, I didn't know that. And don't forget the double-tap.

    Thanks guys - wish I was ready for Monday.

  115. Sorry I'm late. I just wanted to add that you should never go outside and look for whatever caused the big banging noise. The monster's waiting for you!

  116. I'm late, too, but must add my comment for the Capt'n. However, I will not be late on Monday to see what you're promising to post, Alex.

    Just remember, these are writers, be prepared for anything. . .

    Love Cherie's hints. It's the looking back that must not be done. Just run, think later.

    See you Monday!

  117. No one who's gotten to know you would ever think this is something you would concoct or create. You're just not that kind of person :)

    I watched a few horror movies in high school MANY years ago and I'm still not over the terror and fear! I'm such a wimp. I remember being terrified to open the laundry hamper one night because I was SURE there was going to be a decapitated head in there... *shudder* :)

  118. I've learned to not watch horror movies for a study on quality writing.

    Happy weekend, Alex.

  119. Alex, I'm giving you a blog of the year award.

  120. Cherie has some great tips there. I learned a lot from Zombieland, too, all those rules are so great. I always check bathrooms for zombies before I can relax, LOL.
    I'm really excited for Monday. You are such a supporter of other authors, Alex, so you totally deserve this shout-out.
    Here's a question for the A-Z folks:
    What is the wildest thing you have ever done and would you ever do it again?

  121. DG, I am prepared.

    Thank you, Jemi.

    Robyn, watch only to see how it's done wrong...

    Thank you, Patsy!

    Shell, thanks! And thank you for the question.

  122. So many good books. I've bought Kittie Howard's so far...

  123. Decapitation and burning; my two favorite monster killing devises :)

    Looking forward to Monday :)


  124. Life Lessons from Horror:

    -when someone has to tell you something and asks you to meet them somewhere, they're pretty much dead.

    -nothing good ever comes from attics or basements

    -blankets are not shields against the supernatural.

  125. Can't wait for Monday, Alex!

    What I've learned from horror films is to stay out of the swamps. Bad, bad things happen there.

  126. i can't wait to partake of the goodies!! blogfest overload lately!!

  127. Thanks for putting this up. There's so much more we can learn from fellow writers than on our own.

  128. Both Scream and Cabin in the Woods have broken down the genre enough for me to know never to go upstairs, never split up, and don't go anywhere after dark. Oh, and stay the hell away from the suburbs.


  129. The Horror lessons are perfect! I'll just add: "Always expect a hysterical girl to fall and break an ankle."

    Looking forward to Monday, Alex!

  130. Very late to this party, but I'm here. :) Looking forward to your post tomorrow and I can't wait to post my Ninja tale for the fest.

    Cherie, awesome post! Those things you stated are too true as far as this horror fan is concerned. And Alex is right, always double tap and never call the cops, they're cannon fodder and can't help. ;)

  131. A bag of chips? Hey, as long as they are the Lord's chips... (Nacho Libre)

  132. cherie is scary goodness! great lessons! tropes even!
    and yay for lisa & jade!!
    love their covers!

    jade is doing an awesome job at cq too!

    looking forward to monday!

  133. Hannah, better to tell now!

    Patricia, plus they have alligators.

    Jamie, and stay away from crazy people trying to pacify ancient gods.

    Milo, good one!

  134. Back from my weekend sewing course. Happy but tired.
    Need to sleep soon as a very, very busy week is ahead.

    Look forward to your post on Monday.

  135. Actually, not so sure about monsters and aliens hiding in rural areas or small towns. Some of the biggest 'monsters' lurk in big cities and run banks and government offices.

    I shall duly check out your personal post on Monday.

    Hope you and your adoring fans, had a peaceful, positive weekend.


  136. Edi, get some sleep! And my post for tomorrow is ready to go.

    Gary, that they do!

  137. Alien Monsters generally move at night and get inseparably attached to humans. Oh I'm going to sleep tonite, thanks Cherie.

    I'm all set for Monday, the Ninja's big day. (Grin)

  138. First, I apologize for taking so long to get here! Cherie's list is hilarious! THANK YOU FOR THE SHOUT-OUT!!!!!!

  139. Ha - thanks for the horror story tips, Cherie. ;)

    Alex, looking forward to the festivities tomorrow.

  140. Cherie's list is especially funny because each point is so true! I mean, I've had nightmares where no matter how fast I go and the monster is only slowly stomping along, I can't get away from him.

    One more detail about horror movie/books: for whatever ridiculous reason, you'll end up going after the monster only post-sunset and in the dark.

  141. Thank you, Nancy!

    That's so true, Carrie! Thank you!

    Thank you, Karen!

    Aww, thank you, Theresa!

    Yeah, I don't get why they look back either, runningsurvivor. Just run!

    So true, Nicole!

    Ah, villains never learn, though, Lynda!

    Children of the Corn is such a freaky movie, kmckendry.

    Aww, thank you, SC Author! :)

    Ooo, maybe they aren't, Cate!

    Thank you, Shannon! Yes, I was referring to Halloween H20 about chopping off the right head.

    Yes, never check out the noises outside at night, Susan. :)

    Thank you, Angela! And I check the back seat too. That's a good safety tip, even when not in a horror movie.

    Oh, I know! Never run upstairs! Thanks, Stephanie (DMS)!

    If the light works, Jai. ;)

    Thank you, Emily!

    I live in a rural area too, and you only have to run as fast as the people you are with, Melissa!

    Thanks, The Desert Rocks!

    Thank you, Julie (Empty Nest Insider).

    Thanks, Jeff!

    Yes, someday I'll have to write the scary chainsaw story, tfwalsh!

    So true, Patsy! And even when you want to find a torch/flashlight, you never can or it doesn't work.

    It's not for everyone, Michelle. :)

    Yes, it's a very good idea to grab something to hit the monster and then run and not look back, Sheena-kay!

    Ah, that's right about the Jeeper Creepers movie. I forgot about that, Mina.

    I don't mind that horror movies have similarities either. They're fun, Medeia!

    So true, Joylene!

    Thank you, D.G.!

    Well, I hope there is never a decapitated head in your laundry hamper, Jemi! That would be scary.

    All genres have their tropes, but they are probably more prevalent in horror movies, Robyn.

    Thanks, Shell! And that's a good idea to check bathrooms for zombies.

    Yes, and they typically work, Donna! Hopefully!

    That's so true, Hannah! But if you're a child, the blanket seems like it would work, doesn't it?

    Yes, swamps can me scary, Patricia!

    Thanks, Hanny!

    Exactly! I love Scream because of that, Jamie!

    So true, Liz!

    Thank you, Melissa Bradley!

    Aww, thanks, Tara!

    Ah, monsters can be anywhere, klahanie, but the real ones seem to flock to cities whereas the supernatural ones stick with rural areas.

    Hehe! Sorry, Spacerguy!

    Thank you, Lisa!

    Thanks, Nicole!

    I know, Helena! Why can't monsters come out during the day!

  142. Spacerguy, and I was ready for Monday!

    Lisa, you are welcome.

  143. Oh Horror is my favorite genre! I LOVE horror(for entertainment purposes only)!!!!

    Hopefully I'll live with some friends next semester who live in a haunted apartment. It's awesome.


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